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5 Steps to Legally Protect Your Online Business: Live Legal Workshop

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How To Legally Protect Your Online Business

Remember when you snuck away to the breakroom to fiddle with your Wix website because the boss was away, Tuesdays were slow, and you knew in your heart you were about to give that 9-5 a swift kick goodbye anyway?

Or when you made your first dollar online? Then built an income so sustainable, people were like “I wanna know what [insert your name here]’s doing!”

Or when you finally swapped perfectionism for momentum? And you became so good at making ideas happen, the online space officially became your oyster?

You don’t?

Maybe that’s because, to you — these “accomplishments” were mere givens. You wanted to make the online business thing work. Of course you’d do every hard thing that came with the territory.

No wonder these “small wins” are such a distant memory. You’ve forever been the type to make it happen.

To say…

Let’s double down and go big!

You didn’t get into online business just to escape some miserable cubicle (though that was part of it).

You got into online business because YOU got curious about the question most people are afraid to ask: “how can I start living my BEST damn life?”

You knew you were out to build a mini empire that lasted — not some side hustle you were embarrassed to answer questions about at cookouts.

5 Steps To Legally Protect Your Online Business

Your heart’s set on…

  • Generating so much passive income that you can spend the entire month of December pasta-twirling your way through Italy
  • Buying your dream home — without needing to earn every hard-earned dollar from a stack of private clients
  • Working 15 hours per week so the rest are spent snuggling those adorable kiddos

And heck…

Once you put into place these 5 legal steps every online business owner needs to protect and GROW their business…​

You might actually be well on your way to achieving EVERYTHING you know, deep down, you could be getting out of your business.

Here’s the deal.

Next week, I’m hosting a free LIVE legal workshop for online business owners who are committed to doing this “online thing” for real.

Since it’s the last time I’m hosting it all year, I’m serving it up for you 3 times — all live! You can join me on:

  • Tuesday, September 21 at 1pm ET
  • Wednesday, September 22 at 11am ET; or
  • Wednesday, September 22 at 4pm ET

If you can’t make any of them, sign up anyway — you’ll get the replay!

And definitely sign up. I’m not hosting another legal workshop again for the rest of 2021! You won’t want to miss my live Q&A at the end of each workshop, too. That’s your only chance to get your burning legal questions answered by yours truly.

This one’s for my I-mean-business-about-my-business entrepreneurs. Even if you’re only in the VERY beginning stages.

If that’s you, let’s hang for 60 minutes at one of my free live workshops next week.

Bulletproof coffee, optional.

Next level ambition, not.

​Here’s what people are saying about the legal workshop I’m bringing you next week:

Will I see you at my live legal workshop!? Tell me “yes!” in the comments! See you all there.

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