The go-to resource for online entrepreneurs who want to legally protect their business content (from their Insta captions to their courses) — long before copycats try to steal it

The lowest price you’ll ever see for a very limited time.

The go-to resource for online entrepreneurs who want to legally protect their business content (from their Insta captions to their courses) — long before copycats try to steal it

The lowest price you’ll ever see for a very limited time.

You can’t do shiit(ake mushrooms) about a copycat if you haven’t taken preventative measures first.

And in case no one told you lately, you’re a REAL CEO. Of a legit company. 

You, my friend, are an entrepreneur. That dream you had about starting an online biz? It’s working.

You’ve got a steadily growing audience that hangs on your every Story.

  • They’re soaking up every word, letting it inspire them to … wait, copy your captions?
  • They’re signing up for your webinar in droves, so they can …hold up, steal your email invites?
  • Word on the internet streets is even your paid offer …isn’t safe from a brazen copycat (sry, what?) 

Suddenly, that paranoia you thought you’d quelled by slapping a “terms and conditions” clause starts to lift its head again. 

The truth is…

… online copycats strike every single day. And the ONLY way you can (legally) do anything about it when it happens… is if you protect your biz ahead of time.

But where on Google Earth version 4.3 are you supposed to learn things like how to register your online course?!

If there’s one thing you DON’T want to Google, it’s all the legal stuff that will give you ground to stand on when it comes to protecting your Online Business Baby via copyright and trademarks. And against mimicry and the winner for “Most Likely To Induce Uncontrollable Rage,” 

Straight-up Intellectual Property theft (or what we lawyers call “intellectual property infringement.” Either way you slice it… ew, David.)


Imagine being filled in on EVERYTHING you’re supposed to know when it comes to protecting yourself from online theft? Then getting stuff in place to cover your tuchus ahead of time AND build out a matter-of-fact process for getting stolen content taken down if (heaven forbid) someone DID steal? 

Would feel kinda nice to you who might be thinking,

“Whoa whoa whoa Sam, I don’t even know whether I’m allowed to trademark this… or is it copyright? What the heck is the difference between theft and mimicry? How do I know it’s time to trademark? Is there somewhere I can actually register my course to help me if it gets stolen? 


Um. Yeah. There’s more than a gap of knowledge about all this “stuff.” More like a black HOLE of “Figure it out yourself-ness.”

Which is fine for other biz things. But when it comes to something as complicated as getting certain legal ish in place that will ensure you’ve got the right to take action when someone steals your stuff, the usual DIY approach only leads to…

Hearsay among online peers, like: 

And the biggest hearsay of all…

I take great care of my clients…

There’s a GIANT BLIND SPOT when it comes to knowing which preventative measures you must have in place if you plan to hold future copycats accountable when they strike. 

But barely anybody’s doing it.

Which definitely isn’t YOUR fault.

There simply isn’t an organized resource that provides this information, and the lawyers of the online space took their sweet time getting the right info out to you.

***It’s me, I’m one of the lawyers.***

I’m sorry. I’m here now. 

I’ve got your plan all outlined in an easy-to-understand course.You can have your assistant implement the heftiest parts in 8-10 hours.

Consider this your invitation to deal with your first pesky copycat before they actually strike.


The Copycats Playbook™

The legal course designed for the online business owner who knows that proactively protecting their business from copycats is just as much of a requirement as creating a viable offer. 

It’s delivered to you in two crucial parts.

Part One:


You’ll set up everything you need to have in place ahead of time so if a copycat steals, you have a dang good chance of getting them to take the stolen content down (which isn’t necessarily true for folks who don’t have this stuff in place).

Part Two:


You’ll get the exact steps for getting stolen content down the moment a copycat strikes. Whether they’ve swiped your Instagram captions or they’ve stolen your signature course and are selling it as their own. Save yourself from doing the “WHAT DO I DO?” fumble panic for good.

