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What to Do If Copycats Steal Your Business Content [free training!]

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What to Do If Copycats Steal Your Business Content

Still assuming you’d just be screwed if someone stole your content?

Until you feel the horrific ZING of someone writing a social post that’s uncomfortably similar to yours… you probably won’t be motivated to protect yourself in advance. 

Now I’m a lawyer (“duh, Sam we know”😂). So when a copycat stole my website — I went from 0 to Jersey in 6 seconds flat. Luckily, I knew what to do because of my background.

BUT having the fiasco happen in the first place… was the last thing on this green earth I ever anticipated happening!

Think about it. A literal attorney would have to steal my stuff. Too ironic to happen, right? And then it did.

It was one of the worst days in my business’s life. I’ve been copied and mimicked here there and everywhere — but this copycat theft was different. Someone had literally lifted my entire website — testimonials, blog posts, product descriptions and all — as their own. It simultaneously broke my heart and infuriated me.

But as soon as I brought the copycat down and wiped away my crocodile tears, I had an idea. I wanted to make sure that you were never in that situation alone, not knowing what to do. It’s bad enough to be copied or stolen from — but I can’t imagine not knowing what legal steps to take next.

But now you don’t have to 🙂

Because I’m hosting a free training on what to do if copycats steal your online business content. You can snag your seat right here 🙂

What would you do if your content or program was copied?

Would you throw the perpetrator on blast? Accuse them of intellectual property theft? DM all your biz friends about the horrible thing this person did. Saying “everyone report their account! The NERVE of this [insert a not-so-nice b-word]!” Then rat the thief out publicly on Insta?

Unless you’ve spent 27 million hours studying for the bar like I did… it’s impossible to understand why this is NOT a hot idea.

It puts you at risk for slander & libel for one. You could also waive your rights. Yep, even if you’re the one who got stolen from.

Doesn’t mean you don’t explore alternatives:

… like Googling “how to trademark” your stuff.

… deleting subscribers who do what you do from your email list.

… holding back from creating your biz entirely because the horror stories have you paranoid (ouch).

You want to protect yourself from copycats.

And yet… you wouldn’t be able to piece together a cease & desist letter if you tried. So what do you do?

Learn from an actual attorney. 🙋🏽‍♀️

Googling online can be helpful, but it’ll make you believe you need to register EVERYTHING with the US Copyright Office. 🙄

When in reality, the steps are simple.

You have more on your side than you think: like common law protection. And one specific string of legal words I’ll teach you if you’re up for it. 😀

Here’s what you’ll learn in my free copycats workshop:

  • a step-by-step process to document theft the moment you notice so you don’t accidentally lose your rights (this is typically the most important step and the one people miss when they’re too busy DM’ing someone about copying them)
  • 2 courses of action to make your copycat take stolen content down asap (without needing to hire some lawyer to send a “cease and desist” — unless you want to! I’ll show you the best way how) 
  • The exact message to send when you contact your copycat so you can get your content taken down
  • Alternative routes to rescue your content or product, even if the copycats doesn’t comply or respond
  • The sliding scale between mimicry and “hmm this is a little too close” to → flat out intellectual theft
  • How to ensure YOU aren’t a copycat by accident 😅

You in?

Save your seat now:

🎉 What to Do if Copycats Steal Your Biz Content. 

Here’s what you need to know:

A.) It’s a 45-minute jam-packed workshop, plus time for Q&A.

B.) At the end, I’m going to open the doors to the Ultimate Bundle™ for $400 off AND the chance to snag $2,495 worth of business-building bonuses.

If you want to hear about the Ultimate Bundle™, sign up for the workshop. If you just want to learn how to take down copycats, sign up for the workshop.

Last time, here’s the registration page →  Register for Sam’s legal workshop ($0.00)

PS — here’s what a recent copycats workshop attendee said about it👇

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