Hope You’re Not Doing THIS With Your Content…

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It’s easy when you’re overwhelmed with all the day-to-day stuff of running your own business to forget who you’re actually creating content for.

Months ago, I followed someone on Instagram because I loved her food/nutrition content.

But somewhere along the way I noticed a pattern:

Her content became less about food and more about all of her own anger towards her industry, peers, and DM’ers.

Health coaches this, and mean comment that. Publicly tearing down people in her DMs and constantly reminding everyone of her boundaries and expectations.

At some point I actually forgot why I followed her. I clicked over to her profile and remembered — it was to learn about wellness. Not her DMs or comments.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve talked openly a time or two about a mean comment or an anti-semitic email here and there.

But years ago I realized something that made me seriously re-think doing so.

You’re not here to learn about what kind of emails or mean comments I’m getting. And the more I focused on it, the more I felt my bitter and angry tone driving people away.

You’re here to learn about how to legally protect and grow your online business.

Although I might be able to pull a lesson here or there for you on a mean comment or an out-of-scope business coach talking about legal protection….

Ultimately it’s a distraction.

It gets you away from really getting to know, and speaking directly to, your ideal client.

Plus, it’s just bad vibes when you keep talking about the same (negative) thing over and over again. Unfortunately, I do think this is where ‘competition’ is important to keep in mind. There are plenty of people to choose from in your industry. And people want to buy from people they like or connect with.

There’s a time and a place to vent. And then you have to get back to business and remember who you’re here to speak to, attract, and work with.

Notice this the next time you get sucked into trolling someone’s IG wondering how they’re able to do what they’re doing. Or the next time you go to post and you’re posting to vent for yourself — not to help your ideal customer.

I’ll be reminding myself of the same 🙂

On this week’s On Your Terms episode, I dove deep into this topic and talked about what we can all learn from a Kenny G vs. “real” jazz ‘feud’, how we make sure our content stays focused and helpful to the right people, and what we can learn from ‘the man’/corporate sides of our own industries.

Tune in to learn how to use this (rightful) frustration you have about your industry, colleagues, etc to create better, more helpful (and converting!) content for your ideal clients.

Have you ever caught yourself doing this?! I know I have. Comment below and let me know! 🙂

🎙 Listen to Episode 121 “Should you call people out in your industry?” of On Your Terms here!👇


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