“Technically you run an online business, but you have no clue how to run it from a legal standpoint”


Technically you run an online business, but you have no clue how to run it from a legal standpoint


“Before purchasing the Ultimate Bundle™ I had constant anxiety around my legal protections, and this held me back for YEARS. If there was one word to describe how I feel after purchasing the ultimate bundle, it would be EMPOWERED.”

Kim Manes

Learning & Literacy Coach


Ready for a quick rise from illegally-run online business (whoops!) to legally legit™?
(FYI: you can implement a bunch of this stuff on day 1)

The legal templates & on-demand trainings you need to get paid, legally protect yourself & scale your business.


It’s not YOUR fault your business coach said you could use her contract,

…even though you realize now it’s a.) intellectual property theft & b.) missing half the stuff you need to be properly protected.

Because let’s be real. In what world would a coach inspire your pants off with “ditch the 9-5!” passion… then put a damper on the party by telling you ALL the legal implications of not forming your LLC?

Never mind bringing up business insurance.

It’s un-sexy AF!

So instead, some biz coaches (def not all!) got you on board with “start before you’re ready” mentality. Giving you dangerous advice so they can sling a few more courses & dash off to Bali when you’re the one who lands in legal hot water.

But now, after a short time in the wildly unregulated world of online business… you’ve become hyper aware of how important this legal stuff is.

You know you shouldn’t be out there cutting and pasting stuff from other coaches — even though that’s how ‘Mastermind Missy’ patched together her website policy because it was an “acceptable workaround until she became a bigger deal.” (it’s not!)

Now you’ve got major anxiety as your newfound responsibility screams…

“There are BIG legal pieces missing from my business,
now how do I fix it!?”

Outside of Mastermind Hearsay and the late night Google-lawyering you’ve been up to with Pita Chips in hand —you’re overwhelmed about which pieces you need!

So there you stay… 

  • crapping your pants anytime someone from the EU opts into your list… as you start to think that GDPR thing really IS something you should be worried about (yes, the online police are out there giving out fines upwards of $10k per email for CAN SPAM!)
  • nightmaring over a lawsuit letter in the mail from a disgruntled coaching client who says you gave them “bad advice” — and now you have to fold because you don’t have the business insurance in place to handle a claim like that!!
  • giving free advice via Instagram voice notes because you’d rather let her pick your brain 🙄 than send her to your website since you’ve got nothing legal in place to take her on as a client.
  • afraid to even START your business for fear a copy cat will rip off your content. Or on the flipside, keeping your online course underwraps because you’re unsure if the way you talked about what your mentor taught you in module 3… is intellectual property theft. 

And secretly harboring a lineup of unanswered questions longer than your bucket list…

  • What needs to be in my client contracts? How do I get clients to sign? (Wait, client contracts?! Do I need one of those?!)
  • Do I have to set up an LLC? How do I even do that?!
  • Wait, online businesses need business insurance!? Where do I even start?
  • What if someone steals or copies my content? What do I do to get it down?
  • If a client doesn’t pay her invoice, what do I do to get paid?
  • Do I have to trademark my business or program name?
  • Since it’s illegal to copy & paste someone else’s privacy policy, where do I get a legit one?
  • How do I know what I’m legally allowed to do? How can I work with clients without the online police shutting my biz down?

Hold yourself back from even launching your programs or business because the unanswered questions have you nervous about breaking laws, getting copied, or not getting paid.

You fly blind, run your business without proper protections in place, and take risks that could cost you big bucks and even bigger headaches down the line.


The good news is, you don’t have to keep playing small or settling for “you don’t know what you don’t know”.

With the brass ovaries it took to leave corporate behind & start an online business, don’t you think you deserve the dang payoff? (I’ll answer that for you… you do!)

It’s time to get legally legit so you can…

  • Look like a total pro and be taken seriously online.
  • dust off the program you’ve been afraid to launch and put it out to the world.
  • become the CEO who’s confident her assets are legally covered.
  • Boldly build the business you really want and blow this thing up.

You don’t deserve *another* thing to lose sleep over
(can figuring out webinar platforms please be enough??)


4 Allegations that Keep Online Business Owners from Getting Legally Legit

Allow me to cross examine…

#1. “The legal stuff is complicated.”

