A Secret Excerpt from My Book

Woman writing at desk with text overlay "A Secret Excerpt from My Book"

If you read the subject line, then you’re probably here because you’re interested in the secret excerpt from my book (thank you).

And if you listen to today’s On Your Terms podcast episode, you’ll get a first-row seat of me reading it to you author-in-a-book-store-style. AH.

​Besides that, today’s episode also includes…​

➡️ A BTS sneak peek of what the writing process has really been like so far

➡️ Writing my book from the perspective of making it valuable for you

➡️ My surprise when I found out there was no ‘golden book-writing document’

To be honest, this entire process has been the first time in my entrepreneurship career that I’ve gotten significant feedback from people who are qualified to give it.

It’s both a really cool and nerve-wracking experience, and I love sharing the journey with you. It’s like we’re all experiencing it for the first time together.

You can listen to the episode AppleSpotify, or directly on my podcast pageAnd hey, will you do me a huge favor if you do? 😅⬇️

Will you please send me a DM on Instagram after you listen and cheer me on? Because I really need it. On a personal level, I’m having a hard time juggling grief and writing a book, and it truly makes my day when I hear from you.

It reminds me that this whole process is worth it and that it’ll be in your hands for years to come when it’s all said and done. Thank you in advance!

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