How to Create a Scope of Practice for your Online Business

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I’m so glad I’m writing this to you when I am…

Because, at this moment, I don’t know the outcome of what I’m about to tell you — and it doesn’t matter.

Maybe you’ve heard — but in case you don’t know…

My Philadelphia Phillies made it to the world freakin’ series!

No, this isn’t a sports blog post — so don’t bounce if you hate talking about this stuff.

But there’s something we can all learn from my Fightin’ Phils this year — regardless of whether you’re a sports fan or not.

Here’s the deal — the Phillies weren’t expected to do diddly squat this year. If you would’ve told someone they’d even make the playoffs back in April, they would’ve laughed!

One of the last things my Dad said on the day he passed was, “Phillies won 3-2” and everyone giggled. (Hope you’re sitting down — turns out they beat the Mets 3-2 later that day.)

So the fact that the Phillies made it all the way to biggest stage in their sport after everyone doubted them is huge.

They didn’t wait for everyone to believe in them to go for the big stage. They went to the big stage and waited everyone else to catch up.

That’s why — at least to me — it doesn’t matter if they win or lose.

Philly’s sort of known for being an underdog city.

We like to think the world’s against us, but we know in our hearts that we can overcome the odds.

A stinky sports record over the years in most major sports has left most of us Philadelphians used to be doubted and ignored. We even have a saying in Philly that, “no one likes us, but we don’t care.”

You might not have that quintessential Philly chip on your shoulder that locals like me are born with, but I was just wondering…

Do you see yourself as a little bit of an underdog?

Whether it’s family members who ask you how your “little business” is going (built-in judgment included at no extra cost)…

Or you started your business later than lots of others in your field…

I think you can tap into some of that Philly magic and play like you deserve to be here.

You don’t need everyone to believe in you to make it to the world’s biggest stage. Heck – you don’t need other people to believe that you can make it to the biggest stage, either.

You just have to believe and embody the fact that you do truly deserve to be here. You know you can do it. You don’t have to have Uncle Larry or Aunt Bessie believe it, too.

Or maybe you’re like me and you thrive a little on being doubted.

Whatever it takes to tap into it —

We’ve got this.

You’ve got me. You’ve got thousands of people in my community and my entire team.

But honestly, you don’t need anyone but yourself to buy into your vision.

Comment below and let me know if this resonates. I want to hear how this landed.

(Psssst! A little update. My Phils lost to the Houston Astros in Game 6 of the World Series. They played so well & it was such a great series. Like I said — the outcome isn’t what made it a success!)

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