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Are You Nosey & Sneaky Like Me?

Are You Nosey & Sneaky Like Me

Hey friends! So the other day, I had a 3-hour live Q&A call with my Ultimate Bundle® members…

If I could just brag about my family members for a minute, I think I might have the coolest, smartest cookies around.

On the call, we had a running coach, sculptor-turned-consultant, chiro, PT, financial therapist, health coach & more ❤️

When you get support in your business, you finally get to have your questions answered around:

LLCs, how to pay yourself, dba’s, SEO, how to build an audience, scope of practice, etc.

While my customers come to me for legal support, you better believe I get business support, too.

Right now, I’m working with experts to help me up-level specific skills: podcasting and email newsletters.

And for years, I’ve worked with the same mindset coach, Jen Diaz, who’s helped me navigate all of the day-to-day things that come up (naturally) as you put yourself out there online, build your business, lose your parents, and write your first book.

Are You Nosey & Sneaky Like Me?

Since you got a sneak peak of my Bundle member Q&A call above…

I thought it’d only be fair to give you an actual peak into me being coached by Jen. It’s like you get to attend one of our sessions 😉

Jen and I spoke after my biggest launch ever in February — so we talked about which mindset tools impacted my latest launch, the ‘blocks’ we worked through, and where we saw the biggest change/improvement that directly contributed to this successful promo.

If you’re nosey and sneaky like me – listen in on my convo with Jen.

I’m just getting you warmed up because I’ve got a 4-part podcast series for you that starts next week (April 8) on how to run a successful promo in your business!

I’ll share more on the series below… but make sure you read all the way through, because I’ve got some very important legal news for you below ⬇️

Legal Q&A

Q: Latricia asked “Do I need to have someone file my LLC for me and do I need a registered agent or can I be my own?”

A: You don’t have to have someone file your LLC for you, but of course you can and should if it makes you comfortable! Inthe Ultimate Bundle®,​ I teach you how to file an LLC. Many members do it themselves, and others hire an attorney or ask their CPA for help.

As for the registered agent – it depends on your state and how much of your personal information you want to be public.

Registered agents (the people who can officially receive service of process on your behalf — aka lawsuits) usually have to use a ‘real’ address, not a PO Box. So most of my customers don’t want to be their registered agent. We have lots of solutions for you inthe Bundle!

BTS: The Ultimate Bundle®

The Ultimate Bundle® is the go-to legal program for online business owners to get protected. It gives you 13 DIY Legal Contract templates, access to me for support, lifetime access to the training, free updates & more.

Don’t let another quarter go by in 2024 without the legal support you need for your online business. Instead of wasting any more time Google lawyering, or searching FB groups — check out the Ultimate Bundle® and get the contracts, support, and trainings you need to confidently grow your business, get paid, and protect your content.

Bundle member feedback

On Your Terms® Podcast

Epi 207. The Mindset it Takes to Make $300k in a Week (ft. Mindset Coach, Jen Diaz)

You (like me) may have had flopped launches..or you might feel like your launches just aren’t going as you’d like. Sneak in to listen to my mindset coach, Jen, chat with me about the mindset stuff we’ve worked on together and how I saw it directly impact my $300k in a week promo.



  • The Becoming Boss Bundle launches next week (which I’m in)! Packed with over $6000 worth of premium tools, courses, and resources, this bundle is the ultimate toolkit for any online business owner. And here’s the catch… for a limited time, everything inside is available for FREE. Get on the waitlist now to be the first to know when it goes live!
  • I was curious how the clothing brand, Quince, gets away with its copycat designs, which led me to Google and finding this trademark battle between them & a restaurant. Not what I expected!
  • I’m seeing more and more of this (online business tactics becoming more mainstream… and critiqued) — a scathing take on affiliate marketing on national TV.


  • The Department of Labor announced a rule change on how it classifies employees vs. independent contractors.
  • This is really important for you because (a) people falsely think that you get to decide whether someone who works for you is an employee/IC, but in reality it’s dictated by the law and how you treat them.
  • Whether someone is your employee or an IC is now dictated by the “economic realities” test — no one factor is determinative, it’s a multi-factorial approach.


  • Listen to my coaching session with my mindset coach — go ahead, I’m allowing it! 🙂
  • Set a reminder that our 4-part Launch series starts next Monday, April 8 on my podcast, On Your Terms®! Now’s a good time to subscribe/follow the show on your favorite platform. I’m going to share every single strategy – new & old – that helped me have the most successful launch ever (and have fun doing it).


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