Office Items List For Every Business

Office Items List For Every Business

Are you designing your office space from scratch? Are you having difficulties deciding on what office items you should buy and which to discard? Read on to find solutions to these concerns!

Outfitting a functional home office or commercial workspace involves way more than just picking out a few big-ticket items like a desk and chair. It’s easy to focus on major business expenses and purchases first, but creating a fully productive environment requires paying attention to smaller essentials too.

You can’t just stop with basic furniture and call it a day! To enable your team to perform their day-to-day tasks efficiently, a variety of supplementary office tools, tech, and supplies are still needed.

Quality equipment may seem insignificant, but it truly empowers employees and makes operations run more seamlessly. The right gear optimizes productivity and conveys professionalism.

Having necessary, up-to-date amenities also signals to clients that your business is buttoned-up and invested in supporting staff success. A well-equipped workspace makes a positive impression. It can turn you into an innovator and help you beat the competition.

In this article, I’ll share recommended office items beyond major furniture that no productive workspace should be without. Let’s make sure you have everything crossed off to fully outfit your business offices!

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Office Items List For Every Business

Setting up a productive office means getting the right tools and equipment in place. I’m talking about all the must-have items that keep operations running smoothly!

Below are 10 different categories of office items you might need:


Filling your work space with the right furnishings is important for sparking productivity. You need more than just a place to sit you need comfort and ergonomic furniture that fuels efficiency.

Office furniture spans every style under the sun minimalist, modern, vintage, luxe to match any aesthetic. Personalize your space and reflect your one-of-a-kind taste. The right furniture creates a charming ambiance that brings your team’s vision to life.

Thoughtfully selected pieces desks promoting good posture, supportive seats, and storage killing clutter boost wellness and workflow. Furniture has a function, yes, but it also shapes the mood and culture flourishing within your four walls.

Ideal furniture options include:

  • Desks for writing or working
  • Rolling chairs for movement and meetings
  • Dividers sectioning off spaces
  • Meeting table to bring folks together
  • Lamps to brighten corners
  • Bonus: Height adjustable desks 

Tech Gadgets

Quality tech is critical for any biz. So, when it’s time to shop, commit to reputable electronics brands. Pull together a well-armed office with tools that get teams firing on all cylinders. 

Here’s the essential tech lineup:

  • P.C.s and laptops 
  • Phones 
  • Network gear 
  • Projectors 
  • Applications like Asana for tracking projects and team communication (my friend Louise offers a great course on how to use Asana – you can save $100 with this link)
  • A tool like Convertkit for maintaining your email list
  • Software like Deadline funnel for time countdown
  • A social media scheduler like Later
  • Digital contract signing tool like Hellosign (for legally signing online documents)
  • Printers 
  • Power strips, mice, and keyboards
  • Backup drives securing data and peace of mind


Want an organized office? Then you need storage items for different things! With the right storage, you can stash documents and supplies so chaos doesn’t rule in your workplace. They will also help you sort and find items in a snap. 

Here are the essentials:

  • Filing cabinets 
  • Folder 
  • Shelves 
  • Bins 
  • Drawer dividers 


Keeping your team happy and humming takes more than just providing a breakroom. Keeping that space stocked with goodies makes it even more refreshing for staff, although snacks and drinks empty fast around here.

Below are must-haves so your employees can refuel for productivity:

  • Games like foosball!
  • A small gym or yoga corner 
  • Newspaper and magazines
  • First aid 
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Napkins 
  • Water
  • Snacks 
  • Coffee & tea station 

Shipping Supplies

Even non-ecommerce offices need to mail letters or packages here and there. Having essential shipping materials on hand saves last-minute panic trips to the post office.

The shipping supply basics include:

  • Envelopes for documents
  • Stationery for professional letters
  • Padded envelopes to protect contents
  • Assorted boxes for packaging items
  • Bubble wrap, tissue paper, and airbags to prevent breakage
  • Tape for securely sealing boxes
  • Pre-printed mailing labels to skip hand-addressing
  • Postage stamps 

Collaboration Gears

When it’s time to brainstorm or huddle on a project, having the right collaboration gear on deck allows creativity to flow!

Fire up those big ideas and watch them bloom into reality with:

  • Whiteboards 
  • Chalkboards 
  • Markers
  • Bulletin boards 
  • Easels 
  • Projectors 
  • Phone conferencing system

Cleaning Supplies

No matter your office setup, one thing’s non-negotiable: keeping things clean and tidy! Even with a cleaning crew, having backup supplies saves the day when spills or messes strike. A tidy workspace makes for a happier, healthier workforce!

Arm your office with:

  • Multi-purpose cleaner 
  • Hand soap 
  • Toilet paper rolls 
  • Trash cans and bags 
  • Recycling bins  

Kitchen Supplies

The office kitchen is the station for caffeine refuels, lunch breaks, and midday pick-me-ups. While you aren’t responsible for catering meals, making sure the infrastructure is in place is key!

Give your crew what they need to refill tanks with:

  • Coffee makers 
  • Teapots 
  • Mugs 
  • Cups 
  • A water cooler 
  • A refrigerator 
  • Microwave 

Emergency Gears

When it comes to the office, safety takes the crown! Making sure emergency supplies are on standby could make a stressful situation less so. Some items may even be required by law, but all contribute to peace of mind!

Be prepared by stocking:

  • First aid kits 
  • Fire extinguishers 
  • Flashlights 
  • Traffic cones 
  • Smoke detectors 
  • Carbon monoxide detectors 

Office Decor

Considering you’ll spend most of your hours at work, making the space inviting just makes sense! Decor brings visual joy and personality that sterile walls simply can’t provide.

Liven up your four walls with the following:

  • Lush plants 
  • Artwork 
  • Photo frames 
  • Plush rugs 
  • Curtains 
  • Nameplates 
  • Bookends 
  • Desk trays 
  • Vases 

Office Supply Checklist

Use this office supply checklist to closely monitor your office supply list to avoid leaving any important time out.

Office Supply Checklist

Office Supply Checklist

Make your office a home away from home!

Staying organized as a business owner is no joke. With a million moving parts to track, it’s crucial to create systems that help you and your team work seamlessly together. And one of such systems is the items you equip the offices with!

Now, what those systems look like will vary from one company to the next. A law firm will need different supplies and workflows than a graphic design studio or fitness center. There’s no one-size-fits-all formula!

But here’s what I can do I can help you optimize operations for exactly what you do. As a bonus, I’ll also show you my most creative marketing ideas to boost your sales and productivity, while also answering all your business tax, copyright, trademark, and other questions to avoid legal nightmares.

So, reach out, and let’s go beyond the game plan to make your office well-stocked with all the necessary items. Let’s get your biz legally protected! You can also check out my highly valuable guide, the Ultimate Bundle®, along with easily comprehensible templates, blog posts, and podcasts for more resources like this!

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