Confidently cover your legal

bases & grow your online business

without breaking a sweat

(or a law!)

Confidently cover your legal bases & grow your online business without breaking a sweat (or a law!)

The one-stop-shop program for online business owners with legal templates, education, and support so you can get legit, protect yourself, and scale – knowing you’re safeguarded every step of the way.
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Look, I totally get it: all those business contracts and other legal stuff looks like a certified NIGHTMARE…
You’re not a lawyer, so how are you supposed to know what to put in your contract? Whether you should form an LLC or if it’s time to become an S-Corp? What even *is* an LLC or an S-Corp, anyway!? And no matter how many hours you spend Googling it, you still don’t feel like you know what you need to do…

You’ve probably thought some of these things once (or a hundred) times...

  • I mean, TECHNICALLY, I run a business – but knowing if it’s legally sound?? That’s a different story…
  • I thought using my coach’s contract would be fine, but now I hear I might not be covered?????
  • The thought of a lawsuit from an unhappy client is terrifying – especially without any business insurance…
  • I’ve resorted to giving free advice in Instagram DMs because I’m not legally set up to take on clients…
  • I’m keeping my offers under wraps for now… what if someone rips off my hard work?
  • I’m FULL of legal questions, I don’t even know where to begin sorting them out!
  • There’s this huge cloud of legal anxiety hanging over me… do I really need to spend $500/hr to talk to a lawyer?

Here’s the thing: It doesn’t have to be that way.
What if you could...

Here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be that way. What if you could...

  • Become the entrepreneur who’s confident their assets are covered…
  • Get taken seriously online because you’re a total pro…
  • Feel like the weight on your shoulders has been lifted…
  • Make more sales because you’re openly promoting your products…
  • Get empowered to enforce your policies in any situation…
  • Boldly build the business you want and blow this thing up…

Ready for a dose of that? You’re in
luck because I’ve got the cure.
Cue the sigh of relief 🧘...

The Ultimate Bundle®

The Ultimate Bundle®

The Ultimate Bundle®

For online coaches, course creators & service providers ready to get legally secure and grow their business – this is your all-access pass to my must-have legal templates, in-depth business education, and ongoing community support.

Plus the chance to pick my lawyer brain!


"You cannot NOT afford to get Sam’s Ultimate Bundle®!

“It pretty much has everything you need to get started in your business and protect yourself as your business grows. I have all the things that need to go on my webpages to keep me solid, and I also learned a lot of really great stuff about owning an online coaching business.”

Samone Blakeley - Dating Coach

"This is worth every penny!

“She breaks down that barrier of all the legal jargon that is so confusing to help you understand truly what you need in your business, what you don’t, and how to make sure you have everything you need to protect yourself. I could not recommend the Ultimate Bundle® more because Sam is the best in the industry and I recommend her to anyone I know.”

Chloe Elise - CEO and Founder of Deeper than Money

"It relieves huge amounts of stress and anxiety knowing I have it!

“Sam’s bundle is something I constantly revisit in my biz. Any time I am updating my terms, prepping legal for a new program, or needing to send invoices, I find myself logging into the bundle. It’s truly my one stop shop for so many things in my business. And ultimately, it relieves huge amounts of stress and anxiety knowing I have it!”

Annie Miller - Strength Coach, Biz Mentor & Influencer

"I can now confidently say I know what I need legally in my business from A-Z

“Once I got inside the bundle, the first thing that was awesome was that everything was clarified. I can now confidently say I know what I need legally in my business from A-Z…if I have anything that trips me up, I can go to the private Facebook group.”
Katelyn Collins - Copywriter


“Just dropping a thank you for your ultimate bundle! It’s absolutely amazing, and a breath of fresh air to have your guidance and all these documents at my fingertips. Has been a true lifesaver as I expand my business! Grateful for you!”

Bethany - Healthcare Strategist, Consultant & Coach

"I use it ALL the time without any doubt or questions.

“I bought the bundle…almost 4 years ago and just today I was in there using it to create a new legal template as my business changes!”
Chelsea - High Performance Coach

"This is worth every penny!

“YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!!!! I wish I knew about all this in August!!! It would save me so much time and money!!!!! You rock…this is worth every penny!”
Vita - Myofunctional Therapist

Here’s Everything You Get:

13 Core Legal Templates: 13 fill-in-the-blank legal templates tailored for all your online business needs. Plus, each one comes with its own how-to video tutorial ⤵️

13 Legal Template Video Tutorials: 13 how-to video tutorials where I give you step-by-step guidance on how to fill out each legal template.

The Ultimate Bundle® Business Series: Seven modules with over 35 videos teaching you how to form your business, get an LLC, register trademarks and copyright your content, get business insurance, and scale your business.

Access to Our Private Member-Only Community: Our supportive and exclusive Bundle-members-only community to get all your Qs answered.

