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Finally Sharing my BIG Secret With You

Woman sitting at desk with text overlay "Finally Sharing my BIG Secret With You"

If you’ve been following along on Instagram or the podcast, you know I’ve kept a big, fat, juicy secret from you these last few weeks.

Not because I wanted to be sneaky or interesting, lol, but thanks to official things like lawyers (lawyers 🙄, am I right?) and contracts and all that jazz — I wasn’t allowed to share it with you until now.


I get to share THE biggest secret I’ve ever even had to keep with you on the podcast 🎉 ⬇️

If you want a little backstory (aka hint) before you dive in, here it is:

In episode 115 of my podcast, I shared a little update on my book-writing process (long story long, I spent two years working on a book proposal with my writing coach, Richelle Fredson, all amid covid, moving to New York, and losing my dad) and how it was time for me to take my next big step: getting a book agent.

There was only ONE all-star book agent I had my eyes on waaaay when I began writing my book proposal – Wendy Sherman. I felt connected to her. I liked other authors on her roster. I wanted to be in her orbit. Basically, Wendy was my dream agent.

But her taking me on wasn’t a sure thing. Again, she’s a big deal in the book writing space and had many big clients on her plate already, but guess what? SHE DID!

After Wendy helped me edit my proposal, it was time for another big milestone: shopping and pitching to publishers.

Since I’m a Scorpio (and Norm’s daughter), I’m VERY STUBBORN, and once I set my mind on something … it’s full steam ahead.

And there was one mega big thing I had my eyes set on:

To get a book deal with one of the ‘big five’ publishing houses (Hachette, Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, etc.).

Easy, right? 🤪

In the midst of this exciting process, my mom wound up in a coma in the ICU, and during my stay with her, I unexpectedly got a call that forever changed the trajectory of my book-writing dreams.

In true author style, you’ll have to pick up where this cliffhanger leaves off (and lots more of the story) in today’s podcast episode of On Your Terms.

You can tune in on AppleSpotify, or directly on my podcast page.

Oh, and please feel free to send me a DM on Instagram after you listen to let me know what you think of the news!

After years of going through heavy, heavy life stuff — grieving, losing both parents, brain surgery, etc. — I’m beyond excited to share a bit of good news with you. ❤️

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