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Are you letting fear keep you from taking action?

Attorney turned entrepreneur Sam Vander Wielen is typing on her laptop. Her browser page samvanderwielen.com with text saying how to legally protect your business.

Is Fear Holding You Back in Your Business?

I don’t know about you, but for me the WORST feeling was when I was trying to get my first business off the ground but had no clue where to turn for advice on the steps to take.

I signed up for every freebie you could find online. And wasted hours and hours listening to podcasts, webinars, and stories online about stuff I had no clue about.

The checklist is different for everyone. But the beginning of every business comes with tasks that are wayyyy outside your comfort zone.

And when you’re in that Scary Place, it’s tempting to do nothing.


To Binge-watch Netflix and refresh your inbox nonstop waiting for miraculous paychecks and clients inquiries to head your way.

But your lack of action is keeping you from the incredible business you just KNOW deep down you were meant to grow.

And worse yet, when you’re putting things like the legal protection for your business on the back burner, your bank account and personal assets could be at risk too. ?

Truth is, it’s way too easy to put things off when we’re scared. 

Scared that healthy boundaries for your clients will make them like you less?
? ? You keep letting them walk all over you and so you get burned out.

Afraid the doc might tell you that bump is something terrifying? 
? ? You put off the appointment.

Worried that legal protection for your new business is gonna cost a boatload? 
? ? You pretend like business laws “don’t apply to you till you’re making money.”

I get it, friend. 

Pushing past the fear of the unknown is so scary.

But pushing past it is the only way to find out exactly what your first steps are to getting out of the Scary Place.

If you’ve realized you can’t keep ignoring the legal side of running a business, but you want a compassionate attorney-turned-entrepreneur to guide you through it, I want to see you at my free workshop.

It’s called “The First 5 Steps To Legally Protect & Grow Your Online Business”, and you can pick the best time for you to watch it right here now.

No seriously, you can watch it right now or pick a time that works for you. It’s 100% on-demand and can be watched on your schedule.

So grab something cozy, a pen & paper and join me in the free workshop!

Did I mention the training is totally FREE? 

You’re only 60 minutes away from the peace of mind that comes with having a legally sound business… Grab your spot here. 👇🏽👇🏽

I’ll see you at the workshop, and I’d love to hear in the comments what Scary Place you’re ready to push past today! ?


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