Objection! It’s not the legal stuff that’s complicated. It’s trying to decipher 1,000 pages-worth of Google searches. Or getting a contract template from a big box website… then having no one to explain the sections to you line-by-line. Now that’s complicated!

What you really need: short n’ sweet video trainings (from a lawyer!) that break down EVERYTHING in the simplest terms possible. Stuff like how to form your LLC in a day. Plus what every section in ALL your contracts mean so you can explain confidently if a client asks.

#2. “Getting legal is super expensive.”

Objection! If you collect every legal document your online business needs piece-by-piece. Or you hire a lawyer to draft each one for $500/hour— then yes, this will be expensive. But it shouldn’t have to be like that.

What you really need: a one-stop-solution with EVERY legal document your online biz will need for the duration of its existence at an affordable price. And though you DO need everything to be attorney-prepared — you don’t need to hire a fancy pants lawyer to do so. Instead, find an attorney who spent 5 years working in law, but doesn’t practice anymore because she’d rather serve online business owners like you (oh hey, that’s me!)

#3. “The legal stuff is intimidating.”

Objection! If you think getting legally legit™ involves walking into a lawyer’s office, by yourself, not knowing how to articulate what you do (and feeling wishy washy about having an online biz in the first place) — then yes, this will be intimidating.

What you really need: A friendly yet reliable place to get your legal questions answered*… like my Legally Legit™ Member Community (included in my Bundle). I’m in there every day, answering questions & throwing around recs for accountants, business insurance brokers, book-keepers etc. If you have questions about how to fill out a legal template, I answer that too.

* If you join the member community, Sam is NOT your attorney and you have no client-attorney relationship with her. You should seek the advice of a local attorney near you to chat about your personal situation. This is NOT meant to be an alternative to traditional legal services.

#4. “Getting legally legit™ is time-consuming.”

Objection! If you’re typing “what needs to be in a website policy” into YouTube & reading every article on your city’s .gov website about forming an LLC — then yes this will take ages!

What you really need: someone to tell you exactly what to do, so you can get your legal foundation together in a matter of days. Someone who can give you stuff like a list of things to have handy when you form your business entity. Questions to ask banks before you open your business bank account. And a rundown of what the different business insurances are… so you don’t call up a broker feeling lost about what you need (they will ask!). 

“Sam’s an incredible legal resource to have in your corner when it comes to keeping things legally legit inside of your business. I’ve been met with outstanding customer service and a little extra dose of sparkle from Sam to help me ensure that myself and my clients are covered and confident.”

Libby Crow

Online Entrepreneur, Podcaster + Human Sparkler

To illustrate what’s at risk,

Fancy a game of “what would the judge say?”

⇧ So since you’re way too savvy to land in that camp…

Why not fix your legal woes in one legal swoop?

(without needing some fancy pants lawyer who
looks at you weird when you tell him what you do)

Imagine what it’d be like to go to sleep at night knowing you’ve done everything you could to legally protect yourself and business.

I think I just heard you breathe a sigh of relief from here, friend.

Imagine knowing you have your legal protection in place, so you could focus on marketing & growing your business everyday without fear of breaking any laws.

How much could your revenue grow? How much more confident would you be to take on more clients? What kind of affiliate launches or group programs would be possible for you?

You’re ready to be bold and make serious money with your business.

…But you’re scared you don’t have the right legal docs or language — that you’re not legally protected. So you’ve hit pause on growth to avoid legal trouble.

You’ve got major passion for serving others with your work. That’s what got you into online business in the first place, right?!


You don’t have to take it from me…



the Ultimate Bundle™️

The only legal program specifically designed for online coaches (of ALL kinds!) and service-providers that takes you step-by-step through the process of working with clients online, forming your business, getting business insurance, making sure you get paid, and protecting your content, and ALSO gives you the 10 essential DIY Legal Templates you need to run your business now and later.


The Ultimate Bundle™️ gives you all the DIY Legal Templates and trainings you need to:

  • Register your business the right way so you get the most protection possible.
  • Get business insurance that covers you and setup bank accounts full of business cash (without all that risk!).
  • Use contracts that get your clients to pay you on time and follow your policies (I’ll even teach you how to enforce them if they don’t!)
  • Know when it’s actually time to pursue a trademark or copyright — plus faster, cheaper alternatives that can save you time and cash.
  • Legitimize and protect your website and email marketing game so you don’t risk getting fined.

