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Celeb Trademark Drama

Celeb Trademark Drama

Celeb Trademark Drama

They were part of my little routine…

I spent a lot of time alone as a kid. And one of my favorite things to do was take a bath, put on comfy clothes, make a cozy dinner (I was like 7, so it was mac + cheese — still my favorite!), and crack open a fresh new issue of one of my favorite magazines. Name a magazine, and I probably loved it as a kid: Glamour, Self, Health, O Magazine, Teen Vogue.

After I saw Whitney from The Hills go to work at Teen Vogue, it sealed my dream to work at a magazine one day, too. One of my favorite segments of any magazine was the one you can still find in any US Weekly mag — “Stars! They’re Just Like Us” I loved seeing Mila & Ashton going for groceries, or Britney grabbing her beloved Starbucks.

So lately when I’ve seen so many celeb trademark drama, I’ve thought:

Stars! They’re just like us! They have trademark problems, too. 😆

Filing a Trademark Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

You’ve got Meghan Markle trying to trademark the word “archetypes” for her podcast (uh oh – there’s already a TM for that.) And Eminem going after Real Housewives for the use of “Slim Shady.”

While Lizzo’s fighting to register a curse word (which used to be unheard of!) as part of her brand. Meghan, Eminem and Lizzo… they’ve got all the money in the world! They can fight trademarks until the cows come home.

But us, on the other hand?

We don’t have time (or dough 💰) for all that trademark drama.

You’ve got a business with a to-do list longer than a Real Housewife’s extensions.

You can’t be flinging trademark spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks — and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to a trademark lawyer if it doesn’t go smoothly.

Your Trademark Questions: Answered

I know you’ve got trademark questions. That’s why I sat down to answer all of the trademark questions I’ve gotten from you recently in my latest podcast episode of On Your Terms™️.

In it, I share with you:

⏰ how long it takes to get a trademark

📝 what docs you need to gather to file for one

🚔 how you police your trademark once you’ve got it (& why you might be required to)

🫣 and what to do if someone has the same name/phrase but is using it in a different industry.

How To File A Trademark

Pssst! I just added a brand-new training to the Ultimate Bundle™ where I walk you through how to file a trademark on your own (if you want to!). I recorded it live with hundreds of Bundle members present – so they asked the BEST questions!

If you join the Bundle, you’ll get access to that training on how to file a trademark. Keep your eyes peeled: I’ve got something HUGE coming with the Ultimate Bundle in less than 2 weeks!

Was this helpful?! Hit “comment” and let me know! 🙂

🎙 Listen to Episode 109: All Your Trademark Questions: Answered of On Your Terms™️ here!👇

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