4 Key Marketing Shifts for Online Business Owners

Earlier this year, I started getting the feeling that something in online business was shifting.

The 3 major places I see shifts are:

  1. consumer purchase behavior
  2. content consumption + engagement
  3. and ad results/interactions

They’re not all “bad” changes necessarily — just different than what we’ve been used to for many years 🙂

I also started to notice a pattern not only in myself but in others in our space too:

Every time a formerly-trusty social app changes or something that we used to be able to rely on in our “strategy” stops working, we rush to answer the problem with a dopamine-filled strategy that needs to be filled up faster than a basket of tortilla chips from my fav Tex Mex joint.

If I’m being honest (which I have a habit of being lol), sometimes I find myself zooming out of all this Tik-Toking-IG-reeling-Clubhousing and thinking:

But for what?

What’s the goal? What’s this for? Is it going anywhere? It is really helping your business?

Or are you spending LOADS of time creating (what I call) toilet content? Content that goes down the drain faster than TP.

It’s so dang tempting, right? It’s so energizing to draft a post or film a reel and see the comments, likes & views pile up. And it’s so freakin’ demoralizing to see the opposite: you spend so much time and put yourself out there only to get….. crickets.

I’m so over it. I needed a little slap in the face (from myself to myself – with love) to remind me where I came from:

How To Get Back To Marketing Basics

My evergreen roots.

6 years ago I sat down and started playing around with SEO. I’d heard of it before, but really had no idea what it was.

I drafted 10 blog posts, created my website out of a WordPress theme, and had my first legal template sale within hours (to someone who’d found me on Google….).

I’m not necessarily telling you to run out and SEO-itize your business. You don’t have to become a blogger, if you don’t want to.

But I do want to encourage you to create more content that:

  • lasts — instead of creating something that’s cyclical or dependent on the algo pushing it out, create something that’s valuable to your ideal client today, next month, 6 months from now, etc.
  • shows up where your ideal client is already looking for you. For me, if someone wants to know something about legally protecting their biz, chances are they’re googling it — not searching TikTok.
  • can be repurposed — if your blog post, YouTube video, etc is your primary piece of content, then you can take pieces of it and post it all over IG if you want to 🙂 But don’t make IG the primary.

So here’s how my strategy has started to shift:

01. Primary Content

My primary focus is very clear: this email list I’ve worked so hard to build, SEO-optimized blog posts, and podcast episodes (that are optimized for title, description, and turned into website posts).

I’m going deeper with higher quality content, on fewer channels.

02. Secondary Content

I’ll still be really present on social platforms like IG, but most of the content is broken out of my primary content (ie, taking something I said in a podcast episode and turning it into a reel or carousel).

The purpose of that content is twofold: to nurture/educate/entertain depending on the type, and to drive leads to the primary content (which then drives traffic to my funnel).

03. Email Marketing

With my email list, I focus on cultivating community/connection, having conversations with you, generating interest in my offers + staying top-of-mind and present so you know what we’re up to and how we can help.

A reader wrote me earlier this week asking for me to share how I come up with email list topics and how I imagine who I’m writing to. Would you want me to share about that? I love, love, love email marketing – so I’m happy to.

04. Lead Generation

FB ads aren’t the only way to generate leads. And neither are reels. I’m a fan of the “low & slow” opportunities that evergreen content creates for us (ie blog posts, your website opt ins, freebies, YouTube, pod). There are also new ad platforms to explore, plus a super exciting new ConvertKit opportunity I’m jumping into as an early adopter.

If you can believe it — I have SO much more to share with you on this.

I feel so strongly about you not only creating a legally protected & secure business (obviously!) — but also one that doesn’t chain you to your phone.

Surely you didn’t set out to create a business that has you asking your friends/kids/partner/pets to hang on a sec because you need 1 more min to finish editing your reel…. 😂

A few weeks ago I started hinting at these major shifts I was making — and I shared with you that some of them came from going to ConvertKit’s conference in Boise, ID.

And SO many of you wrote & asked if I’d share what I learned there with you.

So that’s what I did. See – I really love you all! 🙂

PS. Did you see this week’s On Your Terms® podcast episode?

In it, I recap every single takeaway from the ConvertKit conference, the major news/trends I learned about there, and so much more. It’ll be like you went with me!

OK, now you gotta keep your promise. Was this helpful? Then I want to hear about it! Bonus points if you leave a comment and tell me your #1 takeaway.


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