Your Video Trainings

here’s what I’ll teach you in the Bundle…

Welcome! Let's get started

Welcome Module

Get instant access to the Member Community should you have an immediate question. You’ll also unlock Sam’s vault of business resources (accountant recs? You betcha). Then get the most out of the Bundle using the Roadmap to Ultimate Bundle™ Success. Aka, you don’t have to go through every video training in order. Need a legal template right now before firing off that contract Monday? Jump in & start implementing today.
Module 1: Form Your Business

Module 1: Form Your Business

Now that you’ve got the lay of the land down, here’s where you’ll figure out which business entity is right for you (Sole Prop? LLC?). Then register it in the next 24 hours (if that’s your jam). You’ll also know the “must-do’s” for how to act like an LLC, plus whether or not you need an EIN #. If you do, I’ll show you where to get one in under 5 minutes.
Module 2: Money & Insurance

Module 2: Money & Insurance

Co-mingling your personal dough with biz profits is illegal. 😳 Now that you’re a real business owner (woop!), here’s where you’ll set up your business bank account. You’ll learn all the right questions to ask the bank & have everything you need in hand before you approach them. Then you’ll connect your new biz account to your payment gateways. Then it’s off to get business insurance! And yes, there are at least 2 types you’ll need.
Module 3: Websites, Email & Social Media

Module 3: Websites, Email & Social Media

Slap up the 3 policies every website needs & gain a line-by-line understanding of how each one protects you. You’ll also nail down what you can and cannot say on social media if you want to avoid legal hot water (health coaches & dieticians, you’ll love this). You’ll also use a 4-step process to become GDPR compliant so you’re building your list and sending emails legally — no matter where your subscriber is from.
Module 4: Contracts

Module 4: Contracts

Now that your policies are up & you’re *actually* marketing your business the legal way, here’s where you’ll tighten up all your business’ contracts. You’ll have the 4 must-haves every contract needs. You’ll also figure out if you’re legally allowed to work with minors — and how to do it safely. You’ll also start reviewing contracts others send to YOU, knowing exactly what to look for in order to protect yourself.
Module 5: Working with Clients Legally

Module 5: Working with Clients Legally

At this point, that “I don’t know how I run my business from a legal standpoint” thought will officially be gone. In Module #5, you’ll be working with all your clients legally, whether it’s 1:1 coaching, group coaching, memberships or an online course format. You’ll pinpoint your “scope of practice” to avoid legal hot water & ensure you only do what you’re legally allowed to do. I’ll help you anticipate common legal problems that pop up in group programs so you have steps to resolve them before they even happen.
Module 6: Protect Your Content

Module 6: Protect Your Content

Now that you’re marketing the heck outta your offers, here’s where you’ll make sure none of your brilliant content gets stolen. You’ll add mini-disclaimers where appropriate (I’ll explain) & all your written content, social posts & course materials will have copyright protection by the end of Module 6. You’ll also know how to trademark logos, taglines & names — and where you’d actually need that.
Module 7: Grow & Scale Your Business Legally

Module 7: Grow & Scale Your Business Legally

Now that you’re legally legit™ from top to bottom, you’ll be feeling more confident than ever to scale. Here’s where you’ll run legally legit™ affiliate programs (if you want to!) & hire independent contracts without wondering “does the IRS consider them an independent contractor or employee?” And oh, if your business becomes an S-Corp at this point, you’ll have an entire training explaining exactly what to do.


Legal Templates Icons
10 DIY Legal Templates
Your 10 DIY Legal Templates have their own section, each paired with its own How-To Video Tutorial walking you through how to complete it in less than 15 minutes.
Bonuses Icons
– $400 Off
– [FREE] How to Get Clients on Instagram Training Recording (Value $200)
– [FREE] How to Pick your Business Entity Checklist (Value: $100)
– [FREE] How to Build a Diverse & Inclusive Business Workshop with Lattice
Hudson (Value: $200)
– 12-pay option so your investment is spread out over a year, making it easy to get the Bundle sooner than you thought you could

PLUS, 5 people who purchase will get a personalized welcome pack with my favorite business tools

PLUS lifetime-of-the-program updates to the Bundle!

Ready to go?!

