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Going without a retreat contract is a major no-no. You’ve got to protect your brand, girlfriend! Whether it’s payment, disclaiming liability, and settin’ the record on refunds + cancellations, I’ve got you covered.


With this Retreat Contract template, you’ll get the:

โ‡’ fill-in-the-blank RETREAT CONTRACT TEMPLATE that you can download and re-use as many times as you need
โ‡’ a How-To Video Tutorial to walk you through how to fill it out
โ‡’ Template Guidelines & Tips PDF guide
โ‡’ BONUSES: invite to Sam’s Private client-only Facebook community.


“Sam’s fill-in-the-blank legal templates turned my legal headaches and confusion into simple tasks.ย Finally! The buying process was extremely easy, andย I received instant access to my purchased template. She happily answered all questions I had and made the entire DIY process actually enjoyableย — something I never thought I’d say! – Cameron Simcik, Coach


WANT TO PROTECT YOUR INCREDIBLE RETREAT? Let’s go on an adventure together.

I want you to hit ‘GO!’ on that retreat you’ve been dreaming about bringing to life, love.

Planning and executing a great retreat (and earning darnย  good money for it in the process) isnโ€™t about knowing #allthethings, itโ€™s about investing in just what you need and not wasting time trying to put together a sub-par contract yourself.

Iโ€™ll be honest with you:

Legal protection for your business isnโ€™t something you can afford to skimp on.

This ainโ€™t the Wild West where โ€œanything goes.โ€

There are actual rules for online business that youโ€™ll get into serious trouble for breaking.

But how do you get *exactly* the legal protection you need for where youโ€™re at right now, without wasting time or money on any extras?

Three words:

Retreat Contract template.

Itโ€™s the template I created for entrepreneurs offering retreats so they’ll be able to host the event of their dreams without any legal nightmares.

Once you have my Retreat Contract template all filled in and copy/pasted to your program of choice, you can shut down Google and relax knowing that your business is covered legally.

Because I want you to get those toes in the sand and get your retreat out to the world and into the hands of those who need it most.

Read on to learn more about this super-easy-to-use Retreat Contract template…

What’s included in this template download:

If you own a business and are offering a retreat — this template is for you <3

The Retreat Contract template comes with its own How-To Video Tutorial to walk you through how to fill out and understand your legal template. That way, youโ€™ll know exactly what it means and be able to customize it to your business and retreat.

Here’s what’s included in your download:

  • Fill-in-The-Blank Retreat Contract Template โ€” One (1) downloadable, editable .docx file containing a detailed retreat contract template with fill-in-the-blanks to make your own.
  • a How-To Video Tutorial โ€” a How-To video tutorial (that actually show you the document while I talk!) where I walk you through what each paragraph means (in English, not legal language) & where youโ€™ll need to make changes. Youโ€™ll be comfortable and confident to make each of these templates your own.
  • Guidelines & Tips Guide โ€” to let you know what to do with this document & how to make it your own.
  • BONUS: Access to Sam’s private Facebook Community (Legally Legit Community) for clients only <3


If you’re hosting a retreat, yes! With your retreat contract, you’re protecting your right to…

  • take and post pictures and video of your retreat on social media, your website and more.
  • get paid and not let people cancel or request refunds.
  • define what’s included and not included, so there’s no miscommunication.
  • protect yourself legally in case something happen to one of your retreat attendees (i.e., injury, inability to travel, etc.)
  • prove that your retreat is as advertised and you provided what you said you’d provide.


  • Start with the Guidelines & Tips Guide first.
  • Next, download your template and fill-in-the-blanks! In 15 minutes or less, follow along in myย How-To Tutorialย video where I’ll walk you through filling it out and translate what all that legalese means for you.
  • Upload the template to your preferred contract signing platform (i.e., Dubsado (use my affiliate coupon code samvw for 20% off), HelloSign, Adobe, etc.). Iโ€™ll even tell you how to send + sign your contract correctly in the included Video Tutorial to be sure it’s legally legit.


If you need the 3 major website policies ANDย contracts to work with clients 1:1, in a group program, or through a course, you’ll want to check out my Fearlessly Legalโ„ข Ultimate Bundle program, which gives you 10 DIY legal templates AND access to my premium video library, Fearlessly Legalโ„ข. All 3 website policies are included in the Ultimate Bundle program — plus you’ll get all the contracts and video trainings you need.


  • Coaches (i.e., business, health/wellness/fitness, life, career, etc.); or
  • Creatives (i.e., course creators, branding, web design, social media, bloggers, etc.); or
  • Consultants (i.e., copywriters, digital marketers, etc.)

…who are hosting an in-person retreat, mastermind, or event, typically with overnight stay.

I have clients who are business coaches, branding experts, health/wellness/fitness coaches and consultants, bloggers, course creators, business-to-business service-based businesses and so much more!


Once youโ€™ve got your business house in order with the Retreat Contract template, you couldโ€ฆ

  • Start attracting your first high-ticket attendees (with a contract thatโ€™s legally legit!)
  • Offer your retreat for sale on your website or to your email list (because your contract has your back!)
  • Market your retreat on social (because you know it — and you! — ย are protected)

So at this point, looks like the only thing holding you back is, well, you. Are you ready to start growing your business the right way? If so, Iโ€™ll see you inside the Retreat Contract template.

IMPORTANT: This document is a downloadable, customizable general template for you to make your own & to fit your business. Purchase of this or any other document from this Site does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Sam Vander Wielen. The documents, or anything on this Site, should not be construed as legal advice. You should have all documents you use or prepare reviewed by a local attorney to ensure they comply with State and local laws where you live and work. Sam Vander Wielen is licensed to practice law in New Jersey. Use of this Site, and purchase of any documents,ย are subject to these Terms & Conditions.

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