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You CAN boldly grow the business of your dreams…

…without the legal ‘what ifs’ keeping you up at night. 

Come join the ranks of over 1,000+ women entrepreneurs boldly growing and legally protecting their businesses.

Hi, love! I’m Sam, an attorney-turned-entrepreneur who helps coaches, service-providers, course creators & creatives legally protect their businesses with my DIY Legal Templates and the Ultimate Bundle™. AKA – I help you learn how to get paid, protect your content, register your biz, and grow a legally legit business online.

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I spent much of my nearly 5 years as a corporate attorney and litigator staring out the window at the birds.

Although I was thriving professionally — winning awards, cases, clients, etc. — I was crumbling on the inside.

I’d gone so far down a path I never thought about going down in the first place that I didn’t know WHERE TO TURN.

I spent those years being unhappy, uninspired, and frankly, acting like a victim of my circumstances.

Until one day in May 2016, when a plane I was on coming home from Amsterdam nearly fell out of the sky.

Or at least it felt like it to me 😉

As our plane bounced and rocked way too much from side-to-side for my liking, I sat there thinking: “What are you DOING with YOUR LIFE?! What are you WAITING for?!”

Just like that, I realized I was, in fact, in control.

I controlled my destiny.

I controlled my happiness.

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If I didn’t like WHERE MY LIFE WAS HEADED, I could change DIRECTIONS.

And I could do that by creating a business that helps others to create and grow businesses that help them get the same freedom I sought.

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Yes, it would take tons of time, hard work, and lots of sacrifice, but I was the one who could do it.

Within just a few short months, I planned and made my exit from the law.

But my journey wasn’t over yet.

When I first left the law, I started my own health coaching business. I thought I’d found my “thing” and I wouldn’t ever need to pivot again.

Yet, something didn’t feel right.

Almost as soon as I started, I knew health coaching wasn’t the path I’d been searching for either.

I pressed on. I learned absolutely everything there was to learn about online entrepreneurship: website design, email marketing, social media, client onboarding, and so much more.

And then something incredible happened.

I met so many amazing women entrepreneurs who needed help navigating the murky legal waters of starting or growing their own online business.

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In early 2017, Sam Vander Wielen LLC was born — helping women get paid, work with clients online, and protect their content with DIY legal templates, contracts and website policies, that were easy to use, implement and understand.

I created this business to empower women with the contracts, website policies, and info they need to run their own legally legit business.

Maybe you haven’t wanted to take care of the ‘legal piece’ because you’re so overwhelmed or confused by the whole thing that you bookmarked it for “later”.

Or maybe you tried talking to a lawyer near you. He said it would cost how much!? And does he even get what you do, anyway?

And maybe you just wanted to work with an attorney-turned-entrepreneur who got what you do — who’d empower and support you with what you need, without any of the fluff or fear.

If so, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

My CUSTOMERS are the type of GO-GETTER women who are ready to step into the CEO role of their business like, yesterday.

They’re done burying their head in the sand, wondering and worrying about what legal docs they need in place to protect them in their business.

They know copying & pasting someone else’s docs won’t cut it because — 1. it’s illegal and 2. it’s basically like having nothing at all, since it’s not at all tailored to you or what you do.

Best of all, my customers and Ultimate Bundle members are women who write me things like this:

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I purchased Sam’s Total Website Solution. In just putting her policies up on my website I instantly felt more protected, more successful, and totally set up as a legit business owner.

It truly made me feel “legally legit” which in turn, empowered me as a coach. I will ALWAYS recommend the business owners in my life to Sam. She’s the BOMB. Sam, truly. You’re incredible. You’re fun to talk to, you’re supportive, informative, and you truly have a gift of empowering others and helping them to their next level. Thank you! – Paige Schmidt, paigeschmidt.com

When we work together, whether it’s through one of my a la carte DIY Legal Templates or in my signature program, the Ultimate Bundle™, I’ll help you legally protect your business so you can move past the fear and into your CEO role so you can be successful in this business world.

So now it’s time for me to ask you, friend:

Are you ready to get #LegallyLegit?

Get the legal CONTRACTS + WEBSITE POLICIES and LEGAL TRAININGS you need to take your business to the next level.

You’ll confidently share your website, send your clients your contract, and create the content you’ve dreamt of putting out there without fear of getting in trouble, saying the wrong thing, or getting caught (accidentally) doing something wrong.


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DIY Legal Templates

Shop my instant-download (ready in 15 mins or less!) DIY Legal Templates for coaches + creatives, like client contracts, website policies, group program contracts & more!

What problems may a small business owner encounter


In this free Guide, learn how to avoid the top 6 cringeworthy legal mistakes entrepreneurs make most online so you can stay out of legal hot water. Get your free Legal Mistakes Guide here????????

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the Ultimate bundle™

The Ultimate Bundle™ gives you 10 DIY Legal Templates (all those contracts + web policies you need) AND access to 23+ video lessons teaching you how to protect your content, get paid, register your biz, use contracts & more.





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In the time since I started my business, I’ve had the privilege of helping 1000s of women get legally legit so they can boldly grow the business of their dreams.

I’ve also been invited to speak on stages from NYC to Brooklyn to Columbus, Ohio to Boston and lots of other fun places in between. My business has opened up new friendships that I never dreamed of just a few years ago, and I’m so grateful to be in this position today.


Educating you and your audience on how to get legally legit without all the fear mongering is what I do best. I’m available to speak or pop in for a guest interview or Q&A for your audience because my mission is to help as many women entrepreneurs as possible get #legallylegit.



If you’ve read this far, you’re either super excited about my story, or you really need to get legally legit. (Or you’re my Dad, who reads everything I write. Hi, Dad!) 

So now it’s time for you to take your first step.

Tap right here to get started by watching my free on-demand workshop ‘5 Steps to Legally Protect & Grow Your Online Business’ so you can get legally legit today.

I’ll see you inside the workshop!