Why your sales calls aren’t converting [+ how to turn it around!]

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Why your sales calls aren’t converting and how to turn it around​Hi, love! Have you ever met someone who turned out to be totally different than you thought? It can be pretty disappointing, right?

I was at the gym yesterday for physical therapy (I’m still rehabbing my head and neck post-brain surgery!) and looked up to see one of my world-famous chef idols right in front of me. I’m a HUGE foodie and wanna-be chef, so chefs = rockstars in my mind.

? Cue star struck Sam… who unintentionally awkwardly stares at celebrities with a total creeper vibe ; )

But here’s what was so disappointing about my celebrity sighting. He wasn’t nearly as friendly or exciting in person as I imagined he would be.

OK, yeah — it could’ve been the fact that I was staring at him or that we were both busting our butts with our trainers at the gym.

(I don’t know about him, but I can barely breathe let alone talk to some unintentional creeper I don’t know!)

But this isn’t the first time this has happened to me. Sometimes people just aren’t we thought they would be when we finally connect with them.

So what’s my awkward celebrity chef run-in have to do with helping you book more sales calls that actually turn into clients?

Booking more sales calls that actually convert starts with making sure you know who you’re getting on the phone with in the first place.

No surprises here, love. Surprises do NOT equal sales.

You want to make sure you’re getting on the phone with your ideal client who’s pre-qualified and basically ready-to-go. You’re there to connect and seal the deal ; )

So how do you book more sales calls with your ideal clients? Here’s how:

1. Know Your Ideal Client

You have to know who you’re targeting first. What are her pain points? What does she truly want? What’s getting in her way to go from PAIN > DESIRE? How do you help her get there? Where does she hang out online? Are you wasting your time on Twitter when your ideal client doesn’t even like it?

2. Talk To Her. Often.

Post consistently on the platforms where she hangs out (i.e., Instagram, Facebook, your community, blog, etc.) in her language. That means using the language she uses, not the way you might talk about what you do. Position yourself as a leader in what you do by posting educational content (i.e., 5 ways to do X) most often.

Paint specific moments in her life/day to show that you truly know what she’s dealing with and what she wants (i.e., “You open up your inbox and check your email only to see, yet again, that no ‘heck yes!’ emails came in over night. You’ve worked so hard to get to this point in your business and you feel like you should have more to show for it than Instagram followers and a pretty website.”).

3. Calls-To-Action

End each of those posts ^ with ONE (just 1) very specific, micro call-to-action. Are you asking people to book your call straight from your post? Have they ever heard of you before that post or connected w/ you in some other way?

Make a list of micro calls to action you can ask people to take instead (i.e., comment, DM me, download a freebie, drop an emoji, join your community, watch a video, or take 1 specific small action).

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From there, THAT’s when you invite people to book a free call with you.

My micro calls to action are: reply/engage, join my free Facebook community, Fearless Femmepire*, download your free Legally Legit Guide, watch a live training, receive my emails each week packed with value ; )

4. Your Sales Call Booking Process

Once you’ve interacted with someone through one of your micro calls-to-action from above, now it’s your job to get CURIOUS.

Ask them questions. Find out where they are, what they’re looking for, what they’re struggling with. If you feel like the best next step would be getting on the phone, then invite them to book a call.

I invite people to book a free Legal Checkup call** with me once I make sure they’re a good fit and are ready to legally protect their business. They have to fill out an application/form to book the call and then they pick their time/day that works for them on my schedule.

I used to have 20+ sales calls per week and it was no bueno. Yeah, it made my ego feel good that so many people booked a call. But I can’t tell you how many of those calls started with, “I’m definitely not able to work with you, I just thought it would be nice to pick your brain for 20 minutes.”

You can’t afford to waste your time like that. Because not only does time = money, but time = FREEDOM.

And honestly, I’ve learned that freedom is the secret reward to being an entrepreneur.

So what actionable steps are you going to take after reading this post? How are you going to change the way you book sales calls? Tell me in the comments! ??

*The Fearless Femmepire Project is no longer active as of 2021
**Free Legal Checkup Calls are no longer active as of 2020

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  1. Such a good post love!! I think the part about knowing where your audience hangs out and inviting them in with a call to action is such a gem. I love your “legal checkup call” idea…definitely something that I’m going to start implementing asap. Thank you for sharing!!!

    1. Thank you love!! Yes, that’s such a good one. I always recommend using a mix of where your clients like to ‘hang out’ AND where you like to post — because you’re more likely to post where you like to hang out, too! When people tell me they don’t like to post on social, a lot of times it’s because they’re using platforms they don’t really enjoy. It’s like exercising, you’ll be more consistent when you do something you love ; )

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