Fun fact: part two won’t work if you didn’t do part one first! *grimace emoji*

The Copycats Playbook™ includes:

  • 10 video trainings to equip you with all the knowledge you need to cover your legal bases (which gives you ground to stand on should a copycat pounce)
  • A step-by-step process for dealing with copycats. Think of it as having an SOP to follow instead of losing your entire workday because you and the team are freaking out over what you’re supposed to do
  • “Cease and Desist” letter template & video tutorial showing you how to use it
  • 3 Video Takedown Tutorials (Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok) led by me, a real live attorney-turned-entrepreneur. Watch them so if someone posts YOUR content, you can go directly to the source and have it taken down, headache-free
  • 1 Video Website Takedown Tutorial so if someone puts something of yours on their website, you can get it taken down ASAP
  • 1 Video Product Takedown Tutorial for when someone swipes your bread-n-butter and claims it as their own

Grab it for our slashed-down price of $197!

Aka, the lowest price you’ll ever see for a very limited time.


BONUS #1: “How to File a Trademark”
Over-The-Shoulder walkthrough video (Value: $150)

In this screen-share style video tutorial, Sam will walk you through filing a trademark through the United States Patent & Trademark Office (“USPTO”) website and filing system. In real time, Sam will show you what she does to gather info, fill out the application, and submit it for trademark registration. The goal is to empower future trademark filers to feel confident filing their own trademark if they choose to, or to gather all of the information you need to have an attorney successfully file one for you. 

BONUS #2: “How to File a Copyright”
Over-The-Shoulder walkthrough video (Value: $150)

In this screen-share style video tutorial, Sam will walk you through filing a piece of content for copyright protection with the U.S. Copyright Office.  In real time, Sam shows you how to gather what you need to fill out and successfully submit an application to officially “copyright” a piece of your own content, programs, or writings. The goal is to empower you to feel more confident to file something on your own, if you choose to do so. 

BONUS #3: SOP Template “How to Catch a Copycat”
(Value: $150)

No matter what stage you’re at in business, you need to start creating SOPs now – before it’s too late. What are SOPs? Well – they’re the backbone to your business (not to be dramatic or anything). One by one, you need to create an SOP for every process in your business – from chasing down delinquent payments to how to upload your YouTube videos. And chasing down copycats is no exception. In this SOP template and video tutorial, Sam will give you her own “Copycats” SOP that helps you to create an internal process of the step-by-step process you will take if/when someone steals your content. For now, it might be YOU following that SOP step-by-step. But in no time, you could easily add on a team member to do it for you – all with the guidance of your SOP. 

Sure, preventative legal work doesn’t sound as sexy as the promise to make $10K a month in a mastermind.

But you know what’s deeply UNSEXY?

Losing $10k (or more) thanks to legal fees, lengthy civil cases, and time during which your business grinds to a halt, ‘cuz now you’re dealing with the email subscriber who always paid a bit too much attention — and just plagiarized your course.

The short video lessons from Sam (that’s me, a real live attorney who specializes in online business 👋) will teach you:

  • Whether your content is worth protecting & whether it falls under “copyright” or “trademark”
  • How to know when it’s the right time to protect your content, logos & names via trademarks and copyrights
  • What kind of legal protection you can get for FREE… and which you’re going to have to pony up for
  • Pros and cons for going the lawyer route with all this stuff
  • How to register your course so you can demand it be taken down if someone swipes and sells it as “their own”
  • What the difference between ® ™ and © are, how they protect you, and when you can use each (even if you haven’t registered)
  • The difference between “infringement” (aka stealing) and mimicking, so you don’t go chasing down every content creator online
  • How to apply for your trademark registration in 27 minutes(ish) flat so you don’t have to take from your ads budget and pay a lawyer (although you could and I’ll explain that too)
  • How to register your own copyright with the US Copyright Office’s Website
  • What to write in a cease-and-desist letter should a copycat strike (swipe my template!)
  • How to get a copycat to take stolen content down whether it’s on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok or a website (which will only work once you’ve got all the preventive stuff in place of course).

Grab it TODAY for $300 off!

Our special slashed-down intro price of $197 is the lowest price you’ll ever see for a very limited time.

Let’s stop that whole “That will never happen to me” thought right there, because yes,

Someone WILL try to steal your work. 

Not because they think you’re an easy mark. It’s actually the opposite. Copycats see your success with your offer, your audience, and your content. All things you’ve worked HARD to achieve. 

