90. The Ultimate Bundle® FAQs: Answered!

The Ultimate Bundle® FAQs Answered!

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Let’s dive into your most-asked questions about my signature program, Ultimate Bundle™. 

In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • How the Ultimate Bundle® differs from what you get at big box legal stores
  • Whether you should buy the Ultimate Bundle® before getting your first client
  • What it looks like inside the Ultimate Bundle®
  • How long it takes to work through the program 
  • When is the best time to buy

Q: Can I just get contracts from LegalZoom or some other big box legal store? 

While these options may be decent for brick-and-mortar stores where all customers are in the same location, they’re not specific enough for online businesses. Online businesses, coaching businesses, and the like are much more nuanced and require knowledge of things like scope of practice, GDPR, email marketing, social media, and working with clients from different states. . 

Plus, just buying a template won’t give you the ongoing support you’ll need (and deserve) as your online business grows. The Ultimate Bundle® is truly the only legal resource of its kind that provides lawyer-drafted legal templates, training for every stage of business, community, and ongoing updates – specifically designed for your online businesses.

Q: I don’t even have a client yet. Should I wait until my business is bigger to buy the Ultimate Bundle®?

Don’t wait to put legal protections in place in your business. There’s no “get out of jail free card” for not having a lot of clients or not making a lot of money. If something goes wrong legally and proper legal protection isn’t in place, your business is still vulnerable to liability. Some Bundle members have said that waiting to get legally protected only led to a cycle of waiting to build their business and not feeling safe taking on more clients until they were legally protected. Not feeling safe to take on clients only leads to feeling stuck. And stuck businesses don’t grow. 

Get things right from the start and empower yourself to go out there so you can confidently market and grow your business.

Q: What does it look like to use the Ultimate Bundle® in real life?

I designed all of my legal templates with your busy life in mind. That’s why they can all be completed in 15 minutes or less. Each template includes straightforward fill-in-the-blanks so you only have to fill in your personal details. I’ve done all the legal writing for you. Plus, every template comes with a  how-to video tutorial where I walk you through how to fill out that specific template step-by-step so there’s no room for error. 

Q: Is it just legal templates? What else is included? 

Oh no. The lawyer-drafted DIY legal templates are only just the beginning! There’s also over 35 on-demand video trainings for you inside the Bundle. If you’re thinking, “that sounds like a lot of work – I already have a dozen or so online courses growing digital dust in Kajabi…” never fear. 

The Ultimate Bundle shouldn’t be consumed like a course. This is a resource library that you have access to for the life of your business. Anytime you have a legal question – head to the Bundle. Anytime you have a question about your business finances – head to the Bundle. Anytime you have a question about working with clients – head to the Bundle. Anytime you have questions about legally legit email marketing or social media – head to the Bundle. 

You get the idea.  You can watch the trainings at your own pace as questions come up.

Q: Where can you get legal protection for your online business? Right here!  

The Ultimate Bundle® provides ongoing support and training specific to online businesses without bogging you down with information you don’t need.  It’s designed to meet all of your current and future legal business needs. 

If you’re not sure it’s right for you, please reach out on Instagram or email me at [email protected]. I’ll give you my honest answer!

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Episode Transcript

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Sam Vander Wielen: Hey there, and welcome back to On Your Terms. I’m your host, Sam Vander Wielen, an attorney turned entrepreneur who helps online coaches and course creators legally protect and grow their online brands using my DIY legal templates and the Ultimate Bundle Program.

This week, I’m diving into a couple of your best asked questions about my Ultimate Bundle Program because it’s on sale right now, so we got to talk about this.

Okay. So, let me hop into the first question here. Someone asked, “Can I just get contracts off of LegalZoom or some other big box store?” I get asked about a lot of kind of big box legal options, low cost options online. So, these options online are decent options maybe if you operated like a brick and mortar store where all of your customers are in the same location doing business with you. Even then, they can cause some issues, they’re not quite specific enough.

But for an online business – here’s my issue with online businesses, coaching businesses, that kind of stuff – when we have coaching businesses, we need to know about things like scope, and we need to make sure that when we’re working with people in other states or across the world even, that that’s safe for us to do. It’s much more nuanced than just having a brick and mortar store. And there is more that you need to know or more than you need beyond just a contract.

So, you need to know about things like scope of practice, like I mentioned, and the GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation. You need to know about email marketing and building an email list. You need to know about how to legally offer a webinar or do disclaimers when you have trainings, or what you can and can’t say, or the kind of content that you can talk about on a podcast or YouTube channel. You also have to know how to legally run an affiliate program or to hire a VA.