The Ultimate Bonus Kit: Exclusive access to additional workshops and Q&A sessions.

Free Future Updates: Updates to the legal templates and program ensuring the latest information and resources are included. So, no, you DON’T have to keep up with changing laws… or pay for an updated contract.

Lifetime Access: Unlimited access to the program material for lifelong learning and reference. Yep, download the templates as many times as you want!

Direct Access to Sam: The unique opportunity to email or tag Sam in the community and ask her your burning business questions.

Monthly Ultimate Bundle® Newsletter: Keep up-to-date with member news, legal news, exclusive offers, and some of my favorite business resources.

Say Hello to Your 13 Core Legal Templates

“Contracts can be fun,” said no one ever. Until now!

Meet our thirteen core legal templates for running your business every step of the way. Each one has been designed to be completed in 15 minutes or less! No legal writing required, just put in your personal info and get ready to rock.

Client Contract ($347 Value)
Outlines the terms for working with individual clients, including payment, boundaries, and legal liabilities, ensuring clarity and protection for both parties.
Course / Membership / Digital Product Contract ($347 Value)

Used for selling online courses, memberships, and digital products, it's an automatic agreement for customers at checkout, covering usage terms, payment plans, access, intellectual property, and purchase conditions.

Website Disclaimer ($347 Value)

Placed in the website footer, it informs visitors about your role, limitations of liability, and appropriate use of the information on your site.

Website Privacy Policy ($347 Value)
Explains how personal information is collected and used on your website, ensuring transparency and compliance with privacy laws.
Website Terms & Conditions ($347 Value)
These are your website’s rules, covering everything from return policies to intellectual property rights, setting clear expectations for users.
Independent Contractor Agreement ($347 Value)
A versatile agreement for both hiring and being an independent contractor, covering project or retainer work, and clearly defining the non-employee relationship.
Group Program Contract ($347 Value)
Used for running group programs, this contract details the terms for participants, ensuring clarity on what's included and the program's duration.
Mini Disclaimer ($97 Value)
A brief disclaimer for your free content like posts, webinars, or blog posts, clarifying your role and the scope of your advice so you can’t be held legally liable.
Affiliate Agreement ($347 Value)
A contract for affiliates promoting your products, outlining the terms of promotion and liability, and ensuring clear expectations for compensation.
Testimonial Release + Guide ($97 Value)

Guides you on obtaining impactful client testimonials and includes a template for legal permission to share these testimonials.

Retreat Contract ($347 Value)

Essential for retreat hosts, covering emergencies, cancellations, attendee issues, and liability in case of injuries or illnesses during the retreat.

Copywriter Services Contract ($347 Value)

For copywriters, perfect for both retainer and project-based work, ensuring clear terms for content creation services.

Social Media Manager Contract ($347 Value)

Ideal for both hiring and working as a social media manager, this contract sets out the terms for managing social media content and accounts.

Client Questionnaire ($47 Value)

A non-legal 'welcome form' for new clients, gathering essential information to tailor your coaching to their expectations and needs.

What’s Inside the Ultimate Bundle® Business Series
($2,000 VALUE!)


Form Your Business

Learn the A to Z of forming your business, from choosing a name to discovering whether a Sole Proprietorship or LLC is right for you. Plus, we'll guide you on acting like an LLC – not just playing dress-up. And, if you're thinking of moving, we've got you covered on how that affects your business.

Money & Business Insurance

Learn how to set up your business bank account (cha-ching!) and master the art of taking payments. But it's not just about raking in the dough; we'll also guide you through getting business insurance – because it's better to be safe than sorry. And for the cherry on top, we'll spill the beans on investing in your business for the best returns.

Websites, Email + Social Media

Learn how to whip your website into legal shape and protect your online content. Plus, we'll also walk you through General Data Protection Regulations in a three-part series – it's like a crash course in not getting crushed by regulations.


Learn how to send and sign contracts without breaking a sweat (or a law). We'll also teach you how to review contracts sent to you – think of it as developing a legal eagle eye. And we'll cover the essentials that every contract should have, working with minors, and the magic of e-signing.

Working with Clients

Discover how to pre-qualify clients to avoid legal headaches – because no one likes headaches. We'll cover everything from sales calls to managing 1:1 clients, group programs, and more. Also, learn the when and how of refunds and running giveaways without legal hiccups.

Copyrights + Trademarks

Discover how to protect your content, program materials, logos, names, and taglines with copyrights and trademarks. We'll also guide you on what to do if copycats try to play dress-up with your content and how to share others' content without stepping on legal landmines yourself.

Scale Your Business

Learn the ins and outs of running an affiliate program, hiring independent contractors (vs. employees), and how and when to transition to an S-Corp.
Take a Peek Inside the Community ($200 VALUE!)

the Ultimate Bundle®

Pick the brains of thousands of other entrepreneurs and business owners just like you! Plus, let Sam answer your toughest questions or get our help finding what you need…

I’m Sam, and I want to help you transform your business dreams into a legally sound, thriving reality.

