How My Year Was, Really [Free Yearly Business Planner!]

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We all have that person in our life…

You see them once a year, or you chat on the phone once or twice a year, and when they ask, “So how are things?” you go, “Good!” even though your mind is swirling with stresses, anxieties, wins, worries, and joy louder than a jet engine.

When you don’t catch up with someone that often, things are so surface level.

What are you gonna do, go into all the intricate details of the time your littlest one was puking, or that you had to take your dog to the vet hospital back in February, or that you seriously questioned whether this whole business thing was going to work out… like several times?

But that’s not my relationship with you — we keep it real around here throughout the year. So if you asked me how my year’s been — I’d tell you the truth, in all its glory.

It’s been A YEAR.

It’s been…

  • Hell (losing my Dad)
  • Challenging (navigating his estate).
  • A 7+ figure year (despite me not being nearly as forward facing or up for it).
  • Dreamy (to hire my first two full-time employees, who just so happen to be a joy to work with)
  • a year of growth (of my podcast, On Your Terms™, especially)
  • Humbling AF (I feel like my legs have been taken out)

Like most things in life, this year wasn’t all good or all bad. Yep, even with what I’ve gone through. There was plenty of joy and celebrating in between pain.

What To Ask Yourself When Planning Your Business Year

Several years ago I learned that before you hop into planning your business year, it’s really important to reflect on this year first.

  • What went well? What didn’t?
  • What’d you wish you’d get to that you didn’t? Why not?
  • How did you feel in your biz? What’d you want to feel more of? Less of?

These questions — and the answers they bring up — are essential to work through before you start planning 2023 launches, new programs, email marketing strategies, etc.

And because we’re cool like that — I’m walking you through my own 2022 reflection (and how it influenced my 2023 plans), and teaching you how to reflect about your own year so you can successfully plan 2023 in this week’s On Your Terms™️ pod episode. (Next week’s podcast episode teaches you how to plan your business year)

So here’s what you need to do:

  1. 📝 Download your free Annual Reflections Guide from me
  2. 🎧 Listen to Episode 73 to learn how to reflect on your year (so we can successfully plan 2023 next week together)
  3. 🎙️ Tune into Episode 75 to learn how to plan your business year!

🎙 Listen to Episode 73 “What 2022 Was Actually Like for Me” of On Your Terms™️ here!👇

 PS. In order to create our 2023 business plan (for success) next week together, you have to reflect on 2022 in a way that supports your plan. This week, I sat down on On Your Terms™️ to share my own reflections and teach you how to grow through the process together. Listen on my website, Spotify, or Apple now.

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