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It’s not just templates you’ll struggle to fill in.
It’s everything you need to run your business legally.

“Before I found the Ultimate Bundle™ I was trying to get the contracts I needed in the least expensive way possible. A couple coaches had recommended I try a generic big box legal website for individual templates. He said it’d be cheaper, but after adding up the contracts and templates I knew I’d need — it was quite more expensive than just getting the Bundle in one-fell-swoop! I went with the Ultimate Bundle™ and I’m so happy I did. No other legal option out there could offer me the knowledge or level of support Sam did.”

Aimee Cerka

Sam Vander Wielen

hey there…

I’m Sam Vander Wielen, an attorney-turned-entrepreneur and legal educator who takes the fear out of making your online business legally legit™.

After 5 long years of feeling unfulfilled in a corporate law career that just didn’t fit, I (happily) left that soul-sucking world behind to start an online business helping people with my passion for holistic health and cooking. 

But I quickly saw that SO many coaches, creatives, and service-providers with online businesses weren’t protecting themselves legally.

Weak contracts that wouldn’t ever protect them, not having business insurance or knowing how to use it, working outside their scope of practice, no website policies in place (or really bad copy & paste jobs!)…. the list went on.

Women booked my free health coaching discovery calls to ask me questions about contracts and LLCs… not green smoothies ; )

That’s when the lightbulb clicked on. I realized I could help you by combining my years of legal experience with my love for helping other women start their own businesses.

So in early 2017, Sam Vander Wielen LLC was born & legal templates and bundles flew off the online shelves.

What started as a side project quickly grew into my full-blown passion and career — as 1000s of women came to me for simple, relevant, down-to-earth legal information and templates.

After selling thousands of a la carte contracts and website policies, I combined my most essential 10 DIY Legal Templates with 35+ video trainings to teach you everything you needed to know to get paid, work with clients online, protect your content, and form your businesses the right way.

But in true Sam-style, I didn’t stop there. I loaded the Ultimate Bundle™ with trainings on email marketing, affiliate program building, business insurance tips, and loads of bonus business-building trainings.

It’s my mission to make legal simple and accessible for you, no matter where you are in your business-building journey (I see you newbies AND you making 6-figures already!) so you can get legally legit™ and build the business with maximum impact.

“You cannot NOT afford to get Sam’s Ultimate Bundle. It pretty much has everything you need to get started in your business and protect yourself as your business grows.”

Samone Blakeley

Dating Coach


Purchase before the FAST ACTION bonuses expire at midnight Sept. 23rd and you’ll also receive:

  • [FREE] Ticket to my first-ever virtual retreat: 2 days of live workshops to help you build your own business (Value $700]
  • [FREE] Non-Disclosure Agreement template (Value $399)
  • [FREE] Collaboration contract template (Value $399)
  • [FREE] Podcast guest contract template (Value $347)
  • [PLUS] 5 Fast-Action Buyers will be chosen at random to get a free 30-minute 1:1 session with Sam 


Getting legally legit™ is MORE than nixing the “what if I do something wrong?” fear — it’s #adulting for your business

So while the coaching space waits until it’s too late… why not skip the stress and bask in the glow of becoming legally legit™ right now?

Your clients will notice.

You’ll stop feeling embarrassed about sending flimsy contracts.

And if you ever need something to onboard your first hire, you say…

“I need a template for X right now. Tell me how to do it.”

Then you flip to the video where I show you. Done.

Or if you freeze on what to say when a client tells you she’s not happy about something in your program… you come to the Facebook Group and ask for help. Double done.

So if you want to….

  1. Get the most affordable price on ALL the legal stuff you’ll EVER need inside your online business.
  2. Receive ongoing support from a former attorney who used to run a health coaching business online (aka I get you)
  3. Immediately get this process going once you hit the pretty button below

Then now’s the moment where you say “I’m ready to feel like a legit business owner” — and then act like one by punching in your details…

Ready to go?!

