Episode 24. Why You Should Treat Your Clients the Way Olive Garden Does

Why You Should Treat Your Clients the way Olive Garden does

Episode 24. Why You Should Treat Your Clients The Way Olive Garden Does

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Whether you believe Olive Garden is fine dining or low brow, one thing you have to admit is that they are doing something right – and no, it’s not the breadsticks. Olive Garden has a successful approach to customer service: Treating their customers like family. In this episode, I share two ways you can emulate that approach and why you’d want to in the first place.

With this strategy, you can create your own army of word-of-mouth loyalists to market your business for you and increase their lifetime customer value, without having to make everyone in the world happy.

This week, I’d like to shout out Alex, who kindly wrote: “I was so excited when Sam started this podcast. She has such great information on her Instagram and I’m so happy she started this podcast to have all this great info in one place. It’s so hard to choose one great episode because all of her episodes are amazing.”

In this episode, you’ll hear… 

  • 06:10 – Why you should treat your customers like family
  • 09:01 – Creating a balance between customer service and sustainability
  • 17:49 – How to build customer support into your offer
  • 21:32 – Providing scalable support and expert access
  • 28:38 – How to give exclusive access
  • 29:47 – Getting customers to interact with one another
  • 30:34 – Why supporting your existing customers is more important than acquiring new ones

Continue serving your customer long after their credit card is processed

Some level of ongoing support should be built into your offer. Having someone available – it doesn’t have to be you – to offer support to those who have questions or concerns makes people feel taken care of. What this means for you will vary depending on your business model. Whatever type of support you provide, you want to spell it out as clearly as possible – both to get the customer excited and to ensure you don’t disappoint on the other end. Other options for ongoing support include bringing on co-coaches or specialized experts.

Give customers special access & exclusive content

One thing that’s sure to keep your customers happy over the long-term is to make them feel like they are getting exclusive treatment. For me, I like to send customers an exclusive email newsletter and offer occasional bonus training sessions. You can also give them inside looks at what’s going on behind the scenes in your business and previews of content or concepts that you don’t show your wider audience.

Keeping your customers happy is more important than acquiring new ones

You might be wondering why you’re putting so much effort into people who have already paid you. The answer is pretty simple; your best customer is an existing customer. It costs much more to acquire new customers as opposed to getting an existing one to shop with you again. On top of that, people who are happy with their results tell other people about it. The biggest thing that convinces people to become customers in the first place is word of mouth.

Customer service is an undervalued aspect of business, especially as we become more and more focused on personal revenue. We don’t want to forget about the people we are generating income from. Excellent customer service is the magical ingredient in your business, and it doesn’t matter what kind of company you run, whether you offer online coaching or run an Olive Garden.

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