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Designed for coaches and online entrepreneurs, your free 20-minute Legal Checkup will answer all the most confusing parts of having your own business. What kinds of legal protections do you need, why, and when do you need them? By the end of your session, you’ll know exactly what you need today and in the future to set your business up for success.




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Sam’s signature BizStorming Elite 3-month business mentoring program helps you start and grow the business you want to run. Together, we design your services, email list plan, marketing strategy, and client development goals. We work through all of the confusion around running an online business and get clear about who you are and who you’re here to serve. Sam’s unique experience as a corporate attorney, health coach, and online entrepreneur gives you a unique voice and perspective on online business.



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Sam is available for workshops, presentations and speaking engagements on topics such as building or growing your own business, career change, finding happiness, online marketing, & so much more! Read on for details and to let Sam know about an upcoming event!




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Cover your business with Sam’s DIY Legal Templates designed for coaches + entrepreneurs! With these templates in hand, you can stop stressing about the icky legal stuff and get back to doing what you love. These fill-in-the-blank forms each come with a video How-To Tutorial to walk you through + translate each document to make it your own.




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Sam has worked with a wide variety of universities, corporations, and groups to offer various programs, workshops, or consulting services. If you have an idea you’d like to propose, please fill out the form below and Sam will be in touch shortly. Thank you!

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