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12 payments of

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(She) breaks down that barrier of all the legal jargon that is so confusing to help you understand truly what you need in your business, what you don’t, and how to make sure you have everything you need to protect yourself. I could not recommend the Ultimate Bundle™ more because Sam is the best in the industry and I recommend her to everyone I know.Chloe EliseCEO and Founder of Deeper Than Money

I can go back to all the content in the course, and I can chip away at my business. It feels good. It feels good to be confident and have a resource. I definitely ask questions in the community and it’s great to hear from other practitioners in the field as well as getting guidance from Sam, and she’s been really great about that. I can’t recommend it enough. The Ultimate Bundle™ has been amazing for my business.Amanda MontalvoWomen’s Health Dietician at Hormone Healing RD

Once I got inside the Bundle, the first thing that was awesome was that everything was clarified. I can now confidently say I know what I need legally in my business from A-Z….If I have anything that trips me up, I can go to the private Facebook group.Katelyn CollinsConversion Copywriter & Email Strategist

Sam’s Bundle is something I constantly revisit in my biz. Any time I am updating my terms, prepping legal for a new program, or needing to send invoices, I find myself logging into the bundle. It’s truly my one stop shop for so many things in my business. And ultimately, it relieves huge amounts of stress and anxiety knowing I have it.Annie MillerStrength Coach, Biz Mentor, & Influencer

Questions? Let me help…


Umm..neither? It’s a pack of your most essential business-building legal templates, with a library of 35+ on-demand trainings for you to access at any time, like when you want to know what to do when your client payment bounces, or you see that lady on IG copying your captions. The trainings will be there to support you.

With over 400+ members, we have ALL kinds of coaches and service providers in the Bundle! Some of the most frequent “types” of Bundle members are: coaches of all kinds (wellness/career/money/life/health/fitness/mindset/dating/business/etc.), YouTube stars selling programs, top-podcasters with courses, RDs, nutritionists, copywriters, web designers, course creators, VAs, Facebook ads managers, and social media strategists. The Bundle is used by both beginners AND more experienced entrepreneurs who are scaling or are ready to.

If you have any questions about whether this program will help you, look through the “what’s inside the Bundle” section on here or send me a message.

Please don’t do this! I could tell you so many stories about people who got ripped off for tens of thousands of dollars of missed payments by NOT having an attorney-prepared contract in place.

LegalZoom is a decent option if you operate a brick and mortar shop where all of your customers are in the same location doing business with you.

But for an online business where your transactions cross state lines, however, things are much more nuanced.

Not to mention the countless situations that are unique to online business— like scope of practice for online coaches (it’s different online!), GDPR stuff, important details for legally legit email lists, webinars, affiliate programs, etc.

The online world is still developing, and “just getting a contract” isn’t going to cut it. The whole point of the Bundle is that you get ongoing support and trainings, specific to what you do online.

Bundle student, Chelsea felt the exact same way. “Now being on the other side,” she says, “I would have made it a priority earlier. 

The Bundle made me feel more confident with moving forward in my business. It also helped me understand how business works. 

But at the time, I was stuck on doubting myself so much that I felt I had one foot in both worlds. One in my coaching business. One in my full-time job.”

Side note: When Chelsea got the Bundle, her business wasn’t consistent and she only had 1:1 clients here and there. Since getting the Bundle, she’s formed her LLC, and added a membership AND a group program to her offerings.

Her business has grown SO MUCH.

I hope you don’t! There’s no “get out of jail free card” for not having a lot of clients and doing something wrong legally. Wrong is wrong. The judge won’t care that you’re new.😬

Food for thought: many Bundle members say that they DID wait, and all that did was lead to a cycle of waiting and waiting to build their biz because they were too afraid to take on clients since they weren’t legally protected. It’s sort of a chicken-egg issue…

I mean besides… wouldn’t you rather position yourself as an A-lister from the start? You can’t do that with privacy policies you copy & pasted (which is a major legal no-no!). 

The Bundle is already heavily discounted (that’s why it’s Bundled!) as it is — there are nearly $3,000+ worth of legal templates inside alone, plus $2,000+ worth of video trainings. The absolute best & only “deal” (+ loads of free goodies!) you can and will ever get on the Bundle is the one that’s currently running and this deal ends soon.

Yes! Because more stuff will come up. And the Ultimate Bundle™ sets you up for ALL OF IT. So if you want to launch a membership on the fly, you’ll be ready to go.

And you have ongoing support from me in the Facebook community. Something dicey happen? Questions about paying quarterly taxes? Give me the lowdown on Facebook. I’m here for you.

