But do you want to be great?

Woman writing at desk with text overlay "But do you want to be great?"

In my opinion, social media has made it look really easy to do…almost anything…these days.

​For example:​

Starting a business is easy, all you need is a laptop and Wi-Fi connection.”

While there’s some truth to that, there’s A LOT more that goes into running a successful business than having a laptop and wifi, lol.

Another example is that I once thought I wanted to be a food blogger. (Keyword: thought.)

I thought all I needed to do was work on my culinary skills, make some fun recipes, and post them to my blog, and voila – success!

When in reality, I’d have to…

➡️ Test recipes over and over again for my community

➡️ Tediously document every step of the recipe along the way

➡️ Edit the photos, upload the photos, and post them to my blog and social media


That’s when I realized I actually don’t want to put in the work to do any of those things.

Could I? Yes. But at the end of the day, it just wasn’t worth it to me, which brings us to the topic of today’s On Your Terms podcast episode:

​But do you want to be great?

Doing the work to become great at something.

If more people considered what it would take to become great at what they do instead of weighing how easy it is to get started, they’d save themselves a lot of time and energy choosing the wrong dream to pursue.

And if you’ve been toying around with the idea of pursuing a new idea or dream, I encourage you to tune in so you can reevaluate if you want to do it for the sake of ease or because you actually want to put in the work to become great at it.

You can listen to the episode on AppleSpotify, or directly on my podcast page.

If you listen to the episode and have any “AHA moments”, feel free to DM me on Instagram. I’ve been loving having these nuanced conversations on business topics, and I would also love to hear your thoughts, too!

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