Why Adversity is Actually Good for Your Business

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​Hey, love! I heard this amazing quote yesterday that went something like this: “Adversity, if used properly, will be your ticket to somewhere you couldn’t have gone otherwise.”


Business can make you feel knocked around sometimes. Especially with running a personal brand, it’s hard not to take things that happen in your business personally.

When someone…

  • unsubscribes….did I say something wrong?
  • unfollows…does my content suck?
  • doesn’t buy…what’s wrong with me that they didn’t want to work with me?
  • rejects your request to speak/write… it must be because I’m not good enough.

There are so many angles here we could chat about: that your self-worth isn’t tied to your business’s success, that YOU are not your REVENUE, that you shouldn’t be attached to outcomes, that you should be thankful when someone ‘leaves’ because she’s not your ideal client… the list goes on.

But one thing that doesn’t get talked about enough is how a little adversity is good for you. Hear me out ; )

Why Adversity is Good For Your Business

If I hadn’t felt so low and lost as a corporate attorney for 5 years, I wouldn’t have had the motivation to leave. My current life and business wouldn’t feel nearly as sweet without the painful sting of those memories, either.

If I hadn’t left the law and started my own health coaching biz, I wouldn’t have known how to run an online business OR how much help you need with legal for your biz.

And I could give you 1,345,432 examples of how many times I’ve stuck myself out there in this business and it’s not worked out the way I wanted it to. Or how many times I’ve checked unsubscribes and it stung. Or the rude emails or DMs (you wouldn’t believe it if I told you!).

And guess what? I know now that those moments are GOLD.

Sometimes that adversity has taught me a valuable and much-needed lesson I wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

Other times something I thought was a ‘failure’ ended up being a blessing because it created time, energy, money or space in my life/business — which I didn’t know at the time that I’d need later.

Adversity is like a train to Hogwarts.

The train knows where you’re going — even if you don’t.  So you can either sit there and question each and every turn, or you can buckle in and be open to learning along the way.

Enjoy the ride. Learn what you can. Do good work. And stay a scientist in your business: experiment, observe, study the data, implement, repeat.
I hope you have a great rest of your week, love.

PS. Can you see the bumps in your business journey a little differently now, love? Comment below ??and let me know whether this resonates with you.


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