Hey friend! 

I’m Sam Vander Wielen, the host of the On Your Terms podcast and the Founder and CEO of Sam Vander Wielen LLC, where I help online business owners with the plug-and-play DIY legal templates, trainings, and resources they need to get legally legit™️.

On Your Terms is my podcast for online business owners pursuing a business that helps them check every box: 

  • Cozy lifestyle
  • Happy pocketbook
  • Low-stress workdays
  • Building community

Oh, and if just thinking about listening to a legal podcast is making you yawn, don’t worry! I’m a no-BS, no-frills straight talker — can’t help it, that’s just how they make us in Philly! — covering business growth, legal, and everything in between. Each podcast episode is concise and worth your time listening. 

So if you want to create a business — and life! — On Your Terms, then listen to the latest episode below to learn how I find balance, help you legally protect your business, and build my legacy at the same time.


What listeners are saying about the podcast

“How is this information free? I’m going to have to stop listening while cooking so I can take notes!”Chf777

“This is exactly the type of content any entrepreneur needs to see.”food_is_freedom

So excited for this! I have loved everything presented on Sam’s Instagram and courses and can’t wait for more! Down to earth and manageable advice!S-Bech

Very excited for this podcast. Interesting topics & takeaways this is going to be epic. This is going to be my new podcast while walking.dreac304

This is exactly the type of podcast I’ve been hoping for! As an entrepreneur myself, I’m always wanting to learn how to ensure my business is protected legally and learn new ways to grow. Looking forward to more episodes!AMFreed

This podcast is entertaining and insightful. Sam is super relatable. She understands and addresses the concerns of the business owner. I highly recommend listening!Eyes&Ears

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