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6 New Streams of Revenue to Add to Your Business Right Now

Or should I say “6 new streams of revenue to add”…without selling tummy tea or pitching your products like Joe Exotic on a campaign trail.

On top of all the personal stuff you’re dealing with, I’m sure this pandemic has brought up a few questions for you about your business.

My Ultimate Bundle member-only community and inbox have been buzzing the past few weeks with all kinds of timely questions:

  • What do I do if a current client wants more flexible payments?
  • How can I quickly and safely setup an online course or membership program?
  • What do I need to know to take my services virtual? To setup a “pay what you want” product? To setup auto-fill contracts in my client portals?

With everything going on, I’ve been really proud of the 1000s of women in my community who have shown up, fear and anxiety sitting right next to them, to do what they can right now.

I’m seeing women in our community add new streams of revenue as they setup new programs & products left and right:

  • a new virtual barre membership
  • SEO audits of your website
  • a self-study version of a group program previously offered
  • virtual versions of things they’d planned to offer in person

You name it, entrepreneurs are rising to the occasion and looking for ways to add cash to their business AND meet the current needs of their clients.

Maybe you’ve relied on 1 or 2 streams of revenue in your business up until now, but with everything going on, you want to make sure you’ve got options.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the peace of mind of having money flow into your bank account from a bunch of different sources?

And luckily, I’ll make sure that as you add new avenues to your business, you’re legally covered with the right contracts and website policies ?

▶️ If you’re looking for ways you can add streams of revenue to your business right now, watch my latest IGTV episode below ?? where I share 6 ways you can do just that:

In the video above, I share 6 ways you can create new streams of revenue, without reinventing the wheel or spending months trying to set something up.

I’d love for you to comment below ?? (or on the video itself if you’re in Instagram!) and let me know if the video was helpful! Can’t wait to hear what you think.

And if all these new streams of revenue have you thinking how you’re going to legally protect yourself and your business…

Next Step: Watch my free legal workshop

If you’re ready to legally protect your business and have the legal knowledge you need to know what to do with difficult clients, watch my free workshop ‘5 Steps to Legally Protect & Grow Your Online Business’ right now by saving your seat here.

In that workshop, you’ll learn: 

  1. How contracts can actually save your (vegan, GF) bacon — if you have the right one.
  2. What your website needs to be legally protected.
  3. How to keep copycats off your content.
  4. The mindset shift you’ve got to make if you want to actually grow your  business without looking over your (online) shoulder.
  5. The only way to form your business so that you’re personally and professionally protected.

Ready to watch? Sign up for my free legal workshop right here:

I hope you have a great weekend. We’ve been home for weeks now — so our weekends tend to look the same: long walks outside, cooking more-complex recipes (last weekend I made pasta and bread from scratch!), watching movies, chatting with friends & family, and lots of reading.

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