But you’re not a giant corporation with a team of 10 lawyers ready to pounce on the first sign of theft. 

So instead of seeing you as #inspo to create something of their own, thieves merely see you as a meal ticket. One where they’re keen to order one of everything you’re having… and then sell as their own. 

It’s nothing personal. And I’m not trying to fear monger. But it’s the nature of the online space right now, and copycats have had the upper hand for way too long thanks to the industry being so dang unregulated. 

Open up the ‘gram, and you’ll find an online entrepreneur who had to deal with copycats.

The girl from your mastermind, the one who you see EVERYWHERE online? 
Someone ripped off her product suite. 

Your IG bestie, the one who you send voice messages back and forth with non-stop? 
A copycat helped themselves to her ENTIRE course, right down to the module descriptions – long before she hit 6 figures.

Lauren and Marissa* thought their new biz was going swimmingly…
Until they discovered that people had signed up for their 3 day challenge to steal their wording, worksheets, and eventually their program.

My friend Hanna* woke up to messages that thieves had swiped her content captions. 

* names changed to keep these deets private

It happens to everyone

Unless you’ve experienced it, the emotional reaction that follows a copycat discovery is hard to explain. Here’s a dramatic reenactment for your convenience:

Should you light them up on an IG live?

Comment under every post about their theft?

Get your friends to report them until it’s taken down?!

In a copycat discovery moment, the best course of action is the one you’ve already prepped for. 

When it comes to your business content, there are two big rules: 


Don’t steal (duh)


Make sure you’re protected ahead of time, plus have an attorney-created game plan for what you’ll do when someone inevitably thinks Rule 1 doesn’t apply to them 

Get it done in one-fell-swoop with a two-part approach in the Copycats Playbook™.

Wanna see how the videos breakdown?

Part 1: Prevention

(aka keep those copycats off your content)


Breaking down common law protection, and learning what qualifies for a trademark for your business.


Learn the difference between “official” protection vs common law protection, and what’s best for your business.


Here I break down the difference between the different symbols, what they mean, when you can & can’t use them, and how they work to protect you & your content.


Here we talk through copyright theft, originality, creativity, fixation and everything you need to know to avoid being the copycat yourself by accident, or accusing someone else of being a copycat when they’re really not.


Learn how to register your content or courses. I’m talking about what to prepare in advance, and how to file a standard application.


Knowing if your content is eligible for a trademark, what type you need, your filing basis, and how to prepare and file the form.

Part 2: Takedowns

(aka kick some copycat booty)


I walk you through exactly how to take down YOUR post from someone else’s Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.


How to take down something of yours from someone’s website, if you discover someone has stolen part of your website content.


Here I teach you exactly what to do if someone steals your paid product, so you’re ready to take them down if they swipe your products.

Original price $497

Today, you get it for $197

Remember when I said that copycats happen to everyone?
Yup. They even try it with actual attorneys, like me.

quick storytime…

hey, i’m sam

I’m an attorney-turned-entrepreneur, and I help online entrepreneurs get their business legally legit™. 

After 5 years of trying to make a corporate law career work, I pivoted to the world of online business, initially going for it as an online health coach. 

Until I realized that I could help SO many entrepreneurs with my legal skills. And thus the Ultimate Bundle™ – my legal program that gives coaches and service providers all the legal templates and trainings they need to operate – was born.

Pretty cool, right? I thought I’d covered everything. Good job, Sam!

Until the day my SEO specialist sent me a message: 

“You’re getting all these clicks from this website.

I thought she was just checking out the legal templates. I thought I’d maybe have a new online friend in a few days. What she was actually doing was leaving a trail of digital breadcrumbs to the fact that she was stealing the entire thing

Fortunately, I knew exactly what to do. I got her to take it down, and I realized that if I hadn’t been my own lawyer, the takedown process wouldn’t have been nearly as smooth or fast. 

And I vowed to myself in that moment that one day, I’d turn that very-bad-situation into a very-teachable one for you.

Entrepreneurship is hard enough. You deserve to scale a successful business without the headache and heartache of dealing with copycats.

Original price $497

Today, you get it for $197

“It’s time to make some CEO-level moves.”

