Hey, I’m Sam! My passion is helping online  entrepreneurs build and protect their businesses through Mad-libs-style legal templates, providing legal education, and dishing out (not snooze-worthy) marketing advice. 

If you’re wondering how a cushy corporate lawyer with a promising career left her pantsuit behind to become an online entrepreneur with a killer sweater collection…the story begins with a plane crash.  Okay, so no planes actually crashed…but it felt like it was!

In May of 2016, I was on a plane home from Amsterdam. We hit some intense turbulence and as the plane bounced and rocked side-to-side waaay too much for comfort, my life flashed before my eyes: 

I saw the last five years – where I’d worked as a corporate litigation attorney  – clearly for the first time.

On the outside, everything looked like I was thriving. I won awards, cases, clients, had the whole “Legally Blonde” dream (except I was a definite brunette.

But on the inside, I was crumbling. I felt unfulfilled, had a very victim-mindset, and probably spent a little too much time staring out the window of my cushy corner office looking at the birds.

The worst part of it all was: I felt like I’d gone so far down the “lawyer” path that I couldn’t escape. I kept telling myself that I had it good, that I should stick it out, that I should be grateful. And those 6-figure student loans weren’t going to pay themselves.

Until the day I thought my plane was going to crash

I sat there, in my seat, white-knuckling the armrest and thinking “What are you DOING with YOUR LIFE?!? What are you WAITING FOR?!?” 

In that moment, I realized I was, in fact, in control. I controlled my destiny. I could choose happiness. 


If I didn’t like where my life was headed, I could change directions.

And I’d spent too long heading in the wrong one. 

I made the decision right there to change trajectories, and a few short months later, I made my exit from law into…

health coaching! Not what you were expecting, right?


I thought I’d found my “thing” and I would never need to pivot again. But once again, something didn’t feel quite right. As much as I love cooking in my spare time and I wanted to share that passion with others, I knew health coaching wasn’t the path I’d been searching for either…

But I kept going. I learned absolutely everything there was to learn about online entrepreneurship: website design, email marketing, social media, client onboarding, and so much more. 

And then something incredible happened.

I met so many amazing women entrepreneurs who needed help navigating the murky legal waters of starting or growing their own online business.


So in early 2017, my legal template shop was born. My law experience helped me help other entrepreneurs get paid, work with clients online, and protect their content with DIY legal templates, contracts, and website policies that were easy to use, approachable, and cozy (yes, I said cozy and legal in the same sentence!).

Now, I’m so grateful for that near ‘plane crash’ experience. It was the catalyst that propelled me into this fulfilling journey of entrepreneurship. And I’m here to support you on your own entrepreneurial path — whether you’re breaking free from the corporate world or scaling up your business. 

Together, we can build a business that’s not only successful but also legally sound & aligned with your vision.


My customers are the type of go-getter entrepreneurs who are ready to step into the ceo role of their business like, yesterday.

They’re done burying their head in the sand, wondering and worrying about what legal docs they need in place to protect them in their business.

They know copying & pasting someone else’s docs won’t cut it because — 1. it’s illegal and 2. it’s basically like having nothing at all, since it’s not at all tailored to you or what you do.

Best of all, my customers and Ultimate Bundle® members are go getters who write me things like this:


It’s important to me that you know Sam Vander Wielen LLC is a space where diversity, equality, and accessibility are top priorities.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

At Sam Vander Wielen LLC, we strive to help all current or future online entrepreneurs learn how to legally start, protect, and grow their own businesses. The drive to help all online entrepreneurs speaks to 2 of our core values within the company: access and inclusivity. We provide access and inclusiveness through providing in-depth, valuable content, ensuring we have a welcoming and helpful team, and listening to our customers’ needs.


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If you’ve read this far, you’re either super excited about my story, or you really need to get legally protected.

So now it’s time for you to take your first step.

Tap right here to get started by watching my free legal training ‘5 Steps to Legally Protect & Grow Your Online Business’ so you can get legal today.

I’ll see you inside the workshop!