the Ultimate Guide to Taking Down Copycats

Copycats Checklist

Are you stressed OUT worrying about a copycat stealing your BEST business ideas and using them to market their own products? Or worse yet, stealing your products themselves and selling them as their own?

I’ve got a quick solution to get you your business buttoned up legally to protect you from copyright theft – and all the legal hassle that comes along with it!

In your FREE guide, you’ll learn: 

  • How to avoid intellectual property theft (aka, stolen content from your business!)
  • Content creation strategies to make sure YOUR content is always original and you aren’t accidentally a copycat yourself!
  • The legal difference between Inspiration vs. Stealing 
  • When you need to get serious about taking down a copycat vs. sending a gentle warning
  • The crazy-simple (yet air-tight in a courtroom!) formula to keep a copycat’s paws off your goods!

Most of what I’ll teach you in the PDF you can implement in a day!

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Hey, I’m Sam

I’m an attorney-turned-entrepreneur, and I help online entrepreneurs get their business legally legit™.

So if you’re ready to be confident about how to handle a copycat, use the free “Ultimate Guide to Taking Down Copycats” right now by entering your email so I can send it straight to your inbox!