For 12 years, I was a lawyer dreaming of living a life I wasn’t running away from. Then, in 2016, I became an online coach and discovered a whole new world. Now? I’ve spent the last seven years putting my two passions together to form my greatest hit ever:

A way to help other online entrepreneurs get legally fearless.

Because I know you’ve got major guts if you’re thinking about or have started your own business. Now all you need is a little know-how…

That’s why I put EVERYTHING an online coach/creator/service provider/e-commerce/course creator would need to stay protected, feel confident, and never get served a surprise court notice into one place. The Ultimate Bundle® is your ultimate legal pal.

If you’re ready to ditch the stress and have the confidence to make this thing happen? Then this is for you.

  • 150,000+ Online Entrepreneurs Supported
  • 3k+ Bundle Members Served
  • 12 Years as an Attorney
  • 34k+ Newsletter Subs
  • 6,000+ businesses birthed
  • 999k+ Cups of Coffee Consumed
More Client Love

"I was so relieved to find Sam!

“The Bundle to me was such a no-brainer…I feel like I have such a better understanding of my contracts and legal parts of my business. I feel like I’m covered and that feels so much safer. The thing I really love the most is Sam’s customer-service. I’m still learning from her.”
Evin, Dating + Love Coach

"I know I made the right decision because…the Bundle has every single thing that I need.

“I think the Ultimate Bundle® is the best out there right now for anyone that has an online business and especially people that are between their first and third year.”
Stephanie, Career Coach

"It feels good to feel confident

“I joined the Ultimate Bundle® because my business was continuing to grow…I know lawyers, but they don’t specifically work within the health field so that’s what I was nervous about and I know Sam has that background so that was what pulled me in.”
Amanda, Hormone Coach
More Client Love

I was so relieved to find Sam!

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“The Bundle to me was such a no-brainer…I feel like I have such a better understanding of my contracts and legal parts of my business. I feel like I’m covered and that feels so much safer. The thing I really love the most is Sam’s customer-service. I’m still learning from her.”
Evin, Dating + Love Coach
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This is DEFINITELY for you, if:

  • You’re a business owner at any stage – brainstorming ideas, launching a startup, growing to 6-figures, or scaling beyond to 7-figures.
  • You like to do things by the book and don’t want to unintentionally make a legal mistake.
  • You work as an online coach or service provider, specializing in areas like health, career, life, self-care, wellness, fitness, dietetics, copywriting, nutrition, business, dating, money, writing, marketing, self-help, or mindset.
  • You’re a content creator or educator, dedicated to developing and sharing valuable online resources and educational courses.
  • You’re an e-commerce online store or maker and want to keep you, your biz, and your creations protected.
  • You’re a therapist / doctor / lawyer / nurse / accountant / or other licensed professional who wants to start an online business, and you want to make sure you don’t skirt the law and keep your license safe.

Find Your Legal Peace of Mind

This isn’t just an investment in legal templates and guides; it’s an investment in your business’s longevity and success.

Pay in Full

$2,400 One Time

Payment Plan

$229/Month for 12 Months

Got a Question?

Umm..neither? It’s a pack of your most essential business-building legal templates, with a library of 35+ on-demand trainings for you to access at any time, like when you want to know what to do when your client payment bounces, or you see that lady on IG copying your captions. The trainings will be there to support you.

Alas, it is not! This program is specifically designed for online businesses, including service-based and digital product businesses. Brick and mortar businesses may require different legal considerations – though we love you all the same anyway!
It sure is! We recently added a “Shop Policy” that you can include at checkout for an Etsy or e-comm shop on your website. We’re working on adding more resources for you in the future to help you become a legally-sound maker.
4eva. You’ll enjoy lifetime access to the program! This includes any updates, ensuring you’re always equipped with the most current legal information.

Please don’t do this! I could tell you so many stories about people who got ripped off for tens of thousands of dollars of missed payments by NOT having an attorney-prepared contract in place.

I hope you don’t! There’s no “get out of jail free card” for not having a lot of clients and doing something wrong legally. Wrong is wrong. The judge won’t care that you’re new.😬

Food for thought: many Bundle members say that they DID wait, and all that did was lead to a cycle of waiting and waiting to build their biz because they were too afraid to take on clients since they weren’t legally protected. It’s sort of a chicken-egg issue…

I mean besides… wouldn’t you rather position yourself as an A-lister from the start? You can’t do that with privacy policies you copy & pasted (which is a major legal no-no!).

YAY. Yes! f you get the 12-pay, you can get started today for $229!

And the mindset shift that happens when you’re operating a legit business will earn you the dough to cover your monthly payment.

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