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How to Price Your Programs

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How to Price Your Programs

Want to know how to price your programs so you can get paid what you’re worth, but still sell the darn thing? Today you’ll learn how to price your programs the right way, what to avoid, and the pricing trap you need stay away from.

Do you just look at what other people are charging to determine how to price your programs… and then charge a little less?

Do you randomly grab a number from the sky (but magically make it end in .97 or .98 ?)?!

And if you’re being honest, when you sit down to price your stuff (your coaching calls, one-on-one work, webinars, coaching packages…the list goes on), you think, “am I even WORTH this? Who the hell am I to charge so much?!”

There’s a right and wrong way to price your products – and unfortunately when you’re trying to choose a price, it’s usually done very, very wrong. The ‘wrong’ way will keep you stuck on an online business treadmill to nowhere: no cash flow, no capital, no idea what your revenue is month-to-month.

So you’ll consume loads of content, spend a generous amount of money buying low-ticket courses from all the gurus, and download every podcast you can get your hands on to figure out how to sell more of your stuff.

But pricing itself AND your price points could be part of the problem — and it could be part of your business model problem in general.

So pay attention because today, I’ve got a brand new free training for you to learn how to price your programs the right way when you’re in a price based business — the sweet spot to you getting paid what you’re owed AND attracting loads of new clients.

You can watch the free step by step training right here:

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Watch my brand-new IGTV episode “How to Price Your Programs” to learn:

❌ the wrong way to price ALL of your programs (coaching programs, group programs, etc.).
⚠️ how low-ticket offers actually eat away at your biz (and sanity) and why a higher price might attract more suitable potential clients for you.
✅ my informal + formal pricing strategies to figure out what to charge so you attract the right clients, kill off resentment, and build up a profitable biz.

When I started selling DIY legal templates and the Ultimate Bundle 3.5+ years ago, I didn’t have an email list, a big social following or Facebook group, or a load of cash in the bank.

Because I used to be in the coaching business, I learned a lot from my own experience and those in the health coaching community about how to price your coaching programs (1:1 AND group coaching programs), or any online program in general.

I used the pricing strategies I teach you in this free training to build a sustainable business overtime. And today I’m passing it on to you.

When you go watch the training here, be sure to ♥️ the video and drop me a note in the video comments to let me know if the video was helpful!

Next Step: Watch my free legal workshop

If you’re ready to legally protect your business and have the legal knowledge you need to know what to do with difficult clients, watch my free workshop ‘5 Steps to Legally Protect & Grow Your Online Business’ right now by saving your seat here.

In that workshop, you’ll learn: 

  1. How contracts can actually save your (vegan, GF) bacon — if you have the right one.
  2. What your website needs to be legally protected.
  3. How to keep copycats off your content.
  4. The mindset shift you’ve got to make if you want to actually grow your  business without looking over your (online) shoulder.
  5. The only way to form your business so that you’re personally and professionally protected.

Ready to watch? Sign up for my free legal workshop right here:


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