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your digital product, group program, membership,
or online course so you can build your

Booming Bank Account? “Freedom First” Lifestyle? 3 hour workdays? Sales while you snooze?

If you’re ready to package up a sells-by-itself digital offer that affords you $10k – $50k per month (or more!) AND you want to adopt my outside-of-the-box approach that has me earning $100k+ per month — then this is for you.

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In just three 90-minute sessions held LIVE from Nov 3-5, you’ll:

  • Dream up your Only-the-Bare-Bones product so you can give the flip to unnecessary bells and whistles and create *only* what your customers need (this will cut your work in half)
  • STOP creating loads of free content that NOBODY is paying you for, and START using *THESE* marketing techniques that attract ideal customers who will literally DM you: “take my money!”
  • Hear the weird way I sold 2M+ in product with zero fancy marketing
  • Use my 3-step process to audit your product if it’s not selling so you can fix it by New Years
  • Uncover the only advanced PR and advertising techniques I suggest to turn your yearly income into your monthly income (it will take time, but it is possible with the right tools and elbow grease)
  • Walk away with crystallized, super actionable steps for creating and selling out your digital offer, so you can cut your work-week in half while thousands of eager customers gobble up your products

This is a no-pitch event

This is an actionable 3-day crash course where you walk away with tools to create the automated evergreen sales machine that will 10x your biz over time.

If you didn’t just roll your eyes and say “well duh, Sam. That’s exactly how I made so much moola, I took August off to go glamping in the desert!” — then I think you should sign up. 😉

Here’s how each day breaks down…

NOVEMBER 3rd: Finding High-Paying Customers Who Will Soon Line Your Pocketbook 


  • how I went from struggle-bussing for $2k months, to making 4x my lawyer salary while I binge watched reruns of “Will & Grace”
  • the #1 thing you HAVE to be doing to ALL your content for it to actually impact your revenue
  • the unconventional client avatar mining method that’s 10x more effective than the fluffy nonsense that’s sold to you on Insta (no “she shops at Nordstrom and lives in Chicago” unhelpful bullcrap)
  • unlikely sleaze-free strategies I used to attract customers when I was first starting
  • what Expert Status is and how you can leverage it to sell more — without needing more certifications, online courses or night school

NOVEMBER 4th: Create Your Streamlined Evergreen Product or/ Program


  • how to create a product that makes millions without needing to run sales calls 24-7
  • the sweet spot number of products I recommend you create for your business (and how to price them so you 2x or 3x your profits every single quarter) 
  • easy-to-do hacks for getting your product recognized as the irresistible #1 pick in your market
  • how to 5x your referrals by getting people to do *THIS* with your product rather than creating something that’s doomed to the Digital Graveyard ‘O Courses No One’s Ever Completed
  • how NOT to waste your time, money or sanity via beta-selling your product first (and getting upfront $$ from it in the process)
  • the #1 thing your product needs to be doing in order to sell. Period. End of story.

NOVEMBER 5th: Optimizing Your Evergreen Funnel So You Can Put Down Your Phone & Make Sales in Your Sleep 


  • how to get your evergreen machine raking in the moola while you sip Negronis and book flights to Tulum
  • a 3-step process to audit your product if it’s not blowing up your Stripe (plus exact steps to fix it so it’s raking in the bennies by New Years)
  • how organic marketing and paid marketing are *actually* meant to be working together (plus hacks for not spending 10 hours per day on social)
  • When Facebook ads actually make sense, plus the secret sauce to making them blow up your biz growth & audience
  • the rarely-ever-talked-about way to get people spending more with you over their customer lifespan (some of the biggest companies do this)

Talk to Sam LIVE in the Q&A!

This is the ONLY way that exists to have me answer your individual questions face-to-face (unless you’re an existing customer inside my Facebook community). So since I imagine our time together will spark in-depth business Qs,

you’ll receive access to an exclusive Q&A where you’ll have the opportunity to submit your questions to me ahead of time  — included in your ticket. 

A Q&A will take place directly after EACH masterclass. If you can’t attend live, buy a ticket anyway and we’ll send you the recording of the masterclass video + Q&A! (If you submit your question before the class, I’ll answer it on the Q&A so you can get an answer during the recording!)

Ready to break up with your too-much-to-do list?

Attend the whole she-bang, or come to one masterclass  of your choice. If you’re thinking “I want them ALL but can only attend one or none of the dates!” — sign up for the 3-pack. We’ll send you recordings of every masterclass after.

$97 per Masterclass

Or $197 for all THREE

Real talk others will avoid telling you…

This won’t be some “make a gazillion trillion dollars in your very first month!” gimcrackery. That’s the exact type of nonsense I’m guessing you’re sick of (me too). My first month, I made $4k passively. Depending on your product, it could be $750. Or $1k. We don’t know yet.

But once you give yourself this 3 day kick-in-the-butt to get your digital product up and selling — your bank account will rise to the occasion.

Sam Vander Wielen sitting and looking at her phone

2 years after implementing, I hit 7-figures

Oh btw, I’m Sam.

In 2018, I spent mornings crying in the shower. I had been hit with the reality that my dad had a terminal illness.

At the time, my business was doing really well, but it heavily relied on ME showing up every day. The more manual labor I put in, the more my stuff would sell.

But here I was, helping Dad out of the car, post-chemo. And the LAST thing I wanted to do was pull a 9-hour work day and broadcast my puffy tired face on Instagram. I needed to shift my business so it could run (practically) without me.

That’s when I changed up everything.

Today, my business is pulling in $100k+ months (every single month). I clock in a whopping 15 hours per week. And Dad makes all his appointments.

I designed “From Startup to Sold Out” for busy entrepreneurs who want to take their time back by getting their digital product, membership, or group program — created, launched and selling like cronuts.

This is your fast-path to selling passively if…

  • You already have a digital offer, but your Stripe dings aren’t chiming your iPhone as often as they should be.
  • You’re a burnt-out service provider and want a scalable stream of income that doesn’t keep your annual revenue stalled at $100k, or involve 14 hour work-days that start by eating breakfast at your standing desk.
  • You’re brand new to online business, and you want to create a “Life First, Work Second” kinda business right out of the gate via a digital product, group program, membership or online course.

Wait. Where’s the bougie price-tag?

You weren’t put on this earth to spend more time working than you do making memories. So if you want a little help shifting your business towards something more sustainable, good on you. You shouldn’t have to pay up-the-wahzoo to achieve it.