You betcha! (As my Wisco-born husband would say 😉) I practiced corporate law for over 5 years before I left in 2016 to start my own online cooking/wellness coaching business. In 2017, I pivoted and started Sam Vander Wielen LLC — where I help you legally protect your online coaching or service-based biz.

Even though I’m A lawyer, I’m not your lawyer, though. I don’t ever offer legal advice or legal services, even if you purchase something from my site. I offer digital products, like contract templates, and loads of customer support — so don’t worry, you’ll be well taken care of.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA! 🥨

Of course! You can read & watch loads of awesome customer stories here.

You basically have 2 options to get legally legit together:

  1. Purchase any templates you need a la carte (mix & match!) in my legal templates shop; or
  2. Enroll in the Ultimate Bundle™, which gives you 10 DIY Legal Templates, plus 35+ on-demand video trainings to learn how to form your biz, protect your business money, work safely with clients online, stay within your scope of practice & protect your content.

I can’t live without:

  1. Kajabi, because it’s where I host the Ultimate Bundle™. You can build your site there, host courses/memberships, sell products, create checkout + landings pages, affiliate programs and so much more.
  2. Asana, which I only learned to master after taking the *best Asana course ever* (<– get $100 off!) with Louise Henry (changed my biz overnight!). It’s where I keep all my to-do’s, track project progress, and communicate with team members.
  3. Gmail / GSuite for day to day calendars, emailing and more.
  4. ConvertKit is what I use for all of my email marketing and funnel building.

The links to my favorite resources are affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you end up purchasing something from them. Thank you for supporting my business and team.

Absolutely! I offer trainings ALL the time for people’s mastermind programs, memberships/courses, group programs and so much more. Send me a message and let me know what you’re thinking!

Absolutely! I LOVE chatting with podcast hosts and teaching their audiences how to legally protect their businesses. I’ve been on many awesome podcasts so far, and I’d love to help promote yours, too. Reach out and let me know what your podcast is all about!

No, because Sam doesn’t practice law or ever act as anyone’s attorney. She doesn’t file a trademark for you. Instead, she teaches you about trademarks and when/how to file inside the Ultimate Bundle™.

Of course! Always check with your accountant when it comes to qualified business expenses, but overall – yes, the purchase of legal products to help form, run and protect your business is certainly a business expense in my book.

With over 400+ members, we have ALL kinds of coaches and service providers in the Bundle! Some of the most frequent “types” of Bundle members are: coaches of all kinds (wellness/career/money/life/health/fitness/mindset/dating/business/etc.), YouTube stars selling programs, top-podcasters with courses, RDs, nutritionists, copywriters, web designers, course creators, VAs, Facebook ads managers, and social media strategists. The Bundle is used by both beginners AND more experienced entrepreneurs who are scaling or are ready to.

If you have any questions about whether this program will help you, look through the “what’s inside the Bundle” section on here or send me a message.

The Bundle is already heavily discounted (that’s why it’s Bundled!) as it is — there are nearly $3,000+ worth of legal templates inside alone, plus $2,000+ worth of video trainings. The absolute best & only “deal” (+ loads of free goodies!) you can and will ever get on the Bundle is through my free workshop “5 Steps to Legally Protect & Grow Your Online Business” which you can take right here.

Due to the downloadable nature of the DIY legal templates, videos, and tutorials, there are NO refunds available for the Ultimate Bundle or our DIY Legal Templates. No refund requests or chargeback threats will be accepted or tolerated. Now don’t make me be a meanie head again ; )

In terms of the legal templates, most can be completed in 15 minutes or less. They’re super easy, fill-in-the-blank style. And you’re just filling in personal details. I’ve done all the boring legal writing for you ; ) As for the video library: This is NOT a course! It’s more like a resource library. You have access to all the videos you need when and where you need them. You tackle them at your own pace, as questions come up in your biz. 

For example, you’re ready to start your first group program. YAY! But you have no idea what you need legally speaking… 

You hop in the Bundle, watch the ~10 minute training on how to legally run group programs, spend 15 minutes or less filling out your Group Program Contract as you watch along to the template tutorial and VOILA! You’ve got yourself a legally legit group program just like that.

