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Ready to confidently grow your business without worrying you’re making legal mistakes or leaving yourself wide open for a lawsuit?

5 Steps To Legally Protect & Grow Your Online Business



Grab my 5-step strategy to legally protect your business so you can sleep tight at night knowing your contracts are solid, your content is safe, and your clients will pay you on time.

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Have we met?

I’m Sam Vander Wielen, attorney-turned-entrepreneur and owner of Sam Vander Wielen LLC, where I help online coaches get legally legit with my fill-in-the-blank DIY Legal Templates and the Ultimate Bundle™. In this training I’ll teach you how to build a legally legit business where you get paid, form your biz, safely work with clients, and legally protect your content!

In this video workshop, you’ll learn:

  • What your website needs to be legally protected.
  • How proper contracts can totally save your (vegan) bacon.
  • The mindset shift you have to make when it comes to legally protecting your business (HINT: fear is blocking your revenue.)
  • How registering the RIGHT business entity (the right way) actually protects you personally.
  • The #1 way to keep copycats from stealing your content (it’s not what you think!)

See you there!

It’s important to understand that Sam is not your attorney and you do not have an client-attorney relationship with her. Sam will not give you legal advice on your personal or specific business situation. This workshop and/or any other content or training(s) from Sam Vander Wielen LLC, are NOT meant to be a substitute for traditional legal services or advice from your own attorney.
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