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Don’t Cancel Me for This

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Not going to lie, I’m a little nervous to bring this topic up because I know how passionate people are about it.

But if you’re a business owner, then we’ve got to talk about “dupe culture.”

Lol, yes, as in the viral dupes you see being promoted by your favorite influencers, like the Lululemon legging dupes, Anthropologie mirror dupes, perfume dupes, etc. You name it, and there’s a dupe for it.

And, if you’re like, “Wait, what do those dupes have to do with my small business?”. Just hear me out.

First and foremost, I’m not anti-dupe or here to tell you not to purchase dupes. Some of my favorite people, like my sister, love their dupes, and I’ve also bought some.

But when you think about it, “dupe” is short for “duplicate.” It’s an identical copy of a product for a lower price.

Many of our favorite creators have built their entire account off of sharing dupes or replicas for name-brand items – and we love them for it.

Yet, as business owners, we get upset when people steal our Instagram content, website copy, offer ideas, and so on.

And while I get that Lululemon isn’t hurting because someone has created and sold a dupe for their leggings, that’s still not a sound legal argument for why it’s okay, lol.

Someone has pretty much created an exact copy of another product and is making tons of money off it.

If you’re a business owner who respects trade secrets and intellectual property, you have to respect it in other people’s business, regardless of the size difference. Do you see what I mean?

If this has got your wheels turning, even as a dupe lover, I encourage you to listen to 
today’s podcast episode on why popularizing dupe culture might hurt small businesses.

This episode is a light-hearted conversation to help us take a step back and ask ourselves if we’re participating in something we wouldn’t be okay with for our own business.

In this episode of the On Your Terms podcast, we cover:

✔️ The problem(s) with dupe culture
✔️ How my fascination for dupe culture began, lol
✔️ Where dupe culture originated
✔️ Are dupes actually as good as the original?
✔️ The ways dupe culture might perpetuate copycat culture in small business

You can listen to my interview with Katie on AppleSpotify, or directly on my podcast page.

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