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Sam’s an incredible resource to have in your corner when it comes to keeping things legally legit inside of your business. Each purchase I have made has been met with outstanding customer service and a little extra dose of sparkle from Sam to help me ensure that myself and my clients are covered and confident.

Libby Crow


The Ultimate Bundle was the best investment we ever made in our business hands down. Every coach, service-provider and creative needs the Ultimate Bundle.

Betsy & Laura

Business Coaches

I would’ve been completely lost without the Ultimate Bundle. I feel so much more confident in my business now that it’s legally legit!

Taylor Wenner

Be Well by Taylor

Sam’s Bundle is something I constantly revisit in my biz. Any time I am updating my terms, prepping legal for a new program, or needing to send invoices, I find myself logging into the bundle. It’s truly my one stop shop for so many things in my business. And ultimately, it relieves huge amounts of stress and anxiety knowing I have it.

Annie Miller

Strength Coach, Biz Mentor, and Influencer

Sam’s one of a kind. I’m eternally grateful to have her in my corner. She makes legal fun and easy to understand. Before I found Sam, I was feeling stressed, wondering what my next steps were, and ultimately out of control. Even just 5 minutes her talk I felt instantly better. By the end of her training, all of my questions were answered and I felt so much more confident in my business and self. Sam is truly revolutionizing the legal world and I highly recommend her to everyone — I even share her with my clients … she’s THAT good.

Brianna Rose

Business Coach

My worries were eased after joining and diving into the ‘Picking a Business Entity Type’, ‘Trademark 101’, and ‘Copyright 101’ modules. I took my next steps to ensure my business and content are protected in the legal sense or as Sam would say, to get “legally legit!”

Sam’s meticulous breakdown of each legal term, process, and explanation of how each applies to the act of running a business was extremely helpful! Her candor and humor made the content easy to understand.

Airiqa Zepeda

blogger, More Than Mama

Sam’s seriously thought of everything. I’d recommend the Ultimate Bundle because it’s an excellent product and Sam’s knowledgeable, trustworthy, and a pleasure to work with.

Samantha Markovitz

Founder | GraceMark

Before meeting and working with Sam, I was so unsure of what I needed legally in my business in order to be totally legally legit. I knew things were missing, but I wasn’t sure what was the priority or even where to find what I needed for my unique business. After buying Sam’s templates, I feel so confident that I have what I need on my website and in my business. I feel even more confident putting myself out there to get new clients and opportunities. That confidence has turned into more paying clients and consistency in my business. For the first time in a long time, I’m not hiding. I’m sharing my business with my ideal clients confidently and with the comfort that it’s being conducted legally! If you feel less than confident in your business or putting yourself out there, you might not think that getting yourself legally set up will build that confidence, but it truly was a game changer for me more than any mindset action I’ve ever done.



I was worried about not having my site and the programs I offer being legal. I wanted to make sure I had all my ducks in a row, and was protecting myself and my business and I really wasn’t sure how to even begin doing that. Thank God I found Sam!

Rachel Barber


Sam’s legal templates are an awesome resource for coaches and online entrepreneurs. Sam’s done an incredible job making these resources accessible – from both an ease and a cost perspective. Her legal expertise, entrepreneurial skills, and desire to empower other business owners sets her apart in this work! Not only are the templates simple to use and customize, but each template comes with an incredibly helpful tutorial video! As an attorney turned health coach, I am so grateful for these resources. As business owners, we spend so much time and energy building our businesses. I’m grateful to Sam for making it easy to protect all of that hard work!

Simi Botic

Coach & Barre Instructor

You cannot NOT afford to get Sam’s Ultimate Bundle™. It pretty much has everything you need to get started in your business and protect yourself as your business grows. I have all the things that need to go on my webpages to keep me solid, and I also learned a lot of really great stuff about owning an online coaching business.

Samone Blakeley

Dating Coach

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I think for so many of us we see the legal side as “boring” or “confusing” or “eh, I probably don’t REALLY need that.” But what I didn’t realize in working with Sam is that it wasn’t boring at all. In fact, it was incredibly empowering. It made me feel like the CEO of my business. It truly made me feel “legally legit” which in turn, empowered me as a coach. I will ALWAYS recommend the business owners in my life to Sam. She’s the BOMB. Sam, truly. You’re incredible. You’re fun to talk to, you’re supportive, informative, and you truly have a gift of empowering others and helping them to their next level. Thank you!

Paige Schmidt


I was so unsure of whether or not I had all the proper documents to get started so I basically never really did. I completed some things but kept second guessing myself and reading conflicting information, so I never moved forward with my business. With the Ultimate Bundle, I was able to know I’d done everything correctly and felt confident in proceeding with advertising my services and felt ready to take on clients. Not only did I get answers to my questions I went in with, but I learned answers to questions I didn’t know I should be asking! It’s really helped me feel totally confident in knowing I have a good foundation for running my business in a safe legal way.

Michelle Curtis


When starting my lifestyle blog, I knew I wanted to protect myself legally from the start even though I had a very small following. Working with Sam made the process straightforward and less stressful for me. She was able to understand the current needs of my blog, as well as provide insight towards my potential future needs as my blog grows. The how-to videos made implementing her templates extremely easy and I knew she was there if I had any questions. I’m grateful to have found Sam to give me peace of mind as I got my blog off the ground!

Alexina Gosh


One of the major things that held me back from scaling & adding more services like group programs, courses and digital products, was the fear I wouldn’t do it correctly from a legal standpoint. Now I’m confident that when I decide what services I want to offer next, I have everything I need to move forward with the information in the Ultimate Bundle.

Chelsea Connors

Therapist / Coach

The main thing that the Bundle gave me is confidence to move forward and take the steps to not just dabble in a project or ideas, but to actually formalize my business. I was always waiting for the timing to be right and it’s actually been investing in the Bundle that’s launched me forward.

Jessie Carr

Jessie Carr Co.

Go to Sam for ALL your online biz legal needs. Seriously. Sam is the perfect combo of savvy legal info and boss babe. I came to her with TONS of legal questions about how to run my business online and she patiently and thoroughly answered all my questions and gave me peace of mind in my online business. She hooked me up with an Affiliate Agreement template and that Agreement has so far helped me to bring in over 50% of my business revenue. She also sent along a clear, concise and very helpful video explaining EXACTLY what my new contracts mean so I can intelligently answer questions for my clients. Sam really, really cares about her clients and the people she works with and she goes above and beyond to provide an efficient, clear and all around delightful experience. Sam will continue to be my go-to gal for all my legal mentorship needs.

Mel Judson

Web Designer & Coach

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