Burnt pizza, BREAKING online business news, contract Qs

Burnt pizza, BREAKING online business news, contract Qs

Hi friends! ! Let’s just say I’ve made a LOT of pasta in my life…

But most of it wasn’t edible 🫣

I’ve hand-cut pappardelle way too wide, rolled out my own lasagna sheets until it tore, and individually rolled little ricotta pillowy goodness down my wooden gnocchi board until they were flat as a cracker.

🍝 But I’ve also made so 👏 much 👏 good 👏 pasta along the way.

Experimenting with pasta isn’t that much different than building your own business.

You’ll make a lot more mistakes (or moves designated as “failures”) than the number of home runs you’ll hit in business…

That’s just the truth of it.

Burnt pizza, BREAKING online business news, contract Qs

I loved this message from the king of pizza — Chris Bianco — about how many more pizzas he’s burnt than the one’s he’s nailed.

So much so that I recorded a quick motivational pep talk on On Your Terms® for you about how helpful it is to visualize your “mistakes” as burnt pizzas in your business from now on.

I’m a few weeks out of the biggest launch I’ve ever had in my business. But the truth is I’ve had as many (if not more) flops — especially in the earlier days.

So the next time something doesn’t go as planned — toss it in the “burnt pizza” pile and get back to kneading the next one.

Besides, there’s no such thing as bad pizza anyway (and no, this isn’t just because I live in NY 😂 🍕)

Alright – enough pizza talk! I’m getting hungry…

Let’s jump into this week’s legal Q&A – and make sure you read alllll the way to the bottom, because I’ve got big breaking online business news for you there ⤵️

Legal Q&A

Q: “What is the difference, if any, between having a contract signed physically/digitally by a client vs. having clients check an ‘I agree’ style box in lieu of a signature?” Zoe
A: Zoe, great question! So when it’s an option, you always want to have a client sign a contract (whether that’s digitally or physically) vs. having them check a box in agreement. A signature is more enforceable and more widely recognized by more courts.

But sometimes you don’t have an option.

If you sell online courses, memberships, or digital products, you need to use a Terms of Use contract at checkout (which people agree to) because people are buying where ever, when ever.

When you work with clients 1:1, offer group programs or masterminds, or any other type of direct service, you want to use a contract they actually sign.

E-signing is totally legal – as long as it’s done correctly. Here’s how you send & sign contracts the right way.

All of my DIY Legal Contract Templates are available a la carte and include e-signing language you need to make them legal.

BTS: The Ultimate Bundle®

The Ultimate Bundle® is the go-to legal program for online business owners to get legally protected. It gives you 13 DIY Legal Contract templates, access to me for support, lifetime access to the training, free updates & more.

Julie joined the Bundle just 1 week ago and already got an EIN, an LLC, a business bank account, and business insurance setup!

“With your video tutorials, you made it SO easy!” she said. “Way easier than I thought it would be and so much less stressful.” Thanks, Julie!

On Your Terms® Podcast

Epi 204. What Burnt Pizza Can Teach Us About Business (Quick Motivation!)

I’m not trying to make you hungry but…. master pizza maker, Chris Bianco said something that totally blew my mind. Tune in to this quick 8-min motivational episode to hear why we should all visualize our future mistakes as burnt pizzas (and why that’s not a bad thing.)

Round Up


Well this week’s a big news week – sort of!

A Federal District Court in Alabama ruled the Corporate Transparency Act is unconstitutional — which is the law that required us to do our BOI Registrations I’ve been talking about. However, FinCen (government enforcement body) is saying the Alabama ruling only applies to the Plaintiffs in that case — not all of us (unless, of course, you are a plaintiff in that case.)

So basically, no one knows if this actually gets you off the hook of filing a BOI or not (although, with my free video tutorial – it takes 5 mins).

Welcome to the day in the life of a lawyer in an evolving space. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Legally, there’s a lot left to play out. The decision will likely get appealed and we obviously don’t know what that ruling will be.

While we wait to see what ultimately happens with BOI, here’s what I CAN tell you in the meantime:

  • If you register(ed) your business in 2024, the thought is that you still need to comply and register your BOI Form within 90 days of formation.
  • If you registered your business prior to 2024 and haven’t registered your BOI form yet, you can wait a few months to see what happens. I’ll keep you updated.
  • If you already registered your BOI Form like I did, YAY! There’s nothing you need to do (unless your ownership information changes, and then you’re required to update your BOI Form within 30 days).

Talk soon!

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