Can I get your quick take on this?

Can I get your quick take on this

I want to hear what you think about this

I’m in my favorite coffee shop and I’ve got a pit in my stomach just looking over at the woman next to me. 👀

She’s not doing anything wrong… she’s studying for the Bar Exam 🤢.

12 years ago, I spent the spring and summer after 3 years of law school studying to sit for the Bar Exam in 2 states at once. (👩🏻‍⚖️ Spoiler alert: I passed lol)

Even though studying for the Bar was so hard, I was so excited to fulfill my dream of becoming a lawyer.

But as I survived off Starbucks and lunches my Dad brought to the library, I had no clue about the nightmare I was about to step into.

12 years later, I’m glad for the (bad) experience. But I’m even happier I left.

Unlike my cry-fest time as a corporate lawyer, I’ve loved building my own online business.

It’s not that things are always easy (they’re not) or that I haven’t had my fair share of flops (I have)… but I love what I do now.

I especially love writing this weekly blog post to you.

So while I sit here counting down until I can write you again, can you take a minute to do me a quick favor?

Comment and let me know whether you’ve enjoyed these Tuesday blog posts since I overhauled it a few months ago.

  • Do you like the smorgasbord of info in it now?
  • What’s your favorite section?
  • Is there anything you miss that I used to do?
  • Even if you love the new format, what’s 1 thing that would make it even better?

Alrighty – I’m going to try to shake off the heart palpitations and cold sweats I get even looking at the Bar Exam prep books and get back to finishing my book.

I’m this close 🤏 to turning in my final manuscript to my publisher! (🎉 Get on the first to know list for my book When I Start My Business, I’ll Be Happy: A No-BS Guide to Successful Online Entrepreneurship)

💬 Subscriber Question of the Week

Q: Can I use your templates as-is or do I need to hire an attorney in my state to review? Should I just have my attorney draft them?

My legal templates are not designed for any specific state, so I always recommend you have the most important docs — like your client contract — reviewed by a local-to-you attorney quickly. No online legal template is, or should be, a perfect replacement for hiring your own lawyer.

The point is: most people can’t afford to have a lawyer draft legal templates from scratch. It’s more affordable to buy a template and then have it reviewed.

While from-scratch contracts may run you thousands of dollars each, mine start at $347 and should be able to be reviewed by your lawyer quickly. The total cost should be a small fraction of what you would have paid for “from scratch.”

Note: No online legal template is specifically designed for your state, unless it says otherwise. Not all online lawyers are upfront about it. And not all lawyers you see online ever practiced law, let alone practiced business law, built their own coaching business, and a multi 7-figure digital product business.

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Does That Free Contract Cover You?

You log into your course builder and see they provide you with a contract to use at checkout! “SCORE!” you think. But then you wonder, “Does this thing actually protect me?”

In this week’s podcast episode, I share what to look for in free contracts and terms you are provided and how to tell if it covers you.

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🔗Links You’ll Love

  • ❤️ For my grieving friends, read this NYT piece from authors and artists on how they create, work, and live through loss.
  • 💵 What if you could park your money and make more without touching it? Get up to 5.5% interest on a high-interest savings account using my affiliate link. I use Betterment for my retirement, high-interest savings, investment, and 401k accounts. [affiliate]

🗞️ The Latest Online Business News

🤳 This article on Instagram’s random ‘warning’ last week to stop using single word calls-to-action just goes to show why I don’t think you should have all your marketing eggs in social media’s basket

  • How can you run your business off a platform that:
  • won’t tell you what the rules are to do well constantly changes those rules
  • isn’t clear or upfront about what they’re doing to keep your content from showing

I can’t wait for you to have my book in your hands so you can build out a longer-lasting, more effective marketing strategy in your biz 😉

✔️ Your Task This Week

  • Comment below and let me know whether you’ve enjoyed these Tuesday posts since I overhauled it a few months ago
  • Do you like the smorgasbord of info in it now?
  • What’s your favorite section?
  • Is there anything you miss that I used to do

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