Episode 15. REVEALED: What Used to Work in Marketing Doesn’t Work Anymore (+ what works now)

Episode 15 What Used to Work vs. What Works Now in Marketing

Episode 15. REVEALED: What Used to Work in Marketing Doesn’t Work Anymore (+ what works now)

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Let’s take a trip back in time to when I first started my online business. What was the marketing landscaping looking like and what was going on in the online business world at that time? I’ll dig into the details in the episode, but I can tell you one thing for sure: things are so different today. I’m going to share what was working when I started my business, what’s no longer working, the marketing strategies that DO work now, and look ahead to predict where things are going. It’s the past, present, and future of marketing for online businesses!

In this episode, you’ll hear… 

  • 01:53 – Why you need to get cozy with constant change
  • 12:28 – The trends that dominated the online marketing scene when I first started
  • 19:19 – Why true authenticity is a winning strategy
  • 25:51 – The importance of community depth over audience size
  • 27:08 – Shifting from a launch-focused strategy to evergreen products and programs
  • 29:16 – Putting a face to the name of your business
  • 33:59 – How to take advantage of the new trend toward micro educational video content 36:19 – Why doing things on your terms works best

Getting comfortable with the constantly changing landscape of online marketing

The online business landscape is constantly changing, and, whether you’ve been doing this for six days, six months, or six years, you’ve likely already experienced it. Things can change so fast that you’ll often hear conflicting pieces of advice or information on the same day. Being comfortable with change is essential, but it also doesn’t mean you need to revamp your strategy with every tweak to the algorithm. Learn to pay attention to the broader changes happening in the landscape, stick to tried-and-true strategies, but don’t get stuck in your ways when the landscape changes again.

What was trending in online business when I first started

Six years ago it was very common to see very structured, formulaic blog and social media posts. They were so predictable and so common that you would see nearly identical posts all the time. Similarly, many people would structure their programs the same as their competitors. Freebies were everywhere, and it felt as if everyone was competing to see who’s PDF freebie could be the longest – and everyone called theirs “juicy.” 🙄 It was also very popular to tout how much money you made online without any context or accountability. Mission statements, social responsibility, inclusion, and values weren’t widely shared. And lastly, so much of online business was focused on the launch and less on evergreen content.

The marketing strategies that are crucial to success today

One of the most important aspects of success today is genuine authenticity. That’s become a bit of a buzzword – and, in some cases, a bad word – when we see all of the performative authenticity out there. This doesn’t mean sharing everything about yourself, but sharing the goofy parts of yourself, the things that make you unique, and not being afraid to share your true experience. You can be yourself and you will find your crew. It’s also becoming more apparent that the depth we have with our followers is much more important than the number of people following us. And as far as product offerings go, people are much more focused on evergreen offers than big product launches – likely because of a shift towards lifestyle over money at all cost.

As you can see, a lot has changed in just six years, but it didn’t change overnight, and your strategy doesn’t have to either. Observe the greater changes in the industry and you’ll be able to adjust your strategy gradually, and in your own time, without falling behind.

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