How I’m Avoiding Business Burnout

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Hope you’re enjoying this cozy holiday season. I know for me, this time of year is a great time to be a little quieter (and always a little cozier!).

Speaking of being quiet —

Over the years, as I’ve grown my business people have said, “you’re just so lucky that you like to be on video!” or “it’s so great that you can be ‘on’ all the time — I need time alone!”

Au contraire my friend 😂

I have many sides / parts to myself — but two of the main ones are:

1️⃣ extrovert Sam, who doesn’t mind talking to people she doesn’t know, is happy to introduce herself to a group of unknowns, and chit chats with every person working a register


2️⃣ introvert Sam, who idea of a perfect night includes her fuzziest Barefoot Dreams blanket (and robe to match), a cozy meal at home, and her phone in the other room out of reach.

How to Honor Your Energy

I don’t “love” being “on” — I love my job. And my job sometimes requires me to be on.

But part of what allows me to do that is being “off,” too. I need to honor both parts 1️⃣ and 2️⃣ of myself, or 1️⃣ would never show up 🤣

If we don’t honor and check in on our energy as business owners, we’ll burn out faster than a candle in a wind storm.

I think that’s why we see so many feast & famine approaches to business (being on IG 24/7 and then announcing your 6-month departure… only to return 2 months later).

It’s so important that we take two things away from this:

☝️ You can’t make assumptions about someone’s personality from what you see online (note: just because you see me on IG doesn’t mean I’m not struggling immensely with grief. This is my job, so I show up and do my job just like you’d show up and do yours.)

✌️ If you’re like me and you want to / like to show up in your business…. and you also need quiet time to decompress: listen to my new podcast episode on On Your Terms™ on how I balance these intro/extro parts of myself to be the best business owner I can be.

I’m so curious — do you feel this way too?! Do you consider yourself more one or the other? Comment below and let me know.

Either way, having an online business requires a certain amount of extra-ness 😉 So I’m hoping my new podcast episode helps walk you through how to balance that.

🎙 Listen to Episode 79 “Feeling Business Burnout? Honor Your Energy” of On Your Terms™ here!👇

PS. Learning how to honor and balance our energy as a business owner is one of the toughest challenges we face — and one of the most important lessons to avoid burnout. Learn how to balance your energy in my latest On Your Terms™ episode. Listen on my websiteSpotify, or Apple now.

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