^^^ the one thing copycats hope you DON’T hear

The Copycats Playbook™ gives you massive legal knowledge to fuel your next level of CEO-badassery 

If you’re hemming and hawing over whether or not you really need The Copycat Playbook™ (“No one’s ever stolen my stuff before, this seems like a big stretch to me”), 

You’re leaving a  wide open door for a copycat to waltz in and steal the Mona Lisa of your business right out from under you. 

Plus, it’s not really about whether or not you’ve been stolen from (yet). It’s about doing what you gotta do to protect yourself before it ever happens ….because once it does, you won’t have the option.

So why not (pants)suit up with knowledge about copyright, trademarks, lawyering up, cease-and-desist letters, creating “biz first, emotions later” systems for when people try to steal things, and everything else you’ll find in the Playbook. 

If you feel like you finally earned the “entrepreneur” title when you started paying quarterly taxes, I can’t wait to see what learning how to protect the business content you worked so dang hard to create will do. 

Ok I’m in! Remind me of the deets again?


Yes. Yes you do. Because the Copycats Playbook™ will teach you what steps to take BEFORE you’re ever stolen from (or stolen from again if it’s happened already — sorry 😣). If you don’t take these steps now, it’ll be too late by the time someone swipes your content.

Yes and no. When it comes to trademarks, protecting your intellectual property in the U.S. doesn’t automatically entitle you to having protection abroad. But by registering your work with the USPTO (something I’ll talk more about inside the Playbook) – you will be eligible to file 1 application to protect your brand in MANY other countries. Without registering, you wouldn’t be able to do that. So are you automatically protected in other countries? No. But is there a way to protect your brand in many countries? It’s possible! And the Copycats Playbook™ will talk you through how

As for copyrights, it’s the same deal: your work isn’t necessarily protected abroad. However, if your intellectual property is registered in the US, some other countries recognize the protection you’ve got here. It really all depends on the other countries’ laws (and a few fancy treaties!).

This is a self-paced program with super-valuable video trainings and templates for you to binge and implement on your own. You can leave comments on the trainings inside the program, and Sam will answer any questions that are within her scope of practice (Sam won’t provide you with legal advice, review your filings, or do any consultations with you since she’s not your lawyer).

Listen, I know it’s so sooo tempting, but hold off on that instant gratification knee-jerk reaction. First of all, there are faster ways to get your stolen content taken down (you’ll learn them inside the Playbook!), but also… 

At best, you’ll drag out the process. At worst, this tactic could backfire, leaving you facing down the barrel of a nasty defamation suit. 

Honestly, it depends. If you don’t have a TON of content just yet, you could get this completed in a weekend. I estimate it’ll take roughly 10 hours. If you have a hefty course that you plan to register, that will take some extra time since you’ll have to share with them all your PDFs and training videos. Worth it though.

Absolutely! You could use the Playbook to decide if / what you want to register and how, and then assign it to a VA or Operations Manager to file for you.

It’s up to you! The Copycats Playbook™ is NOT meant to be an alternative to traditional legal services. Some of you might decide that you want to register your own copyright or trademark after watching the trainings. Others might still decide to hire out. Either way is totally OK and either way, you’ll be empowered with the info and resources you need to register or respond to a copycat.

Sam is not your attorney. If you purchase The Copycats Playbook™, she’s still not your attorney, and you have NO client-attorney relationship with Sam. Through the Playbook, Sam can empower you with lots of helpful information, but she can’t give you legal advice as it pertains to your specific legal situation. Sam won’t review your filings or docs, either. 

Seek out the advice of a local attorney to chat about your personal situation.

For the lifetime of the product. You’ll also get any updates I make to the program.

When you go to a lawyer to register a trademark for you (which is a great service, btw!), YOU are telling THEM what you want to register. But don’t you have to know how to decide on that first? That’s what I’ll teach you inside the Playbook: how to decide what’s worth it, from a business AND legal  standpoint, so you can register what makes the most sense.

No, because even though the applications are based on US Law — they’re still sort of… subjective. I also can’t control how you fill out the application or whether you’ve properly implemented the material in the Playbook. So unfortunately I can’t guarantee you success with registration — that’s out of my hands. (PS: please run from any lawyer who does offer you any sort of guarantee like that, because they can’t).