Why Free Legal Contracts Wouldn’t Cut It for Kristen Zavo [INTERVIEW RECORDING]

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Did you start your business full of big dreams and riding high on inspiration? Maybe you even ditched a corporate career or “safe” path to start your own business?

I hope so! I know I did. 🙂

But what happened to that energetic fuel you had at the beginning once things got more…. 


If you started to stall out a bit once you got to the legal/tax/money stuff in building your business, I know that many of my community members can relate.

Today I’d like to share the story of Ultimate Bundle member, author and career coach, Kristen Zavo.

Kristen left her corporate career, wrote a book (“Job Joy”), and starting a coaching business. Because she knew she could build a better life for herself than the one corporate America had planned for her.

With an MBA and a background in finance, she knew all the things she had to do to build a legitimate, sustainable business…

And legal was one of them.

As tempting as it was to grab the free legal contracts or DIY legal policies floating around the Facebook groups and coaching programs she was in…

She knew she wanted to be legally protected. The only way she knew she’d felt confident in her legal docs was if she actually got her own.

So Kristen joined the Ultimate Bundle program, quickly filled out her own documents, and felt super confident to grow her incredible business to what it is today.

This month, I’m highlighting 4 of the 1000s of women I’ve worked with so far as part of Customer Celebration Month here at Sam Vander Wielen LLC, and my Ultimate Bundle member, Kristen Zavo, graciously agreed to a fun Q&A interview on how she shifted from her financial career to her coaching business, and how she grew it to the successful business it is today.

The 3 Legal Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make That Kristen Zavo Fixed By Getting Legally Legit. free legal contracts.

Just like the other members of my Ultimate Bundle™️ community, once they were legally protected they finally felt safe to put their business into full throttle and charge toward their big goals.

Watch this recording of the live interview I did with Kristen Zavo to learn


In the past 2.5 years, I’ve helped 1000s of coaches, creatives, consultants, and course creators legally protect and grow their businesses with my DIY legal templates and Ultimate Bundle™ program.

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