No, due to the downloadable nature of the DIY legal templates, videos, and tutorials, there are NO refunds available for the Ultimate Bundle or our DIY Legal Templates. No refund requests or chargeback threats will be accepted or tolerated. There are hundreds & hundreds of entrepreneurs inside and no one has EVER asked for one — it’s that good. Now don’t make me be a meanie head again ; )

In terms of the legal templates, most can be completed in 15 minutes or less. They’re super easy, fill-in-the-blank style. And you’re just filling in personal details. I’ve done all the boring legal writing for you ; ) As for the video library: This is NOT a course! It’s more like a resource library. You have access to all the videos you need when and where you need them. You tackle them at your own pace, as questions come up in your biz. 

For example, you’re ready to start your first group program. YAY! But you have no idea what you need legally speaking… 

You hop in the Bundle, watch the ~10 minute training on how to legally run group programs, spend 15 minutes or less filling out your Group Program Contract as you watch along to the template tutorial and VOILA! You’ve got yourself a legally legit group program just like that.

Yes! The Ultimate Bundle includes access to my private, members-only Facebook community where you can ask questions about the program and connect with me. Students are always commenting on how quick the response is to their questions and how much they love having this additional support!

Don’t listen to me…. take it from 2 of our coolest members, Betsy Milne and Laura Milne, Founders of Luscious Hustle: “The Ultimate Bundle™ was the best investment we ever made in our business hands down. Every coach, service-provider and creative needs the Ultimate Bundle™.” Betsy and Laura are 2 of the best business coaches in the biz… so I’d take their word for it ; )

How does lifetime-of-the-program access sound? As long as the Ultimate Bundle is alive, you’ll have unlimited access (& free updates!) across any and all devices you own. Plus, you can download the templates and keep them as long as you need, for as many online businesses as you create.

It depends on you, your business, and how many personal questions you have/want to have answered. For example, if you want someone to register your business FOR you, you’d hire someone to do that for you (but you’d save lots of time & money thanks to the Bundle teaching you what you need, what to gather & how to get it done quickly). The program teaches you how you could do it on your own, if you feel comfortable. However…

It’s always a good idea to hire a local attorney licensed where you live & work who knows what you do. This program is not a substitute for personal legal advice from your own licensed attorney. Sam is not your attorney, now or ever. The program’s meant to educate and empower you with the information you really should know to run your own online business. Sam doesn’t review or write contracts for you, and she will not register your business for you.

Having the mostly-done-for-you (you just pop in your personal details!) templates already prepared if/when you do choose to have your own attorney review them should save you a significant amount of time and money.

NO. If you purchase the Bundle or any of Sam’s templates, Sam is NOT your attorney and you have no client-attorney relationship with her. Sam will not give you legal advice on your personal or specific business situation. Like a health or business coach, Sam empowers you with lots of helpful information, resources, support, coaching, and education — but is not able to give you legal advice specific to you or your situation. You should seek the advice of a local attorney near you to chat about your personal situation. This is NOT meant to be an alternative to traditional legal services.

The Ultimate Bundle™ is designed specifically for course creators, online coaches, service providers (like copywriters, graphic designers, and consultants) and other business owners who provide their goods and services in a digital format. So the trainings and contracts and legal templates wouldn’t be as helpful to someone who runs a brick and mortar store or sells physical products.

Absolutely! Come on in! Hope you like what you see 🙂

YAY. Yes! If you get the 12-pay, you can get started today for $197.

And the mindset shift that happens when you’re operating a legit business will earn you the dough to cover your monthly payment.

“Ok, I’m in. Remind me of the deets?”

Ready to go?!

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“Sam, this is a lot of money! Do I realllly need this?”

Here are your other options, considering there’s a 100% chance you’ll have to buy all this legal stuff at some point (it’d be illegal not to):

You can buy templates a la carte elsewhere…. but it won’t be enough. You won’t have video trainings to walk you through as you fill it out or teach you what every section means in case clients challenge you with questions (like the Bundle offers!)

AND you’ll be left in the dust the next time your client doesn’t pay her bill or you find out your IG caption just got copied again.

With the Ultimate Bundle™, you’ll get video trainings and support via Facebook so you can navigate all that, plus more.

You can hire a lawyer to draft these up… and it will cost you upwards of $500/hour. You also might walk into their office and not know what to ask for. And they might not get what you do!