Yes! The Ultimate Bundle includes access to my private, members-only Facebook community where you can ask questions about the program and connect with me. Students are always commenting on how quick the response is to their questions and how much they love having this additional support!

Don’t listen to me…. take it from 2 of our coolest members, Betsy Milne and Laura Milne, Founders of Luscious Hustle: “The Ultimate Bundle™ was the best investment we ever made in our business hands down. Every coach, service-provider and creative needs the Ultimate Bundle™.” Betsy and Laura are 2 of the best business coaches in the biz… so I’d take their word for it ; )

You get instant access to legal templates and the Bundle™ video library the moment you purchase the Ultimate Bundle™. The Ultimate Bundle™ is a completely on-demand premium legal template & video library – so you decide when you start, what you watch, and when you finish.

How does lifetime-of-the-program access sound? As long as the Ultimate Bundle is alive, you’ll have unlimited access (& free updates!) across any and all devices you own. Plus, you can download the templates and keep them as long as you need, for as many online businesses as you create.

All of the Ultimate Bundle™ lessons are delivered by video with Powerpoint presentations on screen, plus printable handouts and workbooks! The templates are downloadable .docx files that will open with any word processing software and the template’s How-To Video Tutorials will pop up on your computer’s video player.

It’s always a good idea to hire a local attorney licensed where you live & work who knows what you do. This program is not a substitute for personal legal advice from your own licensed attorney. Sam is not your attorney, now or ever. The program’s meant to educate and empower you with the information you really should know to run your own online business. Sam doesn’t review or write contracts for you, and she will not register your business for you.

Having the mostly-done-for-you (you just pop in your personal details!) templates already prepared if/when you do choose to have your own attorney review them should save you a significant amount of time and money.

NO. If you purchase the Bundle or any of Sam’s templates, Sam is NOT your attorney and you have no client-attorney relationship with her. Sam will not give you legal advice on your personal or specific business situation. Like a health or business coach, Sam empowers you with lots of helpful information, resources, support, coaching, and education — but is not able to give you legal advice specific to you or your situation. You should seek the advice of a local attorney near you to chat about your personal situation. This is NOT meant to be an alternative to traditional legal services.

Yes! Just choose the 8-month payment option at checkout. You can get started in the Bundle today for less than the cost of 1 DIY Legal Template per month.

Not much at all! In 15 minutes or less, you’ll quickly pop in your personal details (i.e., name, business name, email, address, etc.) and customize it to make it your own. One of the reasons they’re so easy to fill out is because every single legal template comes with its own How-To Video Tutorial I’ve created to help you fill it out.

You don’t do any legal writing. I’ve done all that for you.

As many times as you need! As long as they’re for you (aka you’re not sharing them with a friend or colleague), you can download the template and use it over and over and over. I’ve even had people use them to start more than 1 business (or make big pivots in their current businesses).

Most “newbies” choose either the Ultimate Bundle™ or the Legal Foundations Pack™:

The Legal Foundations Pack™ is the most basic starter pack I offer. It gives you your 1:1 client contract, mini-disclaimer (for freebies), and a few video trainings to learn how to form your business. This is the best option for someone who’s truly a beginner (hasn’t even formed their biz yet) and may not know whether they want to run courses, groups, have a website, build an email list etc. If you want to do any of those things, then you should check out the…

The Ultimate Bundle™ is best for you if you’re all in and you want help not just forming your business, but you also know you want to have a website, run a group program or course (now or future!), learn more about safely staying within your scope of practice, etc. It’s also the best option if you want additional support, since you get access to the members-only community.

Start by watching my free legal workshop ‘5 Steps to Legally Protect & Grow Your Online Business‘ — it’ll give you the exact roadmap you need to know what legal pieces you need and why.

So you want to share someone’s book, idea, concept, graphic, etc. in your course or program — but want to make sure that you don’t accidentally break any copyright laws.. right? I taught you exactly how to legally share content right here!

Oh no! So sorry to hear that. If your client has an overdue invoice or her latest payment got declined, here’s exactly what to do to try to get that client to pay you.