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Three swipeable email templates so you can qualify potential clients before sales calls, legally prep leads, weed out the yuckies, and make it crystal clear what will and WON’T be happening on their discovery call

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say “see ya!” to future legal problems before they ever happen

“Pre-Qualify Before They Buy”

Have you ever gotten on a sales call with a potential client and walked away from it disappointed that they weren’t respecting your boundaries, scope of practice, or that they had the wrong idea about what it is you actually DO in your business?  


You know the ones, they tend to get real cozy in the Zoom meeting and then start to:

challenge your scope of practice

ask for coaching advice ON the discovery call (which is a legal no-no that could land YOU in hot water)

or they just book the call so they can “pick your brain” (without ever picking up their wallet!)

 I call them scope-pushers, because they like to push the boundaries of what you’ll do for them.

let's do this!

Here's the Deal

I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs, coaches, and service providers just like you to avoid the wrong clients and only attract the amazing ones who pay on time, refer you to their friends, and respect your scope of practice (not to mention your office hours!). I want to help you do the same thing, and that’s why I created a totally FREE email template and video walk through, it’s called “Pre-Qualify Before They Buy“, which includes 3 attorney-written email templates PLUS a video training to pre-qualify your discovery calls for better customers.

Have we met?

When I was a corporate lawyer squirming in my itchy pant suit, I dreamt of living a life I wasn’t running away from. Then, in 2016, I became an online coach and discovered a whole new world. Now? I’ve spent the last seven years putting my two passions together to form my greatest hit ever:

A way to help other online entrepreneurs get legally fearless.

Because I know you’ve got major guts if you’re thinking about or have started your own business. Now all you need is a little know-how…

If you’re ready to ditch the stress and have the confidence to make this thing happen? Then this is for you.

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More Client Love

I was so relieved to find Sam!

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“The Bundle to me was such a no-brainer…I feel like I have such a better understanding of my contracts and legal parts of my business. I feel like I’m covered and that feels so much safer. The thing I really love the most is Sam’s customer-service. I’m still learning from her.”
Evin, Dating + Love Coach
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WHO THese Email Templates ARE FOR:

This is DEFINITELY for you, if:

  • You want to finally be able to sleep tight at night knowing that anyone who moves forward with your service is crystal clear on what you will and won’t do. #scopeofpractice.
  • You’re tired of hopping on zoom with people who will push your boundaries and scope of practice, or have the wrong idea about what it is you actually DO in your business
  • You want to run your online business the right way, be it a service-based biz, coaching biz, health/fitness biz, online course biz etc. (anything online!)
  • You crave the peace of mind that comes with having ALL your legal stuff handled.

Find Your Legal Peace of Mind

It’s important to understand that Sam is not your attorney and you do not have an client-attorney relationship with her. Sam will not give you legal advice on your personal or specific business situation. This workshop and/or any other content or training(s) from Sam Vander Wielen LLC, are NOT meant to be a substitute for traditional legal services or advice from your own attorney.

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