LIVE WORKSHOP: What to Do If Copycats Steal Your Biz Content

Join Sam Vander Wielen for this free LIVE training [Date Coming Soon!!] to learn how to protect your business's most valuable assets.

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    Sam is an attorney-turned-entrepreneur who helps online coaches and service-providers legally protect and grow their online businesses using her DIY Legal Templates and the Ultimate Bundleβ„’ program. She lives in Philly with her husband, Ryan, loads of books, plants she's trying to keep alive, and a new puppy, Hudson.


    The information contained in this free workshop is not legal advice. Sam is not your attorney and she won't be able to offer you legal advice, even if you purchase her products.


    In this free workshop, you'll learn how to:

    • react right from the first moment you see copycat behavior, so you don't lose any of your rights or remedies.
    • get copycats to take your stolen content down.
    • ​take your own legal action + assess your options to avoid costly legal fees.