Episode 18. 10 Easy Instagram Reels Tips (+ How to Use Music Legally)

10 Easy Instagram Reels Tips (+ How to Use Music Legally)

Episode 18. 10 Easy Instagram Reels Tips (+ How to Use Music Legally)

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Instagram Reels: You either love ‘em or you hate ‘em – or sometimes a bit of both all at once. If you listen to all the people out there, you’re bound to hear both sides of it, that Reels are a waste of time and also the only way to grow your business. Let’s cut through the noise and figure out how you can create content that actually moves the needle while using your valuable time effectively. In this episode, I detail 10 tips for Instagram Reels focusing on what’s best for your business, not what’s going to get you the most views. Because growing our business is what we’re all here for, right?

In this episode, you’ll hear… 

  • 04:00 – The mistakes people make when it comes to Instagram Reels
  • 07:20 – My background with Reels
  • 13:17 – Using music legally
  • 16:01 – Thinking evergreen with Reels content
  • 17:21 – Letting people get to know you
  • 19:17 – Getting people to read your captions
  • 23:39 – Making your point in the caption
  • 26:15 – Having fun while making it educational
  • 28:31 – Don’t take it too seriously
  • 30:40 – How to find trending audio
  • 31:59 – Get inspiration from related entrepreneurs
  • 33:57 – Save your Reels to your phone
  • 35:35 – Answering your questions and sharing my Reels process

Focusing on the long game

You are not a content creator, you are a business owner. That means you want your content to work for you as long as possible. Yes, it’s important to stay on top of trends — like Reels themselves — when using social media to grow your business. But you don’t want to be making disposable content.

Get people to read the caption

Reels work best when they’re kept short. But if the information you’re trying to provide needs a little more context or depth, it’s important to point people in the direction of your caption to go deeper. In your caption, after you have their attention and have provided them with something valuable, you should take them a step further with a second call to action, whether that’s to download or sign up for something.

Make it fun while also making it educational or informative

You don’t have to dance and lip sync to do Reels right. They can be a bit more work, but they can also be incredibly impactful. The dancing ones do tend to get more views, but remember, we’re not after views. We’re after business results and conversion. The most important thing is to make them helpful.

Listen to the full episode for all ten of my tips. Remember, Reels are meant to be fun but they also need to support and grow your business. Experiment, find what works for you, and make sure they make sense.

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