Nevermind all the nuances of online business. You can listen to the coaching industry and wait to do this… then have no clue how to deal with your first disputed payment. Then between complaints from your irrational customer & desperate SOS Voxes to your friend,

you’ll click on the “terms and conditions” link Leadpages had auto-populated on your checkout page. You’ll realize it links to nowhere. And realize you have no legal ground to stand on.😬

Melissa was hesitant to spend money on this too…

“When I first came to Sam for legal support, I wasn’t really ready to spend money on legal templates yet. I had some contracts from my training program that I had already spent time customizing to work for me.

I looked at free website disclaimers and privacy policies online, and I debated back and forth about using one, but knew I wouldn’t really feel confident using a free one.

Eventually, I decided to purchase the Ultimate Bundle™ because I started thinking about things over the lifetime of my business. The Bundle did seem like a big investment before I’d made any money as a business — it was a big portion of my startup costs — but over the lifetime of business, this is something that would be assisting me for many years to come.

The Bundle is really well put together and professional, and Sam is really responsive. The customer service for the Ultimate Bundle™ is really good — I’ve emailed her questions and she gets back to me right away.”

Melissa Stephenson


Stephanie leaned on the Private Members Group when dealing with PayPal disagreements…

“I invested in the UB pretty early on in my entrepreneurial journey. At the time it was a stretch for me, but I really wanted to do everything right in my business. I had just invested in a professional website and all these things so I really wanted to make sure my contracts weren’t just DIY contracts I found online, piecing them together.

There were lots of things in that Bundle I knew I would use, if not in my first year of business, my second or third.

I’ve had instances in my business where I had to go through PayPal disagreements and things that stressed me out.

Something that comes with purchasing the Ultimate Bundle™ is you gain access to Sam’s Facebook Group. I can’t explain how grateful I am to be in that group…

When I was going through my legal issues (that can come up for every business owner), it was really nice to have other women in the group who had gone through something similar give me advice.

Sam was there and made suggestions too. She was in my inbox and I felt so held and taken care of. The fact that she had this level of hands-on-ness with issues that were rising in my business, even following up to see what happened kinda wants to make me cry right now.”

Stephanie Heath

Career Coach


Evin realized this is better than buying templates a la carte… 

“When I went to look through Sam’s offers, I was thinking… ‘maybe I’ll spend less money and just buy a few a la carte templates. Just the ones I need right now’…

But then as I was looking through everything included in the Ultimate Bundle™ I realized there were a lot more pieces than I even knew I needed.

I needed my full business to be legally legit. Not just my contracts.

And now I just feel completely safe now in my business as a whole.

Any coach, any online business owner — I would absolutely recommend this. I have not seen anything out there as comprehensive. Where you get Sam’s amazing and loving customer service, where you get every question you need answered. Even a year after I bought the Bundle, Sam’s still available to all of her customers for questions and support. I’m thrilled I made this investment. It’s such a no-brainer now. And I highly recommend it.” 


Love Life Coach

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Still not sure if the Bundle is PERFECT for you?

You’re ready to make your online business legally legit™ if…

  • You’re brand new to business. And you’re the “I like to do things the right way” type. You want to legitimize your biz and play by the rules before making your first dollar.
  • You already have a thriving business with lots of clients coming in. But you’re starting to add more elements like retreats, affiliates, & group programs. You’ve been using templates you got from previous coaches and have been pulling bits-and-pieces from other people up to this point. You know you need more to be fully legally protected — especially now you’re more visible (and vulnerable!) than ever.
  • You’re CEO-ready. You’re not here to build a hobby — you’re here to change lives (and your own in the process). You know a solid business needs a solid foundation.
  • You’re actively trying to sort out your legal stuff, but the results have been frustrating. You spend lunch, searching “what needs to be in my website policy” on Google, but what they’re saying doesn’t apply to your business. You know you need an agreement for your checkout page — you just don’t know what. Maybe you’ve purchased a template off LegalZoom. But you aren’t 110% confident you could explain what each clause means.
  • You don’t want to phone it in. Blindly filling out templates to fit your own business is fine, but you’d rather understand how you’re running your business from every standpoint. Knowledge is power, and the CEO in you wants all the legal knowledge she/he/they should know as a biz owner.
  • You’re aware that getting legally legit™ can result in more sales. Just ask Bundle student, Amanda, who said she’d have earned $30,000 sooner if she bought the Bundle earlier. You’re excited to blow the ceiling off your own earning potential next.
  • You’re stoked knowing that the Bundles is SO implementable, 15 minutes from now, you could have your website policy filled out & ready to go.

