Can Twitter Legally Threaten Threads?

Woman smiling with text overlay "Can Twitter Legally Threaten Threads?"

Not going to lie, today’s episode is a little spicier than I planned, lol.

I think I’m just really enjoying having laid-back discussions on what could be considered ‘controversial’ topics with you on the podcast lately, and I hope you like it, too!

That said, today we’re chatting about all things Threads.

Can Twitter Legally Threaten Threads?

The conversation is mainly centered around:​

🥊Threads vs. Twitter

AKA: Can Twitter actually take legal action against Threads? I’m breaking down the claims and legal terminology behind the situation. At the end of it, you might even see Twitter’s frustration.

💭 My thoughts on the surprising reasons people are saying they like the app more than Instagram

I may or may not get a little spicy about thoughts on paid ads and how we can show up the same on Instagram as we do on Threads if we just get a little curious.

🧵How I’m using Threads in my own life/business

Breaking down my different forms of content and which hold more weight and which are more “for fun.”

I might be biased, but it’s a thought-provoking conversation with room for reflection, and some laughs along the way.

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