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Hey, I’m Sam!

Leading legal educator, attorney-turned-entrepreneur, and the host of On Your Terms®, a podcast with legal and marketing real talk that’s been downloaded over 131,000 times.

I’m also the author of When I Start My Business I’ll be Happy: A Practical, No-BS Guide to Successful Online Entrepreneurship and in-demand speaker for entrepreneurial audiences.

If you technically run an online business, but know you’re missing the legal stuff — my legal trainings and templates have helped over 150,000 entrepreneurs bring their online businesses up to snuff, legally. Often in a matter of days.

My corporate litigation lawyer days ended back in 2016 when I kicked off my drab flats to become an online health coach.

But when clients started asking me more about how I formed my LLC, and less about their workouts — I took their cues, and pivoted.

Today I’m a go-to when it comes to setting up your online business the right way.

And yes, there’s a right way.
In the eyes of the law, it’s pretty cut-and-dry. 

So if you’re an online service provider, course creator, content creator… anyone who runs a business from behind a computer screen…

Every legal template your online business could possibly need is ready for you in my shop. And my Ultimate Bundle® is the holy grail of “A-Z steps to ensure you’re operating legally.”

No more bookmarking the legal stuff “for later” only for later to never come.

No sitting with a $500-per-hour lawyer, listening to his fluffy jargon in his dark office – while he half admits he doesn’t get what you even do. 

I’m Sam. And my toxic trait is making the legal stuff ridiculously simple.

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