If you said yes to at least 4 of those 7 points, then I’m confident to invite you inside The Ultimate Bundle™.

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Who’s the Ultimate Bundle™️ NOT for?

  • This program isn’t for people looking for personal legal advice or who need to hire their own attorney. Although Sam is A attorney, Sam isn’t your attorney and won’t be able to provide you with personal or business legal advice if you get the Bundle.
  • If you’re looking for someone to handle all the legal steps and backend stuff without you being involved, you’re looking for your own attorney, not the Bundle.
Counter to what your biz bestie told you…

Getting legally legit™ is a non-negotiable
The Ultimate Bundle™ uncomplicates the process

You’ll be scrambling, looking for templates like this at some point. Why not implement at the most affordable price legal stuff like this will ever be?

If you’re wondering if you should spend your hard-earned dough on a business mastermind, promising 5-figure months instead…

I get it.

I spent $32,000 on stuff like that my first two years. So this probably doesn’t feel like a no-brainer atm.

Don’t expect enrolling in the Ultimate Bundle™ to feel like the obvious choice until:

  • you’ve watched the “registering your business” module and realize you can totally do this on your own tonight. And you don’t have to pay some online website $250 to do it for you.
  • you feel like you’re protected from every angle. Rather than getting plagued by the anxiety other online entrepreneurs will experience anytime a student’s unhappy with their results (it WILL happen).
  • market the HECK out of all your offers because you know you’re protected AF — and finally hit that first 5-figure or 6-figure month all the “cool kids” like talking about

THAT’s when it’ll hit you:

The Ultimate Bundle™ is the online program traditional school would have plopped you in if they knew you’d wind up an online entrepreneur


“Fear was holding me back from starting my business.

I love that this program feels personal and fun. It’s really easy to understand and work through.

Before purchasing I was overwhelmed, confused, anxious, and nervous, but as soon as I got started, all that went away!

The Ultimate Bundle™ has given me confidence to run my business like a pro.”


Amy Malachowski

CEO & Founder, Elite Focus


This will feel intrusive, but someone’s gotta say it...

Truth is: there’s safety in not becoming an LLC, continuing to hack together janky contracts, and essentially — never getting legit.

It gives you an automatic “out.”

“Oh that business I wanted to start? That was just a cute idea. Guess I wasn’t serious ‘bout it! K-bye!”

It’s perfectly normal to be unable to picture all your success at this stage (even if you’re not new).

But the fact that I told you “every real online business needs everything listed on this page” and you still didn’t click to grab it all… 🤔

would suggest you don’t plan to have a real online business. 

It takes some big kahunas to stop wondering “will my business even make it?” and decide to believe that it will (usually that’s the REAL reason behind someone’s temporary pause).

Thing is, I know that’s not you…

Aren’t you the one who left a cushy job to follow your dream?

And the one who totally rejects the “one size fits all” lifestyle?

From your track record, I have a sneaking suspicion your business is gonna make it if YOU’VE got anything to do with it! 😉

But if I’m wrong.👇

And if you already know your next step is just a pipedream, then I agree: it doesn’t make sense to buy The Ultimate Bundle™.

But if you’re really going to do this (and I think you will), then it’s time to make the whole thing real by…

  1. Grabbing the payment plan that gets you started for only $197! The lowest price you’ll find for something this comprehensive (literally, I checked).
  2. Getting immediate access to 10 legal templates (if I charged $800 per contract like lawyers do, that’s $8,000 but not for you!) & 35+ video trainings explaining all the jargon. Plus the bonuses.

Ready to go?!

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Your “little online business” doesn’t want to be little anymore. 

And with your track record, you my friend are the perfect person to change that.



I thank my lucky stars each day that I’m here, serving you, and doing this work.

I can’t even put into words how different I am as a human being because of how fulfilled I feel in the work I do each day.

I’m no longer living a life I want to run away from.

I invite you to join my community and fearlessly build a business that lights your soul on fire, too.

I can’t wait to help you get fearlessly legal <3