Can Legally Protecting My Business Actually Grow It?

I’m getting back into the swing of things over here after being in Spain the last few weeks.

I love traveling SO much….AND I love being home. Anyone else feel that way?!

I’m going to be honest with you – as always. Normally I share a reader submitted question here on Sam’s Sidebar, my weekly legal Q&A.

But this week I created my own question out of many, many questions I get in my inbox and DMs daily — can legally protecting your business actually do anything to help you grow it?!

It’s a legitimate and good question. And in just a few short days from now, I’m about to open the doors to a brand-new live legal training you can attend for FREE… followed by a truly insane sale on the Ultimate Bundle®.

So I thought this was worth a chat 🙂 Let’s dive in!👇

The Question // We get asked all the time,

Can legally protecting my business actually grow it? 🌱

The Answer //

How Legally Protecting Your Business Can Grow It


Over the past 6 years, I’ve heard from thousands of customers who share how once they got legal protection in place — whether it was an LLC, a legit contract, or knowing what they were legally allowed to talk about — they felt so confident and free to start talking about their business more.

You can put 2 & 2 together to guess what happens when you talk about your business more on social media 😜

Here’s what I see happen most often when you don’t have legal protection:

You’re thinking about putting out a new offer.

You don’t have legal protection yet — but you don’t know if you should spend money on legal until your business is a little more….established.

So you “launch” your program, but you do so quietly because you know it’s a little risky legally.

Since you launch it so quietly and are afraid to truly invite people in — not that many people join and you end up where you started.

^ This is the cycle I help coaches and service-providers get out of.


Once you legally protect your business, it’s incredible how you show up differently. Even if your business isn’t the big-success it’s going to be in the future (!!), it’s important to start acting like you’re heading in that direction.

Once I stopped acting like the business (& CEO) I was today and started acting like the one I was headed towards, my business skyrocketed within months.

You’ve got to legally protect the business you’re building — not necessarily exactly what you have today.

I think it’s sort of like dressing for the job you want, not the one you have. It’s like you start acting like a big, professional business – and then that’s how the world will see you.

I also know that having legit contracts and looking like you have your ish together is more attractive and safe for future-clients of yours. They’ll be more willing to work with someone who looks legit.


Ultimate Bundle® member, Mya, shared on my Ultimate Bundle® member roundtable podcast episode (that comes out 1/23!!) that she was able to recoup tens of thousands of dollars in 2022 alone, just because of having her legal ducks in a row thanks to the Ultimate Bundle®.

If a client doesn’t pay your invoice or issues a chargeback threat to their bank/credit card (what happened to Mya and is 100% normal and to be expected in online business), you have to have already had your legal stuff in order when the client/customer purchased. Otherwise, the complaining customer will always win.


Grab your seat fro my free legal training! You can watch it at your convenience (this is too important for you to miss, so I want to make sure you get a chance to watch when it works for you!)

And yes I’m 100% a dork who gets excited about doing these trainings for you. I genuinely love it — this isn’t some weird marketing hype where my team writes my copy and tells you how excited I am 😂 (It’s me. Hi. I’m the problem, it’s me 😜)

You’re only 60 minutes away from the peace of mind that comes with having a legally sound business… 

Hope to see you there!

PS: What can coaches legally do? There’s a lot of confusion & misinformation about what coaches can actually do, teach, and talk about in their businesses. I’m breaking it down for you in less than 10 mins on this week’s episode of On Your Terms®. Enjoy! LISTEN HERE! 🎧

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