Episode 3. Turning Pain & Hard Times Into Rocket Fuel for Your Business

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Let’s get personal. I’m sure there are people out there who are going through a lot right now – I’m one of them! In fact, the last three years have been the hardest of my life. Despite that, I’ve managed to grow my business immensely. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve made it happen. So how did I do it? You’re going to hear all about what happened to me when I left being an attorney, how I used that experience as rocket fuel for my own business, what’s happened over the last three years in my personal life while building that business, and all the tips and tricks I’ve used along the way to make it happen.

In this episode, you’ll hear… 

03:22 – What happened when I left my attorney job

11:05 – Making a decision during hard times

12:56 – Letting go of what doesn’t work in order to grow

18:09 – When you subtract, it’s time to add

20:15 – Building creative outlets outside of your business

22:24 – Getting the support you need

25:24 – How to make your business smarter

27:32 – Your questions about the topic

Are you going to let hard times stop you?

When something painful happens, you hit a fork in the road and it becomes time to make a decision: do you let this take you down or do you find a way to use it as fuel? You can choose to take what you’ve experienced – such as someone not believing in you – and use it to put a fire under your butt. Other times might not directly fuel you, but they can still lead to opportunities to review and re-evaluate your business.

Don’t let the haters hold you back

When you make big changes in your life, there are going to be parts of your old life that don’t mesh with where you are now. It can seem harsh, but it’s OK to cut things off if they aren’t making you happy or if they are holding you back. Friends, family, and places have no place in your life if all they’re doing is making you miserable.

Find your tribe and build a community

It’s one thing to remove the old parts of your life that don’t fit, but that’s all in service of adding what you need for your new life. As you scale back spending time with people who aren’t supportive, you need to invest time in new people and new places and building a new community. But don’t fall into the trap of keeping the community building online – you’ve got to take some of those relationships offline to really develop them, especially during hard times.

Your business is not your journal

Yes, everyone’s telling you to “be authentic” and share your personal side in your business, but it’s selfish to use your customers as an audience for your public diary. If it’s relevant to your business you can share what you’re going through – not as you process it – and relate what you are learning back to them.

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