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From ‘Flying Under The Radar’ To Fearlessly Visible And Growing Fast: Evin Rose Shares Her Story [INTERVIEW RECORDING]

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You’re DM-ing, posting to stories, and signing on more clients than you expected. #winning

But now that your “side hustle” just turned into a legit business with revenue that Uncle Sam may come asking about, how do you get serious about legally protecting your coaching business?

My friend, Ultimate Bundle member, and dating coach, Evin Rose, was in exactly that place about a year ago.

From ‘Flying Under The Radar’ To Fearlessly Visible And Growing Fast: Evin Rose Lipman Shares Her Story

Evin started her coaching business slow and steady. She only coached clients 1:1, offered 1-off sessions, and didn’t have a scalable model (yet!).

After working with a handful of women and seeing the incredible transformation and results her coaching got them, Evin knew she was onto something.

She realized she actually had a methodology — not just a random approach — and it was one that could reach and help many more women.

Evin was ready to build out and market her first group coaching program, but she wasn’t sure her business was ready for it quite yet.

Although Evin’s client work was picking up steam, she didn’t feel like her business’s backend met the success on the outside.

To make matters even more complicated, Evin started to feel self conscious when she’d send her copy-and-pasted contracts out to clients.

Do these even hold up? Do people know these aren’t attorney drafted? Will they think I’m a faker?

Evin was done asking those questions

So she did what any smart business woman should do and decided to get legally legit before moving forward.

Listen below as Evin shared the story of how she:

  • left the startup world before she had any clients to start her own business.
  • started off with 1:1 coaching but knew she needed to change the pace to keep her sanity (and pad her wallet).
  • launched her first group program to “only” 3 clients (and why that intimate).
  • successfully ran 5 (going on 6) rounds of her group program to pull down more revenue than ever.
  • got legally legit in much less time than she thought and how it helped her grow her business.
  • Is planning to grow so much more in the future!

If most of your clients come from “guerrilla marketing” and hustle on social media, and you want to legitimize this passion project, you’ll want to watch this interview recording so you can hear from Evin exactly how she did it!

Watch this recording of the live interview I did with Evin Rose as part of my Customer Celebration Month interview series. 

What did you think of the interview?

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Did you see yourself in Evin’s story? I hope so!

I hope you resonated with what Evin shared about her transition from slowly-growing entrepreneur to legitimate, scaling-like-a-boss businesswoman.

And if you did, you’d probably like to know how to get that same fearlessly legal status that Evin achieved.

Fortunately, I can tell you the exact legal steps to take to get there.

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