Don’t let your competition squash your business

Don't let your competition squash your business

Hi friends! There’s a theme in my upcoming book…

In my book (coming out early 2025!), I keep encouraging you to be uniquely yourself in business: in your content, offerings, voice / messaging, style, etc.

One of things I love about writing a book is how this long-form medium gives us an opportunity to talk about how to be unique and why it’s so important to keep your blinders on, especially early on.

It’s one of the reasons I urge you to unfollow / mute your “competition” (note: I use the term for brevity, not for any sort of ill will or scarcity).

Besides the fact that following competitors can lead to copying (or at the very least mimicking), either consciously or subconsciously — I also hear from so many people who fear accidentally copying their competition, or who aren’t sure if an idea originated with them or was something they saw.

This analysis paralysis keeps them from being able to move forward in their business, creating content they want, or releasing new offers.

Beyond the copying issue — you can’t treat what you see your competitors doing as the standard or ‘rubric’ for what’s right or best.

You might be able to create completely unique or better content, especially if you didn’t even know what they were up to. It’s even better that your content will actually speak to your ideal client, not theirs.

Besides the amount of time you’ll save scrolling and comparing yourself to someone you really don’t know the full story of —

Letting yourself release the way others are doing it so you can forge your own path will give you so much freedom and peace of mind.

It’s like the first time you toss the recipe and cook up your own creation. Or when you stop looking at a photo for painting inspo and draw what’s on your heart.

You’re here to build your own business. It can look like whatever you want it too. You just have to let it.

With that, let’s jump in our legal Q&A and scroll allll the way to the end for fun news + not so fun tax reminders ⬇️

Legal Q&A

Q: If I see clients in multiple different states other than my own, do I need to register my business in each one? – Kelly
A: So for an online business, no that’s not usually the case! You register your business in the state where you’re operating from.

This is why it’s important to use lawyer-drafted contracts. You want to set the contract’s law and venue to your state, not theirs. You also want to keep in mind that whenever you do business in another state, you subject yourself to that state’s laws and regulations — which is important for scope of practice purposes.

Not only do you get 13 lawyer drafted, plug-and-play, contracts with the Ultimate Bundle®, but you also get trainings on how to maintain a safe scope of practice, regardless of who you work with and where they live.

BTS: The Ultimate Bundle®

The Ultimate Bundle® is the go-to legal program for online business owners to get protected. It gives you 13 DIY Legal Contract templates, access to me for support, lifetime access to the training, free updates & more.

Do you have a lawyer-turned-entrepreneur in your back (digital) pocket to turn to when you’ve got questions? If not, our member community + support from me might be reason enough for you to join the Ultimate Bundle®.

The Ultimate Bundle® member feedback

On Your Terms® Podcast

Epi 206. How to Create Unique Content (Without Copying Your Competition)

I’ll be honest: looking at your competition’s content is killing your business. In this episode, I share how to come up with content ideas and better build + connect with your audience without ever looking at what your competitors are doing online.



  • 🎉 Get ready for a new series coming to my podcast, On Your Terms®! Starting April 8, in a 4-part series I’ll teach you how to run a low-stress business launch. I’m breaking down the BTS of my own recent multi 6-figure promotion to show you exactly how I did it so you can take my strategies and apply them as your own.
  • 🎧 Listen to Epi. 206. “How to Create Unique Content (Without Copying Your Competition)” on On Your Terms®
  • 💰 If you haven’t already, book an appointment with a CPA to prep and file your taxes! For most of you, taxes are due by April 15, 2024 (if you have an S-Corp like me, our taxes were due March 15, 2024).
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