How to Use HelloSign to Streamline Your Business

How to Use HelloSign to Streamline Your Business

Do you seek a stress-free document-signing process? Read on as I walk you through how to sign and send a document effectively using HelloSign.

Getting signatures can be so frustrating. Especially when you’re dealing with people scattered all over the place. I’m talking about having to physically mail documents just so someone can scribble their name on it. What a massive waste of time, money, and energy not to mention the risk of those important papers getting lost in the mail black hole.

I’ve got the perfect solution that’s going to change your life: HelloSign from Dropbox. This little e-signature gem makes the whole signing process an absolute breeze, whether you’re a solo freelancer, an ambitious startup, or a corporate giant.

With HelloSign, you can sign contracts directly from your computer, tablet, or phone

No more messing around with printers, scanners, or fax machines that probably still use dial-up internet. With HelloSign, you can sign contracts directly from your computer, tablet, or phone just a couple of clicks, and bam, you’re done. 

They support everything from PDFs and Word documents to Excel sheets and even PowerPoint decks. And get this: those digital signatures are 100% legally binding and come with a tamper-proof audit trail, so you know everything is locked down tight!

Alright, enough of my yapping. Let me show you how to send and sign contracts without stress on this platform!

How to Use HelloSign to Streamline Your Business

The best way to really get the hang of any new tool, not just an e-signature powerhouse like HelloSign, is to simply dive in and figure it out as you go. So, here’s a super simple tutorial that’ll show you how to start signing documents and collecting signatures like a pro:

Step 1: Upload the Sales Agreement

To kickstart the process, sign in to your HelloSign account. (No account yet? No worries, you can create a free one in no time!)

After logging in, you’ll see the “Who Needs to Sign?” menu. For a sales agreement, you’ll probably want to choose either “me and others” or “just others,” depending on whether you need to add your signature too. Once you’ve made your pick, it’s time to get that document uploaded. Select the file or folder containing your sales contract or just drag and drop it into HelloSign, use the “Add File” button, or connect whichever app or integration you use to send it over.

Step 2: Add the Signatory’s Details

After getting your contract uploaded, it’s time to add in all the parties who need to sign. You can quickly add signers one-by-one, loop in any other stakeholders who need visibility via the CC option, and even assign a specific signing order if that’s crucial for your process. Once you’ve got all the preliminary signer information filled out, you’re ready to click “Prepare doc for signing” and move on to the next phase.

Step 3: Prepare your Sales Contract for Signing

With your sales contract pulled up, you can now start adding all the signature and data fields you need. Simply click any of the field types across the top signatures, text boxes, dates, checkboxes, you name it and drag them right onto the document wherever you want them placed. Most of the fields have advanced customization options, and some even let you add validation rules like “email addresses only” or “numbers only” to keep things tidy.

Take your time getting all the formatting right, along with other elements of what makes a good contract. When you’re fully satisfied, hit “Continue” at the top. You’ll then be taken back to the “Get your document signed” page, where you can add a subject title, an optional message body, and finally send that sales agreement out for electronic signatures.

Step 4: Submit Contract for Signature

As soon as you hit that “Send” button, the signer(s) will receive an email notification letting them know a document is waiting for their e-signature. To sign, they simply need to click the “Review & Sign” button in that email.

From there, HelloSign offers a few different signature options to choose from:

  • Draw it out using your finger or a stylus on a touchscreen device.
  • Upload a photo of your physical signature.
  • Type out your signature and pick a font style you like.
  • Snap a quick picture of your signature using your smartphone’s camera.

HelloSign will automatically prompt the signer to complete any required fields you’ve added, like name, date, initials, etc. Once they’ve filled out their portion, it’s just one final click to legally accept the agreement, seal the deal, and make the contract legally enforceable.

Step 5: Retrieve Signed Digital Contracts

Need to check on the status of a document? Make edits? Or just download a final copy of the signed document? No problem just head over to the “Documents” section of your HelloSign dashboard. All of your executed agreements will be neatly organized right there! Easy peasy! 

You’ll also have access to the comprehensive audit trail that gets automatically attached to every document signed through HelloSign. It shows you the full timeline of who signed what and exactly when, giving you a court-admissible record with built-in fraud protection.

A thriving online business needs more than just slick tech and sales funnels.

HelloSign makes making e-signatures an absolute breeze. No more dealing with that printer, scanner, or fax nonsense; you literally just type in your signature and click “send.” It’s very simple, but such a game-changer!

Having legal protection builds solid credibility and trust with your audience

But listen up, because streamlining signatures is really just scratching the surface. As you grow your online business, you’ve got to have solid protection backing you up every step of the way. I’m talking about legit legal contracts, bullet-proof website policies, and proper insurance coverage. It’s not just about protecting yourself and your online business from potential lawsuits that could derail your whole operation. Having that professional protection also builds solid credibility and trust with your audience. 

That’s where The Ultimate Bundle® package really shines. This is a true full-scope solution to protect, grow, and scale your online business sustainably. Ready-to-use legal templates to truly lock it down? They’re yours. You can even check out my podcast and blog for more golden nuggets on dominating digital marketing without cutting any corners. See you there!

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