There’s so many things when it comes to online business that you’re going to want support as your online business unfolds, not just a quick contract here or there. You know, the online world is still developing, too, so just getting a contract is not going to cover it. You’re going to need stuff as things develop moving forward. So, the whole point with the Ultimate Bundle is to give you that ongoing support and those trainings specific to what you do online.

The next question I got was, “I don’t even have a client yet, should I wait until my business is bigger until I buy the Ultimate Bundle?” So, I certainly hope that you don’t because there is no get out of jail free card for not having a lot of clients or not making a lot of money. If we do something wrong legally or we’re accused of doing something wrong legally, and we don’t have the proper legal stuff in place, we are vulnerable. We are exposed to that kind of liability.

If you don’t have an LLC or you don’t have the right kind of business insurance, you don’t have legit contracts, that’s all going to be a problem and it’s not going to matter that you’re new, that you’re not profitable, or that you only had a certain number of clients.

So, some of my Bundle members have told me in the past that they did wait and that all that that did was lead them through this cycle of waiting and waiting to build their business and to be more visible, because they were too afraid to take on more clients because they weren’t legally protected. So, it’s sort of like this circuitous issue that, in my opinion, if you don’t get legally protected and that’s something that’s bothering you because you’re feeling nervous about putting yourself out there, until you get that rectified, you’re not going to put yourself out there.

So, I think thinking like, “Oh. I’ll wait until I’m more profitable and then I’ll get legal.” But if part of the reason that you won’t grow your business because you don’t feel safe being seen, then that’s not going to happen anyway. So, I would rather you kind of position yourself, do this stuff right from the start, and be able to go out there and confidently market your business.

I also see that over time people end up saving a lot of money from doing things right the first time and getting things set up legally because, otherwise, what they end up doing is like trying to piece together some stuff themselves and then having to go back and undo it. And that ends up costing them more money than if they had just tackled it right from the start. And this way, you’ll know it’s right from the start and then you can just go on and build your business. That’s really what I want you to do.

All right. The next question someone asked was, “How much time is it going to take me to go through the Ultimate Bundle? Or what does it look like to use the Ultimate Bundle in real life?” So, the thing that is most important to know here is that all of my legal templates were designed with you in mind knowing that you’re super busy, and that is why they can all be completed in 15 minutes or less. They’re super easy, fill in the blank style. You’re just filling in personal details. I’ve done all the legal writing for you. And they all come with the how to video tutorial where I actually walk you through how to fill it out. That’s why it’s so easy and that’s why it’s so fast.

As for all of the video trainings, there’s over 35 on demand video trainings for you inside the Bundle. They are not meant to be consumed like a course. They are more like a resource library that you have access to. And any time you have a legal business question, any time you have probably a financial business question, there is an answer for you in the Ultimate Bundle in one of those trainings, because now the benefit of having had thousands and thousands of customers in the Ultimate Bundle, I know what your questions are going to be and I’ve created a training for it. So, they’re all in there and you can watch them at your own pace as questions come up.

So, for example, if six months from now, you’re ready to start your first group program and you’re already inside of the Bundle, you now have a group program contract already in the Bundle. But there’s also a training inside of the Bundle on the legal issues in terms of getting one set up and how to interact with members and what are some of the common issues that come up. That’s the kind of thing that I would watch before your group program starts, because that’s what’s going to help you to avoid those issues. So, it’s super, super easy.

If you have any more questions about the Ultimate Bundle and what’s inside, I just did an episode, Episode 88, on what exactly is inside. It’s a super quick episode you can go listen to, where I break down all the components of the Bundle and what you get for it. But if you have any questions that I haven’t addressed, please just reach out to me directly. I answer all my own stuff. You can send me a DM on Instagram, @samvanderwielen on Instagram. You can send me an email at [email protected].

I’m happy to help you. I really want to make sure that the Bundle is right for you. I don’t believe in just getting anybody in the Bundle. I want people who really, really need it and who are going to get the most out of it. And, of course, I hope that’s you. But if you’re not sure, just reach out and ask. And I will not just tell you by default that it is. I tell a lot of people it’s not for them. So, I’m happy to help you decide.

The current sale for the Ultimate Bundle runs through February 6th, so make sure you reach out to me very, very soon. You can check out the link below for more details or to go and join the Ultimate Bundle now before that sale ends on February 6th.

Thank you so much for joining me of this episode of On Your Terms. Join me for new episodes each week, every single Monday and Thursday. Thanks so much for listening. See you next week.

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