Hey friend! 

I’m Sam Vander Wielen, the host of the On Your Terms podcast and the Founder and CEO of Sam Vander Wielen LLC, where I help online business owners with the plug-and-play DIY legal templates, trainings, and resources they need to get legally legit™️.

On Your Terms is my podcast for online business owners pursuing a business that helps them check every box: 

  • Cozy lifestyle
  • Happy pocketbook
  • Low-stress workdays
  • Building community

Oh, and if just thinking about listening to a legal podcast is making you yawn, don’t worry! I’m a no-BS, no-frills straight talker — can’t help it, that’s just how they make us in Philly! — covering business growth, legal, and everything in between. Each podcast episode is concise and worth your time listening. 

So if you want to create a business — and life! — On Your Terms, then listen to the latest episode below to learn how I find balance and build my legacy at the same time.