10 Lessons I’ve Learned as an Entrepreneur

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10 Lessons I’ve Learned as an Entrepreneur

What would you tell a friend about how it feels to build your own business? It can be hard to explain, right? Especially if that person isn’t an entrepreneur, too. Today, I’m sharing 10 entrepreneur lessons I’ve learned hoping you’ll feel less alone on this wild, bumpy ride.

I know what I would say if asked. “Building your own business feels like a bit of a roller coaster. 1 moment you feel like, ‘OMG I can’t believe I did that!!!’ and 15 minutes later can be like, ‘omg….I’m doomed.'”

Does that ring true for you?

Part of being out on your own is just that: you can feel a little bit like you’re on your own. No one’s there to pick up the slack or cheer you on when you need it most.

Building my own business is both the most fulfilling and difficult thing I’ve ever done, that’s for sure.

But lessons are all part of the process. I truly believe that without them, we wouldn’t be able to realize our full potential.

Here are 10 entrepreneur lessons I’ve learned along the way that I’d love to share with you:

1 | Your phone

Your relationship with your phone will take work. Some days you’re going to be on it more than others, and that’s OK. It’s also OK to leave it in your car, in another room, or OFF. It’s going to take daily check-ins with yourself to see what’s right for you in that moment.

2 | Good people

There are some seriously good people in this world. You have to find them. They won’t knock on your door. And be kind, authentic, and helpful when reaching out — it’s the best way to start off a relationship.

3 | Coaches

No coach has the magic pill to make your biz a success, tell you what to do, or even what’s right for your audience. You do. But they’ll help you discover it within you.

4 | Letting go

Some people you meet along the way will not be those in #2 — forget them. They’re seriously not worth the energy. Delete their email, text a girl boss friend about it, laugh it off, and shift back to building your empire. Your energy is like a warm apple pie: any slice you give to someone else is just 1 less slice for someone you want to give it to. #TRUTH

5 | Stay in your own lane

Looking at what everyone else in your space is doing is choking your biz. If you’re worried about the space being “too crowded”, don’t do the same thing the same way. And here’s how you can deal with comparison trap when it strikes.

6 | Say No

You don’t have to help every single person who asks. The more successful you get, the more you’ll get emails asking to pick your brain, share all your biz secrets, or show them the way to success. Don’t feel bad for saying “no.” Chances are you have plenty of resources you can send them instead.

7 | Be Legally Legit

Not every one cares about legal or being on the up-and-up. That doesn’t mean it’s OK for you to do what they do. PS. Those aren’t my ideal clients ; )

8 | Develop relationships

Go to in-person events, even if you’re 100% online based. Each conference, workshop, or retreat will leave you with plenty of lessons and new friends.

9 | Put down the course

You probably don’t need another course to learn another tool or part of biz. So much of growing your business is simply this: know your audience, have a clear message, design 1-2 offers that your ideal audience actually needs, share about them again and again and again in 1-2 social platforms + your email list as much as possible. I’ve learned more through trial + error than almost any program.

10 | Protect your energy

Protect yourself: your time, energy, space, environment — who you spend your time with and what messages you put in front of your eyes each day. It matters.

I hope at least 1 of these lessons will help you feel a bit more supported on this wild journey.

I’m with you — running right along side of you each and every day.

xo, Sam

PS. Leave a comment below and let me know which lesson #1-10 is most helpful for you to hear today. I’d love to know <3

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