How To Grow A Top Podcast & Coaching Program The Legally Protected Way With Betsy & Laura Milne (Luscious Hustle) [INTERVIEW RECORDING]

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Are you building an incredible business, course, program or podcast?

If you are, do you feel (legally) safe enough to take it to the next level?

Once you get ‘bigger’ and get more attention online, the worries can start to pile up…

  • Will someone copy my content?
  • Will a client sue me if I make a mistake?

It’s not just you that’s worried about these things!

In fact, the worries can get worse as your business grows…

Here’s why:

Once you grow, you’ve got more to protect.

That’s why I was so glad when Betsy Milne & Laura Milne, Founders of Luscious Hustle podcast and coaching programs, reached out several years ago to legally protect their blossoming business.

How to Grow a Podcast the Legally Protected Way

Betsy and Laura help entrepreneurs create businesses they love, while manifesting the life of their dreams.

They’d built up a following online, had a great podcast teaching women how to grow their businesses, and were starting to get serious traction with their group program.

They just didn’t feel confident that any of it had been legally protected the right way.

It was OK for them to bootstrap their business at the beginning — but once they realized that to grow bigger they had to have their legal protection in place they took action.

Betsy and Laura have grown their business tremendously since I helped them get legally protected, and on this livestream interview we’re going to celebrate their success together!

Just like the other members of my Ultimate Bundle® community, once they were legally protected they finally felt safe to put their business into full throttle and charge toward their big goals.

Watch this recording of the live interview I did with Laura and Betsy Milne as part of my Customer Celebration Month interview series.  

So if you’re considering starting a podcast or coaching program…

Or you want a business similar to Betsy and Laura’s…

You probably found watching that live interview going behind the scenes of Luscious Hustle super helpful, but you’re wondering “what’s next”?

If you want to grow a successful podcast or coaching business the legally protected way, I can tell you the exact steps to take.

When you’re ready to take the next step and get legally protected so you can safely grow your business, your next step is to watch my FREE WORKSHOP on the First 5 Steps To Legally Protect & Grow Your Online Business.

You can watch it right now or pick a time that works for you. It’s 100% on-demand and can be watched on your schedule.

So grab something cozy, a pen & paper and join me in the free workshop!

Did I mention the training is totally FREE? 

I’ll see you at the workshop!


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Luscious Hustle podcast (and Sam’s podcast interview with Betsy & Laura!)


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